The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Specials

2004 Nickelodeon television special directed by Butch Hartman

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and The Fairly OddParents crossover specials

Jimmy Timmy Power HourEdit

Crocker: Hey, there's no child in pain here… BUT THERE'S GOING TO BE!!!

Jimmy: Whoops. Slight plasma leak. Better get a mini-laser.
[Jimmy walks to the shelf and grabs a mini-laser. He sees Timmy sitting at his desk chair, wearing the Brain Drain Helmet as he walks back]
Jimmy: HEY! Who the heck are you?!
Timmy: [singing crazily] ♫ I'm loopy! I'm loopy! ♫
Jimmy: What are you doing?! That thing's dangerous!
[He grabs the helmet's control module, making Timmy regain consciousness, then takes it off before taking it from him]
Jimmy: Give me that! How did you get in my lab, anyway?
Timmy: Ha! Your lab? Sorry, dude, [gets off the desk and walks towards the invention shelf] I got dibs on this place. One of these gizmos is gonna win me first prize at the science fair. [takes Jimmy's hypercube of the shelf]
Jimmy: [takes the cube out of Timmy's hands] CAREFUL WITH THAT!
Timmy: [gets in Jimmy's face] Look, Baron Von Bighead. [grabs the cube back] Get of my back! Which is now bulgy.
Jimmy: [takes the cube back] Listen closely, Beaver Boy, try to follow what I'm saying. Everything in this lab is mine-- This helmet. This shrink ray. [puts both his inventions into the cube, walks over to his desk, takes the Poofer off the keypad mistaking it for a mini-laser] Even this mini-laser.
Timmy: Oh, yeah?! Well-- [instantly slips on and gets sucked into the Hypercube]
Jimmy: Ha! Serves you right. [looks at Poofer] Hey, wait a minute. This isn't my Mini-Laser. [pats the star against his hand and unknowingly presses the button on it by accident, causing him to disappear in a cloud reading "Poof again!"]
Timmy: [sticks his head out of the cube and struggles his way out] I meant to do that. [finds Jimmy gone] Hey, where'd he go? Must have scared him off. Which means…I finally got the greatest lab in the universe – all to myself!

[An alert alarm goes off as Timmy sees Carl and Sheen falling from the tube above and they gasp at him]
Timmy: Come on. First that selfish crabby kid poofs in here, and now you two? Is everybody wishing they were in the greatest lab in the universe?!
Carl: This lab belongs to Jimmy.

Judy: James Issac Neutron! Look at this mess. Honestly, Jimmy.
Timmy: My name is Timmy! "Timmy!" I think people in your dimension use "J" instead of a "T." Jeez, what a "jwit."
Judy: Oh, so now we're Mr. Smarty Mouth. Well, that's it, young man. You're grounded!
Timmy: [confused] What'd I do?
Sheen: Mind I suggest the Hypno Beam?
Carl: Ooh, excellent choice.
Judy: Didn't you hear me? I said, you're--
Timmy: [uses Jimmy's Hypno Beam, hypnotizing her] I can bend others to my will! Cool! You think you're- Mighty Mom!
Judy: [under hypnosis] Quickly spinning around, Judy Neutron transforms herself into… MIGHTY MOM!!! Super powered hero of domestic order! My hyper domestic senses detect dirt, danger, and dirt! Vacuum cleaner powered flight: activate! Hoosh! [runs off, bumping into something and breaking it and she puffs up] I'll clean that up.

Cindy: I'm telling you, Susan B. Anthony could totally kick Madame Curie's butt.
Libby: Not if she was tag-teamed with Harriet Tubman.
Timmy: INCOMING! [crashes into the girls] That could have gone better.
Cindy: Neutron, you dolt! Why don't you look where you're flying?
Libby: Hey, that's not Neutron-- the head's too small.
Cindy: And that overbite could crack open a sea turtle.
Timmy: HEY!
Cindy: Let me guess, you must be one of Neutron's online, 3D chess club pals. Great. Just what this town needs-- another big-brained chess geek.
Timmy: Look, I said I was sorry!
Cindy: Too late, Pawn-to-king-duh!
Timmy: It wasn't my fault. The controls are very complicated.
Cindy: Maybe to a hamster.

[Turner Residence; Jimmy has poofed into Timmy's bedroom, now in 2D style]
Jimmy: Pukin' plutonium! My hands. My arms! My depth! It's gone! [looks around] W-Where am I? That buck-tooth kid must've used this to teleport me out of my own lab! I gotta get back to Goddard! If I'm not there to monitor his tune-up, the atomic transmutation could run wild! There's got to be some sort of instruction manual for this teleportation pen in here.

[Sheen contrasts Jimmy and Timmy, realizing that Timmy isn't Jimmy after all]
Sheen: But I thought that....
Carl: Then, you're not.

[Timmy wishes for himself and Jimmy to go home; they meet up with each other and shake hands]
Jimmy: Jimmy Neutron, boy genius.
Timmy: Timmy Turner, uh… boy!
Jimmy: Thanks for saving my dog.
Timmy: Thanks for saving my… uh…
Jimmy: Fairy programs?
[Both change back to their usual 2D/3D forms.]
Timmy: Sure, fairy programs. Sorry I was such a jerk.
Jimmy: No problem. We geniuses have to stick together.
Timmy: Uh, between you and me, I'm not really all that smart.
Jimmy: I know, I kinda figured that out when I saw all the F's.
Cindy: [Sticks her head out the Retroville portal and gasps] I'll never forget you, Timmy Turner! Never! Wait for me! WAIT FOR ME!!!
Jimmy: Cindy, I know you've been through a lot the past few hours, but, um… GET OUT OF MY LAB!!!

Timmy: Thanks, boy genius.
Jimmy: [touched] Aw, don't mention it, average kid who no one understands.

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide!Edit

Timmy: We made it! We're in Retroville!
Wanda: [uncomfortably in her 3D style] Oh, dear. This universe makes my hips look fat.
Cosmo: What universe doesn't?

Jimmy: How does he keep building stuff so fast?!
Cosmo: Hi, fudge-head!
Wanda: Quiet! We're in disguise! I mean… tick-tick-tick-tick… It's over, isn't it?
Jimmy: Your reality-bending computer programs, of course! That's how you're doing all this!
Timmy: So what?! You've got your stupid science stuff. And I've got Cosmo and Wanda.
Cosmo: Um, can I just say one thing?
Timmy: Sure.
Cosmo: MOUNTAIN!!!!!

Jimmy: [after building a time-travel portal to travel to Dimmsdale] Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to save Cindy from the horrors of a dumb dance date. [Libby grabs his arm]
Libby: Yo, I told you, I'm coming, too. Cindy's my girl.
Sheen: And we have no lives. So count us in! [Carl nods in agreement]
Jimmy: Okay, okay! Just hurry! We're running out of time.
[Libby, Sheen, and Carl each jump into the portal, and Jimmy follows]
Professor Calamitous: Neutron's lab. It's open. Well, maybe just a little peak. [walks into Jimmy's lab]
[Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, and Libby fly out of the portal, arriving in Dimmsdale in their 2D styles]
Sheen: [looking at his appearance] Whoa! Look at me! I'm totally flat! And you, my dear…
Libby: Don't even go there.
Carl: So, where do you think Cindy and Timmy are, Jimmy?
Jimmy: Don't know, we'll have to split up. But be careful, this Turner's a wily one.

Jimmy: [using a hose to wash his hands] Never be clean, never be clean… [sees Professor Calamitous flying in the sky] Professor Calamitous?! [finds his hypercube with Professor Calamitous' To-Do List] My hypercube? "To-Do List: 1) Travel to parallel universe. 2) Capture big tooth's flying helpers. 3) Destroy Neutron!" So, he's after Turner's computer programs.

Timmy: Oh, no! They're suffering wish-overload! Libby, you've got to wish Cosmo and Wanda back to me.
Jimmy: Why you? I'm the genius here.
Timmy: Look, Brain Boy, they're my programs and I know how to make them work! [to Cindy; sincere] Listen, Cindy. I know some of this is my fault, even though most of it is Neutron's, but all I ever wanted was to take you to the dance.
Libby: These boys are still fighting over you?
Cindy: [giggles] Oh, are they? I hadn't noticed. Go ahead. Give Timmy his programs back.
Libby: I wish… Timmy… had Cosmo and Wanda back!
Timmy: I wish that every wish that Carl, Sheen, and Libby made didn't happen, and they were all back to their old selves.

Cindy: Nice work, guys! You both did a great job!
Timmy: [scoffs] Him? It was my net that saved us!
Jimmy: [pushes Timmy aside] No, Cindy, it was my Hypercube!
Timmy: I'm Cindy's hero!
Jimmy: No, I'm Cindy's hero!

Professor Calamitous: [combined with Jorgen, in Retroville] Oh, joy! Having a magical collaborator has allowed my to accomplish every item on my new to-do list. I've terroized the inhabitants with prehistoric creatures, imprisoned Jimmy's loved ones in carbonite, and prepared a delicious picnic lunch to nourish my strapping new body.
Jorgen: Bleh! This sandwich is unacceptable! Sourdough is the lowest form of bread.
Professor Calamitous: [sternly] You'll eat it and you'll like it.
Jorgen: This- indignity- will be avenged! [eats sandwich] Mmm, spicy mustard.
Cindy: [thinking Jimmy and Timmy are dead] My 2 favorite people are gone, and now you're probably gonna get rid of me!
Professor Calamitous: Ah, a gentleman would never harm a lady. Besides, I need you so you can witness this. [poofs up a giant bomb] I call it my Big Bang Bomb! It has an explosion so powerful, it will rip the very fabric of time! The Earth will revert to its original state, allowing me to remake it in my own glorious image. [laughs evilly]
Jorgen: You madman! [pause] Could you please pass the pickle relish?

Wanda: Timmy! Jimmy! Jorgen's magic didn't destroy you, it just turned you into cute little snails.
Sheen: Cool! I wanna feed 'em! Who's got some snail biscuits?

[Chip Skylark's "My Shiny Teeth and Me" song plays in a multi-dimensional Friday the 13th dance between Retroville and Dimmsdale]
Cindy: I'm having a great time, Neutron.
Jimmy: Me too, Cindy. I'm glad you could spend the dance time with me.
Timmy: Mind if I cut in?
[Timmy yanks Cindy into Dimsdale]
Jimmy: Hey! The upbeat groovy dances were mine!
Dimsdale Libby: I can't believe we're jamming at the first ever multi-dimensional dance party!
Sheen: (Switches between Retroville and Dimsdale) Yeah, look! I'm flat! I'm bulgy! I'm flat! I'm bulgy!
[Carl whispers in Retroville Wanda's ear. Wanda, shakily, transforms Calamitous into Judy Neutron]
Carl: (suavely) Hi, Mrs. Neutron!
Retroville Cosmo: Whoo, yeah!

Cindy: [as Jimmy and Timmy fight over her, yanking her back and forth] Boys, boys, please! This fighting over me has got to stop.

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators!Edit

[Jimmy and Timmy have defeated Eustace Strych as he's put in a police car, going to jail]
Timmy: Man, that was awesome! I can't believe you used science to transmute his gasoline into sugar water, deactivate his missiles, and give him chicken pox!
Jimmy: And I can't believe you used Cosmo and Wanda to fill his cockpit with bees, turn his assistant into a pig, and fill his shorts with hot fudge!
Jimmy: That was almost too easy.

[Chester and A.J. walk out of the portal, now in 3D style]
A.J.: Huh? I'm bulgy now? Is there no end to the surprises of the 21st century?
Sheen: Hey, I know you guys. You're Timmy's friends.
Chester: Not anymore. He's blowing us off for your friend Jimmy.
Carl: And Jimmy blew us off with your friend Timmy.
Sheen: I hate the new Jimmy-Timmy friendship! We have to do something to break them up.

Libby: [hugs Cindy; joyfully] Cindy, you're back! [curiously suspicious] Why are you back?
Cindy: Oh. My mom had an allergic reaction to her seaweed wrap. She'll be fine once the grotesque swelling subsides. [notices Chester and A.J.] What are these two guys doing here?
A.J.: Greetings from the 21st century!
Chester: We followed Timmy to your universe. Your friend, Jimmy must've zapped him with some sort of "forget-who-your-friends-are" ray, because he's acting like we don't exist anymore.
Cindy: [excited surprised gasp] Timmy's in town?
Sheen: Yeah. And now that he and Jimmy are best buds, it's like we don't exist either!
Libby: And without Jimmy to keep them company, Needy and Needier have been sticking to me like stink on a skunk. So now that you're back, you can get Neutron and Turner fighting again so everything can go back to normal!
Cindy: Oh, you can bet they won't ignore me. I'm like catnip to those boys.
Sheen: [gasps] They poop on you in a box?!
Cindy: That's kitty litter, you idiot!

Cosmo: Um, are you sure this isn't gonna hurt?
Timmy: Hit it!
[Jimmy presses a button; Cosmo and Wanda get electrocuted]
Cosmo: You said it wouldn't hurt!
Jimmy: No, I didn't. I specifically ignored the question because I didn't think you'd like the answer.
[Shirley comes to life]
Shirley: My soul purpose to hunt you down!

Cindy: Lemme in, Neutron! Lemme in!
Carl: Hey, look, they're not in there, they're in here.

Cindy: Timmy? Where are you?
Carl: Oh, Jimmy!
A.J.: Future boys.
Cindy: Oh, forget it. They're obviously just avoiding us.
Libby: I don't get it, Cindy. What's the big deal?
Cindy: Don't you understand, Libby? I've been doubly rejected!
Libby: So, there'll be other boys.
Cindy: Oh, please. When am I ever gonna have a science genius and a sweet but clueless yats fighting over me again?
A.J.: This must a booster rocket.
Chester: Dude, that's a soup can.
Cindy: Perhaps, I spoke too soon. [sprays herself with perfume] Hey, boys.
A.J.: Soup can?
Carl and Sheen: Hi, Libby.
Libby: Oh, Cindy's coming back, you guys. Cindy, tell them you're coming back!

Shirley: You ditched me, treated me like dirt!
Wanda: Run, you idiots!

Jimmy: Your name is Shirley.
Timmy: That's the dumbest name ever!

Shirley: [captures Jimmy and Timmy] You think you're so special; well, what if I took away what makes you so special, like your genius?
Jimmy: And how do you propose to do that?! [Shirley drains Jimmy's brainpower away while gripping him with his tentacles] Uh...
Shirley: Einstein's Theory of Relativity describes that energy equals mass times times the square root of the speed of light. The P in 'pneumonia' is silent, and all-day soccer rounds last about 22.3 hours. I AM a genius! [hurls Jimmy away]
Jimmy: 1 jails to make ball scale arts…. Well, now you're in for it. I have my tools right here, so I can build something to- [notices a monster trucks ad] Monster Truck Rally! Oh, no! My brainpower is almost gone. But who cares? The big trucks is gonna eat the little trucks!
Wanda: Now, he's a villain and a genius!
Cosmo: Just like Dr. Phil.
Wanda: We're humans!

Carl: You guys are cool. AJ, you're like Jimmy without the goofy hair.
Sheen: Yeah! And Chester here knows everything there is about roadkill.
Chester: Now, remember, that meat is more sweet, when it's flatten on the street.
A.J.: As for me, I love that even though you're both from the future, I'm much smarter than both of you.
Timmy: [runs up with his fairies and Jimmy, panicked] Guys, guys! We need your help! The villain we invited stole Jimmy's genius.
Jimmy: And de-powered... Name?
Timmy: Timmy!
Jimmy: And de-powered Timmy!
Cindy: Beat it, you guys!
Libby: Yeah, take a hike, chumps!
Timmy: No, we're serious! There's a crazy, dimentional monster on the loose and we need your help!
[AJ, Chester, Sheen, Carl, Libby, and Cindy all just walk away, having to be ignored by Jimmy and Timmy earlier]
Carl: Uh, yeah, whatever. See ya.
Cindy and Libby: Not my problem.
Sheen: Yeah, right, dude!
Timmy: Well, that could've gone better.
Wanda: Well, I'm not surprised. You weren't very nice to them, you know?
Jimmy and Timmy: We weren't?
Cosmo: What did I tell ya? Idiots!

[Shirley is in Retroville trying to grab people's attention]
Shirley: Pardon me, have you seen-?
Sam: Outta my way, freak boy!
Shirley: Ma'am, if I can just ask you, a moment of your time! [uses his powers to suck everyone over to him] Where are the ones called Jimmy and Timmy?
Hugh: Never heard of 'em! Uh, we don't even have a son named Jimmy, if that's what you're thinking.
Shirley: Very well. If you won't bring them froth, I'll make them come to me!
[Shirley has poofed all the people of Retroville to his dimension, all flat in 2D style]
Hugh: Hey, look, honey, I've lost weight! And depth.
Shirley: Ahh. This is better. Welcome to your new home. I call it, "RetroDimmsdaleville!" This is just like the place where I was born. But here, I make the rules! [the Retroville citizens scream and start to run away] Hey, where are you guys going?
Sam: Nowhere.
Hugh: We weren't trying to ditch you if that's what you were thinking.
Judy: Yes, we were. You specifically said, "Let's ditch the villain."

Carl: [to Shirley] What are you gonna do with them?
Shirley: Giving them a front row seat to the destruction of both of their universes! [casually] You have 2 days to live; enjoy yourselves and have a blast! Oh, and here's a portal in case you want to save yourselves and come hang with me. [poofs up a portal to his dimension]
Wanda: Oh, no! He's gonna destroy everything.
Cosmo: I wanna go home!
A.J.: I wanna go back to the 21st Century; where I'll still have 200 years to live.
Sheen: I wanna see the monster trucks! The big trucks is gonna eat the little trucks!
Chester: Sorry, dude. That's 3 days from now. The universe will be gone by then. [Sheen cries out in agony]
Shirley: Oops, almost forgot! [poofs the sign for Dimmsdale into his dimension, and laughs menacingly]

Hugh: I kinda like it. Look at me, I'm as limber as a schoolgirl!
Mr. Turner: Did you know you have a mole on your ankle?
Judy: [annoyed] Do I know you?
Mr. Turner: [to his wife] Why don't you have a mole on your ankle?
Mrs. Turner: I demand to speak to the person in charge!
Shirley: [drops down] You rang?
Hugh: Uh, yes. We were all sort of hoping we could go home now.

Carl: I suppose I could live here. I like my new trimmed figure.
Cindy: We're not living here, we just have to get the villain to listen to reason.
Mr. Crocker: Why won't you listen to reason?!
Shirley: [holding him, Mr. Turner, and Judy] It's my universe. I don't have to. Crazy teacher, crazy teacher. Dad, dad. Mom, mom. I win again!
Cindy: Uh, on second thought, we might wanna start coming up with a plan.
Shirley: Oh, I'm bored. Time to play Cards Screaming in Terror!
Sheen: Look out! It's raining authority figures I don't respect!

Cindy: Say it again.
Jimmy: You're smarter than me.
Cindy: Again.
Jimmy: You're smarter than me.
Cindy: No. Say IT again.
Jimmy: [chuckles] That's the pretty girl…
Cindy: Okay. Give him his brain back.


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