The Langoliers (miniseries)

1995 miniseries by Tom Holland

The Langoliers (1995) is a two-episode miniseries in which most of the passengers on an airplane disappear, and the remainder land the plane in a mysteriously barren airport. It is based on the novella of the same name by Stephen King.

Dinah BellmanEdit

  • [on Craig Toomy] We all look like monsters to him.
  • The langoliers are coming.
  • [her last words] Don't worry about me, Laurel. I got what I wanted. I saw. I saw through Mr. Toomy's eyes. At the start, everything looked mean and nasty to him, but it was better at the end. I saw you, Laurel. You were beautiful, especially your eyes. Everything was beautiful. Even things that were dead. It was so wonderful, just... you know, to see...

Bob JenkinsEdit

  • The bottom line is, I believe, that we have hopped an absurdly short distance into the past - say, as little as fifteen minutes. And we're discovering the unlovely truth about time travel. That one can't appear in the Texas State School Book Depository on November 22 1963 and hope to stop the Kennedy assassination. One can't witness the building of pyramids or the Sack of Rome, or investigate the age of the dinosaurs first-hand. No, fellow time travellers. Have a look around you. This is the past. It's empty. It's silent. It's a world with all the meaning of a discarded old paint can!

Craig ToomyEdit

  • [to himself, after stabbing Dinah] She's not a little girl, she's not a little girl, she's not a little girl, she's not a little girl! She's the head langolier. She's calling the other langoliers, with her dead, blind eyes! Little brat!
  • [attacking Albert] I'm sorry. I am really, really sorry, but I have to do this. If you could see things from my perspective, you'd understand-- [lunges, but Albert knocks him down with a toaster in a sack; after a moment of silence, Craig suddenly springs back to life] I'M GOING TO BOSTON! I'M GOING TO-- [Albert knocks him out for real]
  • [his last words, before the "langoliers" eat him alive] No, no, no! Daddy, no! Make them go away! Please, make them go away! I'll be good! I'll be a good boy! Please, I promise I'll be good if you just MAKE THEM GO AWAAAAAY!


He said you'd be lying in bed one night and you'd hear them coming towards you, crunching, chomping, and smacking...
Craig Toomy: I have an important business meeting in Boston this morning AT NINE O'CLOCK, AND I FORBID YOU TO FLY US INTO SOME WHISTLE-STOP MAINE AIRPORT! DO YOU HEAR ME?!
Laurel Stevenson: Would you please be quiet? You're scaring the little girl.
Don Gaffney: Why don't you just sit down and shut up, or I'm gonna pop you one?!
Craig Toomy: I don't think you could do it alone, bud!
Bob Jenkins: He won't have to. I'll take a swing at you myself if you don't shut up.
Craig Toomy: [sarcastic] I'm real scared now!
Albert Kaussner: I'll help them if you don't stop it, mister, I really will.
[Toomy starts to look agitated and nervous, and Dinah telepathically senses that he sees the others as distorted figures. She turns to face him, and he yells and clutches at his face, then notices everyone looking at him tensely, while Laurel tries to comfort Dinah]
Craig Toomy: [chuckles] Okay. Okay, fine. You're all against me? That's fine. [sits down and starts tearing paper into strips]
Don Gaffney: It doesn't have to be this way, mister. You should just... relax. Take it easy.

Craig Toomy: You realize I can turn you in for this, don't you? You realize I can-- I can sue this entire airline for 30 million dollars and name you as primary respondent?
Brian Eagle: Well, that's your privilege, Mr...?
Craig Toomy: Toomy. Craig Toomy.
Brian Eagle: Mr. Toomy. Mr. Toomy, are you aware of what has happened to us?
Roger Toomy: [in Craig's head] THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!
Brian Eagle: Mr. Toomy?
Roger Toomy: Just terrible!
Brian Eagle: Mr. Toomy?
Brian Eagle: Mr. Toomy?
[In Craig's memories, his father ferociously berates him over his school grades]
Roger Toomy: This is terrible! Just terrible! An A minus and a B! A B, for God's sake! What, you gonna dig ditches for the rest of your life?!
Young Craig Toomy: [scared, in tears] But Daddy, I--
Roger Toomy: THERE ARE NO EXCUSES! Look at this - that's a B! That stands for "BUM"! What happens to lazy bums who lie down on the job, Craig?!
Young Craig Toomy: The langoliers get them?
Roger Toomy: More than "get" them. They get them, and they eat them! They tear into those lazy little boys with their dry, hungry, chomping teeth!
Young Craig Toomy: No, daddy, don't let them get me!
[Back at the airport]
Brian Eagle: Mr. Toomy?
Roger Toomy: [in Craig's head] STOP WASTING TIME, CRAIG!
Brian Eagle: Mr. Toomy, are you listening to me?
Craig Toomy: Of course I'm listening to you, and I know what happened to everybody here, these stupid, lazy people! The langoliers got them!
Brian Eagle: Pardon me?
Craig Toomy: Do you know how important my meeting at the Prudential Center in Boston is? Do you understand that the economic fate of nations may hinge on this meeting, a meeting from which I shall be absent?!
Brian Eagle: Well, that's all very interesting, but really, right now I don't have the time--

Dinah Bellman: What are the langoliers, Mr. Toomy?
Craig Toomy: Well, I used to think that they were make-believe, but... I'm beginning to wonder because... I hear it too.
Dinah Bellman: The sound? The sound's the langoliers?
Craig Toomy: Well, I don't know what else it could be.
Dinah Bellman: Tell me more about them.
Craig Toomy: Well... my father used to say that the langoliers were little creatures that lived in closets and sewers and other dark places.
Dinah Bellman: Like elves?
Craig Toomy: No! [laughing] No, not like elves. Nothing quite so pleasant, I'm afraid. He said that all they really were was hair and teeth and fast little legs. Oh, those little legs had to be fast so that they could catch up with all the bad little boys, no matter how quickly they scampered.
Laurel Stevenson: Stop it. You're scaring her.
Dinah Bellman: No, he's not. I know make-believe when I hear it.
Craig Toomy: I think what Laurel means is that I'm scaring her. Well, my dad said there were thousands of langoliers. There had to be thousands of them, because there are millions of bad little boys and bad little girls scampering all over the world! Oh, my father loved that word, "scampering". I think because it implies senseless, directionless, unproductive motion. Because the langoliers, they run. They have purpose. In fact, you could say that the langoliers are purpose personified.
Dinah Bellman: What did the kids do that was so bad the langoliers had to run after them?
Craig Toomy: Well, I'm glad you asked that question, Dinah, because when my daddy said someone was bad, he meant that that person was lazy. And a lazy person couldn't be "part of the big picture". Because in my house, you were either "part of the big picture" or you were "lying down on the job". And if you were "lying down on the job" and you weren't "part of the big picture", then the langoliers would come and take you out of the picture! Take you out of it altogether! He said you'd be lying in bed one night and you'd hear them coming towards you, crunching, chomping, and smacking...
Laurel Stevenson: Stop it! That's enough.
Craig Toomy: [dryly] Okay.
Dinah Bellman: I bet you were scared of your dad, weren't you, Mr. Toomy?
Craig Toomy: You win the cigar, little miss. I was terrified of him.
Dinah Bellman: Is he dead?
Craig Toomy: Yyyyeah…
Dinah Bellman: Was he lying down on the job? Did the langoliers get him?
Mr. Toomy: [after a momentary sigh] Yes.
Dinah Bellman: Mr. Toomey?
Craig Toomy: What?
Dinah Bellman: I'm not the way you see me. I'm not ugly. None of us are.
Craig Toomy: And just how do you know how I see you, little blind miss?
Dinah Bellman: You might be surprised.

[At the boardroom table in Craig Toomy's hallucinations]
Tom Holby: So, give us your report, Craig. Tell us how much money you made for us.
Craig Toomy: You want to know how much money I made for you? You want to know how much money I made for you?!
Tom Holby: Yes.
Craig Toomy: I'll tell you how much money I made for you! I didn't make any--
Roger Toomy's Voice: NO, Craig!
Craig Toomy: [clutching his head] Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Roger Toomy's Voice: Tell them you lost the money, that it was a mistake! An accident!
Craig Toomy: NO! I didn't make any money for you! [crawling across the table] I didn't make any money for you! I lost money for you! I LOST MONEY FOR YOU! I LOST 43 MILLION DOLLARS, AND I DID IT DELIBERATELY! I DID IT DELIBERATELY! I DID IT DELIBERATELY!
[He laughs insanely, then looks up to see Holby replaced by his father]
Roger Toomy: You fool. You stupid fool.
Craig Toomy: No! No! You don't frighten me anymore, father. The langoliers don't-- don't even exist. You just made them up.
[Roger makes a "munching" motion with his hand, and Craig hears the sound of the approaching creatures]

[Bob is watching the creatures eat up the entire airport]
Bob Jenkins: Now we know, don't we?
Laurel Stevenson: What? We know what?
Bob Jenkins: We know what happens to today when it becomes yesterday. It waits for them. It waits for them, the timekeepers of eternity. Always following behind, cleaning up the mess in the most efficient way possible—by eating it.
Dinah Bellman: Mr. Toomy knew about them. He said... they were the langoliers.


  • Prepare yourself for the flight of your life!
  • The grand master of suspense transports you to another dimension.
  • Across the boundaries of time, beyond the gateway to another world, something is waiting for you to arrive. They are predators. They are relentless. And they are very, very hungry.

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