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The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving

US 1995 animated film


Cera's Father: If you always react with anger, that's all your son will know, and that's what he'll express to others.

Petrie: Me no baby! [puffs out chest] Me big!
Hyp: Yeah, big baby! [pokes petrie's chest, causing him to deflate]

[Meanwhile, the storm was brewing, the lightning hits the tree and sets to fire!]
Littlefoot: Look out! Back this way! I know another path!

Littlefoot's Grandma: Everyone, follow me. Children's first!
[Cut to the forest, Cera and Cera's Father was panting.]
Cera: [to see the dead tree on the fire] Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!! [he ran into the rockhead and notices, to see the burning small bushes] Aaaaaaahhh! [he jumps, rocks crashes] Aaaaaaaaah, aaaaaaaah!
Cera's Father: [cries] Cera!
[He helps her Cera out of the rockpile and furniture into the fire woods and smashed.]

Littlefoot: Keeps your heads down, it's not much further!!

[Back to the forest fire, Cera and Cera's Father was still running now ontop them block.]

Cera: Are you sure this is right, daddy?
Cera's Father: Of course I'm sure.
Cera: [to see the huge flames] Aaaaaaaaaaah! Daddy!
Cera's Father: This way, Cera!
Cera: [more flames block their path] Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
Cera's Father: No!
Cera: [to see the whirlpool was burning trees fall into the ground blocking] Aaaaaaaaaah! We're trapped!
Littlefoot's Grandpa: Hang on, over here!
Cera's Father: Are you alright, Cera?
Cera: [sighs] Yes, daddy.

Hyp: [In song] When you're big, you can do anything you want to do/ All the rules that grown-ups make, they don't apply to you...

Ducky: Do not worry, Littlefoot. You're not an influence... whatever that is.

Hyp: [begin to rumbling] Whow! What's that?!
Mutt: It's a...
Cera: [yelling] Earthshake! Aaaaaaaah!
Petrie: Rocks flying?!
Hyp: Flying rocks! Aaaaaaaah!

Cera: I don't understand, Daddy.
Cera's Father: You need friends who know how to behave, especially in times like this.
Cera: Littlefoot is my friend. He'll always be my friend.
Cera's Father: Cera, I'm your father. I want what's best for you.
Cera: [cries] No you don't! You just don't want me to have any fun!

Hyp: So I'm warning you, small fries. If you tell anybody else about this water, you'll be very very sorry!
Littlefoot: We're telling and you better not try and stop us!

Petrie: Hey, me want to play Bullies too! "Hey, hatchling! You don't eat MY green food!"
[Spike spits water at him]
Petrie: Hmph! Me go play Bullies somewhere else! [makes to walk off, and falls in the water]

Hyp: There they are and look what they found for us.
Mutt: [laughing] Yeah...
Nod: [laughing] Yeah!
Mutt: What is it?
Hyp: Hi-yah, hatchlings! Say, "Bye bye, water"!
Ducky: Why? Is it going somewhere?
Hyp: No, but you are!
Nod: This is our water now.
Mutt: So give it back!
Petrie: Give back? But it already in my tummy.
Ducky: But do you not want to share?
Hyp: We don't share with anybody, do we?
Mutt: Uh, no. Nuh-uh!
Nod: Nobody.
Hyp: So I'm warning you, small fries. If you tell anybody else about this water, you'll be very, very, sorry!
Littlefoot: We're telling and you better not try and stop us!

Cera's Father: I have a plan.
Iguanadon: I hope it's better than your fire-escape plan!

Littlefoot: If you struggle more, you'll only sink faster!

Ducky: Petrie, you are a flyer. Not a swimmer.

Littlefoot's Grandpa: [after witnessing Littlefoot being bullied by Hyp, Nod and Mutt who then waste the water in the river] We need to teach our children, how to use the remaining water wisely.
Cera's Father: Speak for yourself long neck! My Cera would never waste! Your Littlefoot is a bad influence!
Littlefoot's Grandpa: [enraged] That's not true!

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