The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze

2001 US animated film directed by Charles Grosvenor

The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze is a 2001 film in which Littlefoot and his friends sing new songs while enduring a blizzard. It is the eighth film in The Land Before Time series.

Directed by Charles Grosvenor. Written by John Loy.


Littlefoot's Grandpa: You know, Littlefoot, Grandma and I have you, but Mr. Thicknose has nobody. Really, he has nothing but his dignity.
Littlefoot: Dignity? What's that?
Littlefoot's Grandpa: It's the feeling that you're appreciated, that you have something to offer, and others know it. It's a very important feeling, Littlefoot. You should never do anything to rob someone of it.

Mr. Thicknose: [Mr. Thicknose is struggling to keep up with Littlefoot, Cera and Petrie] Children... wait up, please. I'm not as young as I used to be.
Cera: He's not as young as anybody used to be.

Littlefoot: How could things get any worse?
[THey face a worse blizzard]
Cera: You had to ask, didn't you?

Tippy: Fun, fun, fun!

Mr. Thicknose: Well, uh, uh, I've never known this to happen in the Great Valley, in all my years.
Lambeosaurus: So, why is it happening now?
Ankylosaurus: This stuff is horrible. It's EVERYWHERE.
Mr. Threehorn: I'll say, it's SO slippery. I almost couldn't make it up the hill from my nest.
Corythosaurus: Yeah. He slid backwards RIGHT into my nose.
Cera: Ha-ha. It was really funny.
Littlefoot: See? White sparkles from the sky, just like I told you.

Littlefoot's Grandpa: Come, now. You can't blame Mr. Thicknose for the weather.
Cera's Dad: Well, maybe not. But if he's so smart, why didn't he know that the white ground sparkles brought such cold with them that it killed all the food? Why didn't he warn us to store away some tree stars until warmer weather?
Mr. Thicknose: But I couldn't! I mean, how could I...
Littlefoot's Grandpa: This has never happened in the valley before. Why would you expect him to know what it would be like?
Cera's Dad: Well, everybody says he's been everywhere, and he knows everything. If you ask me, he doesn't know much at all, and I don't think he should be allowed to confuse the young ones with his crackpot ideas.

Ducky's Mom: I'm sorry this happened. Not all of us want you to go.
Tippy's Mom: We'll be alright. We're wanderers.
[they both look]
Tippy's Mom: I-I don't know quite how to ask this, but would he...
Ducky's Mom: What?! Why, no, I'm sure he wouldn't. I-I mean, we're his family.
[Tippy licks Spike, then Spike licks Tippy, laughing]
Ducky's Mom: [Sighs] I'll ask him. [walks down, then Tippy runs to Tippy again] Do you want to go with them, Spike?
Spike: Huh?
Ducky's Mom: We'll understand, if you do. Ducky and I just want what's best for you.
[Tippy hugs Tippy's Mom, then Spike shakes his head]
Ducky: If it is SO hard to figure out, I will do it for you. Go, go, GO! [walks away]
[Littlefoot sighs, then cut back to Spike, eating grass, then Ducky roars]
Ducky: Wee! Look at me. [roaring, then laughing, then jumping in] I am a swimming Sharptooth. [roars, then Ducky's Mom appears, then Ducky continues laughimg, splashing at Ducky's Mom, then Ducky's Mom splashes at Ducky, then walking down, then Spike sighs, then they continue laughing, then Spike looks at the water]
Ducky's Mom: Ducky, I think Spike feels left out.
Ducky: I cannot help it if I can swim, but Spike cannot. I am a swimmer, and he is not. No, no, no.
Tippy: [kicks Spike into the mud] Hiya! Hiya!
[Tippy's Mom appears, then Spike sits down]
Tippy's Mom: Well, hello there. We meet again. And where is your family, dear?
Ducky's Mom: Hello. I am his mother.
Tippy's Mom: Really? How nice!
Ducky's Mom: Well, you see, Spike lost his parents and...
Tippy's Mom: Spike. Is that his name?
Tippy: Spike, Spike, Spike.
Ducky's Mom: Yes. Anyway, there were no other spiketails in the Great Valley and...
Tippy's Mom: Until now.

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