The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving

1995 US animated film directed by Roy Allen Smith

The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving (also known as The Land Before Time 3: The Time of the Great Giving) is a 1995 animated film directed by Roy Allen Smith.


  • [after lightning hits a tree, setting it on fire] Look out! Back this way! I know another path!
  • If you struggle more, you'll only sink faster!
  • Oh, yeah! I saw 'em! And I saw that big one land somewhere in the Mysterious Beyond.


  • Do not worry, Littlefoot. You're not an influence... whatever that is.
  • Petrie, you are a flyer. Not a swimmer.


  • Hey, me want to play Bullies too! "Hey, hatchling! You don't eat MY green food!" [Spike spits water at him] Hmph! Me go play Bullies somewhere else! [makes to walk off, and falls in the water]


  • Cera's Father: If you always react with anger, that's all your son will know, and that's what he'll express to others.
  • Hyp: [In song] When you're big, you can do anything you wanna do/ All the rules that grown-ups make, they don't apply to you...
  • Narrator: And in the years to come, this story of sharing was told over and over again, until it became known as: "The time of the great giving".
  • Hyp: I'd sure like to get to that water first, before the rest of those dummies go slobbering in it!


Petrie: Me no baby! [puffs out chest] Me big!
Hyp: Yeah, a big baby! [pokes petrie's chest, causing him to deflate]

Littlefoot's Grandma: Everyone, follow me. Children's first!
[Cut to the forest, Cera and Cera's Father was panting.]
Cera: [to see the dead tree on the fire] Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!! [She runs into the rockhead and notices, to see the burning small bushes] Aaaaaaahhh! [She jumps, rocks crashes] Aaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaah!
Cera's Father: [cries] Cera!
[He helps her out of the rockpile and furniture into the fire woods and smashed.]

Littlefoot: Keeps your heads down, it's not much further!!
[Back to the forest fire, Cera and Cera's Father was still running now ontop them block.]
Cera: Are you sure this is right, daddy?
Cera's Father: Of course, I'm sure.
Cera: [to see the huge flames] Aaaaaaaaaaah! Daddy!
Cera's Father: This way, Cera!
Cera: [more flames block their path] Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
Cera's Father: No!
Cera: [to see the whirlpool was burning trees fall into the ground blocking] Aaaaaaaaaah! We're trapped!
Littlefoot's Grandpa: Three-horn, over here! (Knocks a trees and saves them)
Cera's Father: Are you alright, Cera?
Cera: [sighs] Yes, daddy.

Hyp: [begin to rumbling] Whow! What's that?!
Mutt: It's a...
Cera: [yelling] Earthshake! Aaaaaaaah!
Petrie: Rocks flying?!
Hyp: Flying rocks! Aaaaaaaah!

Cera: I don't understand, daddy.
Cera's Father: You need friends who know how to behave, especially in times like this.
Cera: Littlefoot is my friend. He'll always be my friend.
Cera's Father: [Stubbornly] Cera, I'm your father! I want what's best for you.
Cera: [cries] No, you don't! [runs off] You just don't want me to have any fun!
Cera's Father: Cera, please? I just try to... Oh, as a parent I... Ugghh!!

Hyp: There they are, and look what they found for us.
Mutt: [laughing] Yeah...
Nod: [laughing] Yeah!
Mutt: What is it?
Hyp: Hi-yah, hatchlings! Say, "Bye bye, water"!
Ducky: Why? Is it going somewhere?
Hyp: No, but you are!
Nod: This is our water now.
Mutt: So give it back!
Petrie: Give back? But it already in my tummy.
Ducky: But do you not want to share?
Hyp: We don't share with anybody, do we?
Mutt: Uh, no. Nuh-uh!
Nod: Nobody.
Hyp: So I'm warning you, small fries. If you tell anybody else about this water, you'll be very, very, sorry!
Littlefoot: We're telling and you’d better not try and stop us!

Cera's Father: I have a plan.
Mr. Clubtail: I hope it's better than your fire-escape plan!

Littlefoot's Grandpa: [after witnessing Littlefoot being bullied by Hyp, Nod and Mutt who then waste the water in the river] We need to teach our children, how to use the remaining water wisely.
Cera's Father: [completely lost his mind] Speak for yourself, longneck! My Cera would never waste. Your Littlefoot is a bad influence!
Littlefoot's Grandpa: [enraged] That's not true!
[Littlefoot is visibly hurt at Cera's Father's rude words about him and Cera was visibly shocked at what her father said to Littlefoot]
Ducky: [confused] What is influence?
Petrie: Me don't know.
[Cera's Father turns away ignoring Grandpa Longneck's anger and frustation of calling Littlefoot is a bad influence]
Cera's Father: Come, Cera. You're not to play the little longneck anymore.
Cera: But, daddy!
Littlefoot's Grandpa: My friend, I think you're acting rashly, Littlefoot is not to blame.
Cera's Father: [defiantly] Hmph! I said come Cera!
Cera: [firmly] NO! [walks behind Littlefoot]
Cera: [stubbornly] Cera, I'm your father and I know what's best for you!
[Cera tearfully follows to her defiant father who glares calmly at her and they walk off]

[Littlefoot and his friends finish singing their song "Kids Like Us" as they chase after Hyp, Nod and Mutt]
Littlefoot: [to Cera and his friends referring to Hyp, Nod and Mutt] I just have to try and stop them! You guys do what you want. [runs off to find Hyp, Nod and Mutt]
[Cera, Duckie, Spike and Petrie look at each other then Cera follows Littlefoot]
Cera: Last one after Littlefoot's a scaredey-egg!
Petrie: Me no scaredey-egg.
Ducky: [she, Petrie and Spike follow behind] Wait for us! We're not scaredy-eggs, either! [scene fades to black then cuts to Hyp, Nod and Mutt walking by the skeleton bones in the Mysterious Beyond]

[Littlefoot and his friends have saved Hyp from a tar pit just as the grownups arrive]
Hyp's Father: Hyp! Here we are chasing after you when we should be finding a way to free the water! I thought I told you to stay where it was safe! [Hyp glares at his father who makes a shocked expression] Don't look at me that way! I'm your father and I know what's best for you!
[Cera's father sees Hyp's father scolding and realizes that's how he was treating Cera and it was Hyp who did splashed him, being the bad influence and waste the water at the river not Littlefoot]
Cera's Father: Yelling is no way to teach your child what is right or to show that you care.
Hyp's Father: How would you know?!
Cera's Father: [angrily] I know because... [calms down] ...because I have a daughter. And I yell at her too much, especially when I'm worried for her safety.
Cera: You don't have to worry about me, Daddy.
Cera's Father: If you always react with anger, that's all your son will know, and that's all he'll be able to express to others.
[everyone stares at Hyp]
Hyp: What?
Cera's Father: I know now that we can't live together that way, with such anger between us. Our kids found water because they worked together. Now we must work together too.

[Mutt begins to sob quietly]
Hyp: Ahh! What's the matter with you?
Mutt: [crying] Nothing, except I think we're in trouble.
Hyp: Yeah, so what else is new?
[Mutt sees someone at the top of the hill and points it]
Mutt: That! [Hyp looks at what he was pointing and turns into a shocked expression and the camera tilts left to see what Mutt was pointing was a Velociraptor growling then Mutt points another one at the other side] And That!

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