The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists

1996 US animated film directed by Roy Allen Smith

The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists is a 1996 film directed by Roy Allen Smith. This was supposed to be the last Land Before Time sequel directed by Smith, and the last sequel to feature any of the original voice cast, as well as the last movie in the series. There was a big oof when this movie was released. The oof was making it. It was much bad. Too many dinosaurs. W:much bad


Spike: [Spike's first words] Dah...! Dah...! DUCKY!

Ichy: How nice! Dessert! Head for the shore, Dil! My sweet tooth calls.
Dil: Ichy, you know the routine. Dinner first, then dessert!
Ichy: What are you, my mother?!

Archie: [protecting Littlefoot and trying to stop Dil and Ichy from them thinking that there's an appearance of a free lunch] The kid's a snack! [he tricks Dil and Ichy that he himself is a meal] I'm a meal!
Ichy: I think you're the first course! Tenderise him, Dil!

(In the incident about Grandpa being ill.)

Littlefoot: But Grandpa, nothing is going to happen. I'm going to take care of you.
Grandpa: You're still very young. And Grandma isn't as strong as she once was. If our valley does change, I'm not going be here to protect you. Our cousins are strong. And the Old One is wise.
Littlefoot: I don't think she's very smart!
Grandpa: Promise me?
Littlefoot: I promise.

Dil: Ow! You hit me!
Ichy: I didn't! Although, that's not a bad idea.

Grandma: Where's Littlefoot?
Cera: He's probably out playing with that dumb old "what's-her-name".
Ducky: Her name is not What's-her-name, Cera. It is Ali.

Dil: One of these-- [hits a tree] Oof! --days, Ichy-- [hits another tree] Oof! One of these [hits another tree] Oof! Oh, forget it![hits one last tree] Oof!

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