The Last Alaskans

television series

The Last Alaskans is an American reality television series. The series premiered on Animal Planet in 2015. The second season premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2016. The Fourth and final season premiered on Discovery Channel in November 2018. The series follows several families, outdoorsmen, and hunters who live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. They showcase the cast members thriving to live in the Last Frontier by Gathering Water, Hunting for their food, Dog sledding, and building their own shelter.

Quotes edit

  • I Love the Solitude, It's Heaven on Earth in Alaska.
  • One of the best times of my life out here, with the kids and the wife.
    • Bob Harte, The Last Alaskans Season 1
  • Out here you live by Seasons, no more sun until February, that's another Season.
  • This is probably the freest life you can live.
    • Heimo Korth, The Last Alaskans, Season 2
  • You got water, you got timber - This is a perfect habitat.
    • Heimo Korth, The Last Alaskans Season 2
  • One time I ate a lot of rosehips because I did not have much food, and I was out in the outhouse all day.
    • Heimo Korth, The Last Alaskans Season 4
  • Being able to pursue your life without fences or borders - It's thrilling, It makes you feel alive!
    • Ray Lewis, The Last Alaskans, Season 2
  • When it comes to the Animals, I'm just another predator out here.
    • Tyler Shelden, The Last Alaskans

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