The Inside (TV series)

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The Inside (2005) was an American crime drama television series created by Tim Minear that follows the work of the FBI's Los Angeles Violent Crimes Unit (VCU), a division dedicated to investigating particularly dangerous crimes.

Season 1


New Girl in Town [1.01]


Everything Nice [1.02]

Virgil Webster: Tell me, how old were you when you were abducted?
Rebecca Locke: I was ten.
Virgil Webster: Same age as the St. Clair girl. And you don’t think it’s possible your own experience is clouding your judgment? That you see something of your own stolen innocence when you look at her?
Rebecca Locke: No. I don’t see myself when I look at her. I see the man who took me.

Rebecca Locke: If anyone asks, I’ll just tell them I was never here.
Madison St. Clair: That would be lying.
Rebecca Locke: So you do know what a lie is. I was wondering.
Madison St. Clair: I don’t like the way you’re talking to me!
Rebecca Locke: Yeah. I’ll bet you don’t. But I’m bigger than you. And I have a gun.

Virgil Webster: I’ve managed to persuade the St. Clairs not to file a formal complaint with the Bureau.
Rebecca Locke: Thank you, sir.
Virgil Webster: They are, however, still weighing whether or not to proceed against you civilly. I’d say they have a pretty fair case. Their daughter’s arm is broken in two places, and she’s claiming you pushed her.
Rebecca Locke: She’s lying.
Virgil Webster: Of course she’s lying! That’s not the point! You’ve compromised my entire team by allowing yourself to be discredited by an eleven-year-old.
Rebecca Locke: She’s ten, sir.

Old Wounds [1.03]

Cole Brandt: Some will tell you it’s fantasy. That we exist on the precipice of chaos and any notion that we might have control -- over ourselves, events, others -- is sheer delusion. I disagree. I believe control is real and possible. And sacred. So I would never ask you to give up your control...I’d ask you to beg for it.

Melody Sim: “The Well.” Private club. They have satellite branches in six states. Our three vics were all card carrying members.
Danny Love: So it is an S&M club?
Melody Sim: No, Danny. It’s a support group for very clumsy people. Yeah, S&M.

Cole Brandt: It’s not just me you’re judging, Paul. You’re judging these women too. If you don’t stop judging and start empathizing, how can you expect to catch their killer?

Cole Brandt: You don’t know what you’re talking about.
Bill Strong: Oh, I know all about you, Cole. I know your Daddy comes from money. But not your Mommy. She used to work here, back when it was a hotel. Poor relation of the people that owned it. Your Daddy got stranded on the road one night, and that’s how the courtship started. If you can call it that. She was a smart girl, though. Threatened to go to the cops. So he did the honorable thing -- he married her.
Cole Brandt: I don’t know where you heard that lie--
Bill Strong: Same place you did -- from your mother. When she begged me not to arrest you. Even she figured you for a rapist, Cole. Said it wasn’t your fault, though. That you’d inherited it from your father.
Cole Brandt: She’s a lying bitch.
Bill Strong: That any way to talk about your mother?
Cole Brandt: Why are you doing this? I’ve never done anything to you.
Bill Strong: You’ve done everything to me. You’re in my head. You close my eyes every night. I see your stupid smug face staring back at me every time I make love to my wife. You know what that’s like? You know how that makes me feel?

Pre-Filer [1.04]

Rebecca Locke: You were there. At the Havens crime scene.
Marty Manning: Crime scene.” You still using the word “victims,” then?
Rebecca Locke: No. Victims suffer injustice. These men suffered the opposite. You. You stop them before they can cause more pain--
Marty Manning: [laughing] Bitch, don’t try to profile me. You don’t have Virgil Webster’s track record. Besides, you’re the damaged one. I’m just someone who’s smarter than a really stupid system.
Rebecca Locke: No. The stupid system accounts for human error. Your ritual depends solely on your ego. You’re about power, not justice. You kill because you’re powerless not to. Just like every other serial murderer.
Marty Manning: That’s Paul Ryan talking. When am I going to hear from Rebecca Locke? Or better yet, put Becky George on the line. I want to ask if she wanted someone to take out her abductor before he came in through the window.

Marty Manning: Thing that all serial killers want, is to tell their story. They want to tell you their story. It’s not hard to avoid leaving evidence. They do it because it makes nice visual aids in the big “book of them.” They’re drama queens. Anyway, it starts with the mail. They’re lazy, they’re uncreative, they need fuel. So they order illegal pornography, arson manuals, weapons, you name it. They order this crap to their house, through the mail. [slamming the table] Hey! Friends not coming. Stop looking at window. No one has a clue who I am, much less where I live.

Rebecca Locke: [to Roger Comack] You... you were at the hotel. You wound up with a west facing room, and you saw a girl at the pier. From a distance, she looked like Aubrey Harris, who lives next door. You got curious. Started watching. Next time, you brought your camera. Just to get a closer look, not to take pictures yet. But every convention, you booked a west facing room. By the time you started shooting photos, you were booking the room even when there was no convention. You know it’s wrong. You hate yourself for it, and you hate the girls for making you feel this way. It will get worse. The tension there. And you’ll need to find a way out, to get normal. And that’s when it’ll happen. Six months, maybe a year from now. Just once, but it won’t last, and you’ll need to do it to get normal again. And again. And again. And again.
Marty Manning: We don’t have enough evidence on him, Rebecca. They’ll let him go free. And we know what he’ll do. You especially.

Marty Manning: So you wanna do me, huh? Okay. I’ll give ya a head start. My childhood was bad. I hate myself.
Rebecca Locke: You hate half yourself. The other half you like. The smart half. The part of you that sees things, so quickly, and puts them all together. You like the part that thinks, and hate the part that feels. Because you feel the same thing Roger feels. The same thing Jeremy Fitch feels, and James Havens, and Frank Bicks. Every time you kill one of them, you kill that half. But nothing changes, does it? What happened a long time ago, to us? Still happened. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Loneliest Number [1.05]


Point of Origin [1.06]


Thief of Hearts [1.07]


Declawed [1.08]


Aidan [1.09]


Little Girl Lost [1.10]

Karl Robie Jr.: Family is a lie. Don’t you know that? They’re supposed to be the building blocks of civilization, but instead they’re just sick little packets of human disease.
Rebecca Locke: Is that why you kill them? You’re the cure?
Karl Robie Jr.: I don’t kill anyone. I just see a litter of rich white folks pretending like they’re the Brady Bunch, and I give ‘em what they want: some family time together.
Rebecca Locke: You confine them. In a small space. And let them go mad.
Karl Robie Jr.: Well, let’s just say that after four days or so, with nothing to drink but my urine, those true family colors start to show...

Virgil Webster: I didn’t expect you’d provide us a map to your son’s forest haunts. Not that it would matter. I believe this is where he’ll end up.
Karl Robie Sr.: You really think he’d be stupid enough to come to us?
Virgil Webster: Not to you, Mister Robie. For you. He’ll come for you.

The Perfect Couple [1.11]


Gem [1.12]

Virgil Webster: How we die often says more about us than how we live.

Lawrence Keys: I can be nice. For a hundred fifty bucks an hour.
Danny Love: I can be not so nice for a lot less.

Virgil Webster: Mr. Dallas... I’m afraid we have some tragic news. Your son Jason was killed.
Arlen Dallas: I see. I assume it was unavoidable.
Virgil Webster: It was. But the real tragedy is...I haven’t yet figured out a way to charge you with his death.

Rebecca Locke: He really loved her. Jason, I mean. In his twisted way. Faked her death to save her.
Virgil Webster: There’s no saving here. He took her out of one cage only to lock her in a another.
Rebecca Locke: Maybe now she has a chance.
Virgil Webster: Maybe. But I suspect what happened to that little girl will stay with her for the rest of her life. She’ll always be in the dark room. And anybody who cares enough to try and rescue her from it... may find themselves trapped in there with her.
Rebecca Locke: I think you’re wrong. She can survive this. I know. I got out of that room.

Skin and Bone [1.13]

Paul Ryan: There’s a guy in federal lock-up,says he killed three more girls than he was convicted for. Thought we could confirm--
Virgil Webster: That’s book-keeping. I prefer fresh bodies.

Rebecca Locke: Where are the others?
Ronald Ewing: Sweetdeath? Fragile Flower? Little Willow? I told you. They’re here. They’re all in me.
Rebecca Locke: I don’t mean the ones you made up. 12 missing women, Ronald... real people. Christina Noxon and Tracy Weinstein and Helena Mar--
Ronald Ewing: Oh. Them. Well. Guess you could say... they’re all in me too. [wheels toward her] I tried with them, Becky93. Each and every one. They were invited. They were guests. We were going to be together. We needed to betogether. I understood it, even if they didn’t. But they took advantage. They... said things. They didn’t know their house manners. They didn’t work out. I hope you will.

Melody Sim: I’m just saying, “Girl to Grab” isn’t just volume 4 of the encyclopedia. It’s Rebecca’s life. She gets taken. Like it’s a hobby.
Danny Love: It is kind of on the freaky side of often.

Ronald Ewing: You have the WORST house manners I’ve ever seen!
Rebecca Locke: I may be a bad house guest, but you’re a morbidly obese cannibal serial killer. So excuse me if I’m having a little trouble getting it up for your etiquette lesson. You weren’t always like this, were you Ronald? I don’t mean a narcissistic anti-social deviant with a weight problem. You’ve always been that, but you weren’t always alone. Little sis was the first to go, wasn’t she? Did mommy and daddy know that Ronnie Jr. ate her?
Ronald Ewing: Shut up, you! SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
Rebecca Locke: If you’d shut yours every once in a while and pushed your plate away, maybe you wouldn’t be stuck in that chair. Or this house.
Ronald Ewing: I said SHUT UP!
Rebecca Locke: There was a time when you could move. Back when you were building this trap for your victims. Sealing it up tight. Probably drooling and planning. But by the time you’d finished, you were too big to bathe, and there was no one left here to hose you down. You got stuck in your own trap, Ronald. Like some huge, bloated spider.
Ronald Ewing: Shut up bitch!
Rebecca Locke: The girls that you lure here -- you know what they see? You probably don’t. You removed all the mirrors in the house when you could still fit through the doors -- when’s the last time you saw yourself, Ronald?
Ronald Ewing: You’re the fat one! They were all fat!
Rebecca Locke: You turned them into fat, Ronald. When you ate them. Wanna see what they look like now?


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