The Last Kingdom (TV series)

British television series

The Last Kingdom (2015-2022) is a British television series, an eight-part adaptation of Bernard Cornwell's historical novel series The Saxon Stories. Set in the late ninth century AD, when England was divided into seven separate kingdoms, and the Anglo-Saxon lands are attacked and, in many instances, ruled by Danes (Vikings). The Kingdom of Wessex is the last unconquered territory.

The protagonist Uhtred, the orphaned son of a Saxon nobleman, is captured by the Danes and reared as one of them. Forced to choose between a kingdom that shares his ancestry and the people of his upbringing, his loyalties are constantly tested.

The first series' storyline roughly covers the plots of the first two novels, The Last Kingdom and The Pale Horseman, although condensed for the purposes of television. The second series' storyline roughly covers the plots of the third and fourth novels, The Lords of the North and Sword Song.

Series 1Edit

Episode 1 [1.01]Edit

Lord Uhtred: Why do I leave the villages unprotected and bring the men inside? Is that your question? A village can be rebuilt. A warrior can die only once.

Ravn: So, who have they been killing below?
Uhtred of Bebbanburg: Prisoners. Just now, a king.
Ravn: Did he die well?
Uhtred of Bebbanburg: No.
Ravn: Well, then he shouldn't have been king.

Episode 2 [1.02]Edit

King Edmund of East Anglia: You must be baptised.
[Ubba and Guthrum look at Uhtred in confusion]
Uhtred: [embarrassed] You must stand in a barrel of water and they pour more water over you.
Ubba: [even more confused] They want to wash me?

Guthrum: I have heard of this "Heaven." What is it?
Uhtred: Heaven is Valhalla, lord, to the Christians, but without the fighting, feasting and humping.

Ubba: (having had King Edmund shot full of arrows after he referenced the martyrdom of St. Sebastian) Do you now wish to be clubbed or will the arrows be sufficient?

[Uhtred returns from his meeting with Ubba.]
Uhtred: Where's Storri?
Brida: What did he say?
[Uhtred sees Storri, slung over Brida's horse.]
Uhtred: He's naked!
Brida: It was necessary.
Uhtred: He has a branch up his arse!
Brida: Which is why he's naked.

Uhtred: First blood or to the death?
Leofric: Well I'll be splitting your skull, boy, so one follows the other!

Uhtred: Father, this is Brida, my greatest friend.
Beocca: [taken aback] A woman?
Uhtred: Yes.
[Beocca faces Brida. Awkward silence.]
Brida: I am.
[More awkward silence.]
Brida: I have tits.
Beocca: [even more awkwardly] I see.


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