The Lady Refuses

1931 film by George Archainbaud

The Lady Refuses is a 1931 American melodrama film, directed by George Archainbaud from a screenplay by Wallace Smith, based on an original story by Guy Bolton and Robert Milton. It stars Betty Compson as a destitute young woman on the verge of becoming a prostitute, who is hired by the wealthy Gilbert Emery to woo his never-do-well son, John Darrow, away from the clutches of the gold-digging Margaret Livingston.


Sir Gerald: Dobbs, you're... you're downright Victorian. We must have cocktails, Dobbs, cocktails!
Dobbs: N-not cocktails, sir!
Sir Gerald: Yes. Now don't tell me that it isn't British. You're deplorably behind the times. I drink 'em myself. What's more, I can mix 'em. Mix is the word.
Dobbs: They tell me they even put ice in them in America.
Sir Gerald: Yes, well, I don't think we'll go quite that far.


Ivan Lebedeff-Margaret Livingston in The Lady Refuses

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