The King of Blaze

1991 Taiwanese comic series

The King of Blaze, also known as Fire King (Chinese: 火王, Wade-Giles: Huo³-Wang², pinyin: Huǒwáng; Dutch: De Brand Koning), is a Taiwanese yaoi manhua written and illustrated by You Su-lan. The comic series is the 2nd installment of The Seven Mirrors' Stories collection, it tells the story of the three lives (reincarnation) and the destiny of the god of fire and the god of wind. These quotes are based on and adapted from the English translation by FH, which was translated from the new edition published by Kung-Long International.

The King of Blaze, 14-volume new edition published by Kung-Long International Publishing Co.

Vol. 1: The Chapter of Rebirth

  • Shang Hsüan: God... God of the New Century... Where are you?
  • Shang Hsüan: The mirror without the glass! The water mirror!
  • Olive Contan: Mister Teles Connelly Downey is a famous businessman, so it doesn't exclude that those gossips mean to bring disadvantages to his career. Sometimes, I feel like he's very mature... more than his age and his look. The merciless of the business world is fierce, especially for a youth like him.
  • Cygnus: Human is like that. They are full of jealousy and only can see others' defects. They enjoy having fun on others' failure. To benefit themselves, they are willing to lie. A few years ago, I revealed the truth of that connived bribery. I represented justice! It's ridiculous! Now, for money, I will build stories and abuse others. I'm worthless!
  • Wei Yung-chien: Shang Hsüan, I'm now closer to you! I believe... If I manage to find seven holy mirrors, I can see you again!

Vol. 2: The Reflection of Destiny

  • Greed: In the last years, the United States' economy was falling down. If it is not me... But thanks to my talent, Greed group still stood and rose in that hard time.
  • Greed: X10173 is a new type of psychoactive drug, it only needs a quantity equal to 1/20 of other drugs to make you addicted to it.
  • Teles Connelly Downey: Now I knew your talent in business, it can not be compared to this cheap drama!

Vol. 3: Dawn of the Memories of the Past Lives

  • Narrator: In the eyes of hawk, only the endless blue sky exists...
  • Cygnus: "The Truth" is not an element of success. Based on people's opinion, it also can't be trusted... Like I said, "Lie" is the one people prefer...
  • Teles Connelly Downey: Who am I becoming? My memories are flowing like ocean waves... A lot, a lot... Even the memories which aren't mine is also coming back...
  • Teles Connelly Downey: Little by little... I can't distinguish things appeared in my memories anymore. What is real and what is a dream...

Vol. 4: The Memories of Tang Dynasty

  • Shannon Arden: The devil is awakening... Almighty like a god, yet powerful like a devil king... God of the New Century, is he a devil?
  • Flora Orr de Castel: You are always very gentle... But do you know that... Teles... Your kiss is very cold.
  • Doctor Wei: I think that boy, Shannon Arden, is making people worry! I don't know why do they leave a child to worry about world peace, while the adults are doing bad things? Humans are really... Even though they share the same language and culture, conflicts are unevitable. How can we find world peace?
  • Robert Fos: You are right! Even humans can't get along with each other, how can we accept other species? What will become of this world?
  • Teles Connelly Downey: Does eternity exist in this world? People is changing everyday, how can they search for eternity?
  • Ssŭ-tu Fêng-chien: I don't deserve the title "prophet". A prophet ought to know everything happening within the Three Realms. Because of my limited abilities, I can only perceive what happens in the Human Realm.

Vol. 5: The Flying Feathers

  • Ti Yün: I can't prevent you from reincarnating in the human realm, but I'm capable of sealing up your eye of providence, which is your greatest perception. So you can't see through your future and your afterlife.
  • Ssŭ-tu Fêng-chien: High-bridged western nose, deep-set blue eyes, shiny red hair... He is from the Western Regions. He saved me in that dream.
  • Ssŭ-tu Fêng-chien: The eye of providence is being closed, but I can see the light from another world! The eye of providence is a power of gods, a power that human can never touch...

Vol. 6: Eyes on the Past

  • Chung Tien: I thought Han women have this amazing perseverance in suffering. They manage to take care of their families and children alone after their husbands were killed in a battle field. On the contrary, women of the Western Regions would rather stand against the fate. They follow their husbands to battle fields in armors, they fight valiantly alongside their beloveds. They are warriors and heroines. And you, Fêng-chien, you are just like them, a heroine fighting your fate!
  • Ssŭ-tu Fêng-chien: Glass bead earrings are my favorite jewelry of all time. Blue, yellow, green, red, purple... These clear-shining round beads are like waterdrops under sunlight.

Vol. 7: A Dream Between Two Worlds

  • Chung Tien: His beautiful teary eyes was the last image I saw... Chien Mei was the only one who stayed by my side to the very end, before my disappearance in the previous life.
  • Chung Tien: Chien Mei... Why am I thinking of him? I don't quite remember his physical appearance, except his silky smooth, blond long hair, and those melancholic eyes. He was an exquisite and charming boy.
  • Chung Tien: When I was alone, I had this strange feeling... I thought that, he was constantly looking at me. Was he really looking at me? I'm not sure, because his pretty eyes are blind.
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