The Infiltrator

1995 film by John Mackenzie

The Infiltrator is a 1995 American thriller drama HBO Films TV film directed by John Mackenzie based on the book In Hitler's Shadow: An Israeli's Journey Inside Germany's Neo-Nazi Movement by Yaron Svoray and Nick Taylor about an Israeli freelance journalist who travels to Germany in the early 1990s and uncovers a dangerously pervasive underground Neo-Nazi faction with the intent to bring Nazism back to the forefront in Germany.

Directed and written by John Mackenzie.
It was an assignment that could make him a hero... or cost him his life. Based on a true story.(taglines)


Yaron: [On phone] Listen Michael, quick one, I was just wondering, did you ever get that piece I sent you about devil worship in the Ivy League...? You got it, that's four weeks ago with your secretary, that's right. It's not like I'm shopping for work here or anything like that just wanna you know touch base and blow your ass a little kiss remind you I'm here. Yeah, you got it, Mike. [Hangs up and persuses book] Snively dick-ass pygmy.
Mutiple newscaster voice overs: [Montage of racist graffit overlap with scenes of rioting and demonstrations] Violence erupted again in Germany. Fascist aggression against Turkish and other immigrant communities has reached new heights. Violence targeted people on the basis of race, religion or sex is on the rise in America. The crosses of the Klu Klux Klan are burning again and the voice of hate is rising across the nation. The trouble began this morning when a handful of BNP supporters gathered on the corner of Brick Lane. Violent flashes spilled out on the streets. Missiles and bottles were thrown causing several injuries. These were the worst clashes on the Berlin streets for many years. Support for Jean Marie Leen is growing and many are turning to his far right policies. The Nationalist party of B.J. Vorster is determined to disrupt the new South Africa. This is one state in America willing to recognize the power of white supremacists, their hearts and minds remain frozen in a racist past, but they promise to use their... money.
Yaron: [Yaron is woken up by his editor] Oh, Jay! No, no, no, just working.
Jay: We need you in Germany.
Yaron: Yeah, Germany? I'm familiar with Germany. My whole family's from Germany.
Jay: Now these skinhead riots
Yaron: Oh, I know, yeah, this skinhead shit, I was watching it on the television. It's terrible. Nazi stuff.
Jay: So, you wanna get on a plane tonight?
Yaron: Tonight?
Jay: It's kinda short notice.
Yaron: I know, but uh, tell you what Jay one second, let me check my diary.
Jay: Okay, we're talking strictly a couple days here
Yaron: For a couple days?
Jay: Here for a couple days that's all.
Yaron: Yeah, you know, I think that might work, okay.
Jay: There is maybe a problem, you know, the Jewish thing.
Yaron: Yeah, you got it... Oh, don't worry, the Jewish thing is not a problem.
Jay: Are you sure?
Yaron: I see somebody waving a swastika, I try not to wave my dick around.
[Yaron walks into a Turkish restaurant and is clamored by all-Turkish reporters]
Yaron: English? Does anybody here speak English?
Turkish man: My friend. He speaks English!
Yaron: Your friend! Your friend speaks English?! [He gestures to restaurant owner]
Yaron: Thank you! [Walks over] Hi. My name is Ron Furey. I'm doing a piece of that skinhead violence in particular reference to last night. Okay, I take this. Am I speaking too fast for you?
Khadir: That is a Jewish name I think.
Yaron: I'm Israeli. I live in America. Some of the time.
Khadir: Then you are also an ethnic minority.
Yaron: That is correct. And you are the owner of the cafe and your full name is?
Khadir: [Says full name in Turkish]
Yaron: Did you suffer any violence last night?
[Restaurant owner shakes head]
Yaron: But you have suffered violence in the past.
Khadir: Oh yes.
Yaron: Do you keep anything around, you know to protect yourself in case a situation like this arises?
[Restaurant owner produces a mini pistol]
Yaron: Olympic .38 right? Used to be a cop. This does the job. Do you have papers for this?
Khadir: I have papers that say I have the right to live in this country without my wife and children being attacked in the home, these are the papers I have, we are Turks. Mr. Furey, we are not afraid. You see, we are rooted in this country, but there are others who cannot grow roots, and they are afraid.
[Yaron and Khadir are wandering through an immigrant asylum]
Khadir: Asylum seekers, we're from Eastern Europe, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, they work for less than half the smallest wage.
Yaron: And the government does nothing.
Khadir: Too many businesses need to see London to survive...
Yaron: You tell them I'm a journalist doing a piece on skinhead violence.
Khadir: They think you're an immigration official. They will not speak to you.
Yaron: [Holds up tape recorder] American! American journalist! It's okay! Trust me! Tell me your story!
Khadir: Trust him!
[Skinheads are trashing vehicles outside the asylum]
Mahlich: [To Indian man] Excuse me, I'm looking for the bathroom. [Indian man speaks his language] The bathroom pal. I'll give you a hint. [Mahlich unzips his pants and urinates on the man] You've got no manners. [Indian responds] I don't find you very funny. :[Mahlich cuts the man's cheek, then all the asylum seekers and the skinheads get into a rumble]
[Yaron gets herded along with the skinheads into a police van]
Yaron: You got the wrong guy! No, no, no, journalist! I am a fucking journalist!
[Yaron is riding in a police van with the skinheads with Mahlich feeling a bloody ear lobe]
Yaron: Earrings not so fun to fight in, huh?
Mahlich: [To Yaron, in English] You look like a Jew.
Yaron: Are you saying I'm a Jew?
Mahlich: I said, you look like a Jew.
Anna: Den mund halten! (The mouth halting)
Yaron: What's that?!
Anna: That was shut up!
[All the skinheads pile out the police van]
Yaron: What happens now?!
Mahlich: Nothing!
Yaron: What do you mean; "nothing"?!
Mahlich: [In German] Thanks boys!
Anna: [In German] Don't, "Thanks boys" me you pathetic little shit. I'd have have you falling up and down the stairs all night long. [Mahlich inserts a middle finger in his mouth and then holds it up.]
Police officer: [In German] Anna, stay cool. [Then manhandles her away]
Yaron: [In English] Excuse me, can I talk to you? I'm a journalist, I'd like to ask you some questions? How can I get ahold of you?
Anna: [In English] Are you with them?
Yaron: No, well, sort of, yeah.
Anna: Well, then, no talk. [She gets back in the police van and they drive away]
Yaron: This what they do? Drive you to the edge of town and let you go?
Mahlich: Yeah, sometimes. There are some good guys, but not the bitch.
Yaron: No, not the bitch.
Mahlich: She uh, she does not come, I think. I just said to you man.
Yaron: Not as a rule, where you from?
Mahlich: The other side of town, whole other shit.
Yaron: What are you doing?
Mahlich: Putting it right. What are you doing here?
Yaron: Looking for you.
Mahlich: I am Mahlich.
Yaron: Nice to meet you Mahlich.
Mahlich: You are?
Yaron: Ron. Ron Furey.
Mahlich: Like, uh, like rage?
Yaron: Yeah. Like rage.
[Yaron is in a beer house with the skinheads and on the phone with his editor]
Yaron: Jay, Jay, it's me. Hello, can you hear me? I want the editor. Jay, yeah, it's me.
Jay: I got your message. What do you mean, you're not coming home? The flight is paid for.
Yaron: I got arrested.
Jay: What? Where are you? Are you in a bar?
Yaron: I got unarrested.
Jay: Huh, are you- are you there? Hello? You?
Yaron: [Gestures acknowledgingly to Mahlich] Listen, Jay, yeah, I'm here. I need another day. Don't hang up. This story has legs like a giraffe! Listen, I need a press pass. Okay, in the name of break this down, down in the name of Ron Fury, F-U-R-Y.
Jay: I'm not paying you anymore money.
Yaron: Listen, listen, Jay.
Jay: You stop jerking my chain. I mean, when did you ever get a heart on about covering a story...
Yaron: No.
Jay: Just get on the plane, come back to LA, finish your story and take your check, end of conversation.
Yaron: Thank you so much Jay. I'm a fucking professional, I'mma hang up! [Hangs up]
Mahlich: [Yaron sits at their table] So, you're uh, a journalist, yeah? What do you write? Do you write politics?
Yaron: Write all kinds of things. Politics, movies. Write for all kinds of papers, magazines.
Mahlich: The newspapers in America, they're all run by Jews, no?
Yaron: Not the ones I work for, baby.
[Maxi speaks German] Fuck, man...
Mahlich: Maxi here wants to know if you like the nigger music.
Maxi: [Starts singing] When I woke up this morning, I gotta get kill me some Jews...
Yaron: Priceless. [Maxi speaks German]
Mahlich: He says; you look like a Turk.
Yaron: Tell him, he looks like a dog's asshole.
Mahlich: Maxi, you know, he's our little hero. He was in Croatia, many of us, going to Croatia, you know?
Yaron: What for?
Mahlich: Uh, for the scuba diving! To fight the Serbs of course! How it fucking sounds, yeah? You don't like The Reich and the Croatians, are like that, yeah? In the Second World War, the Croatians, they help to burn all the Jews and the, uh, Gypsies, they're good guys. Well, maybe, we put you out to Gunther.
Yaron: Gunther, Gunther.
Mahlich: Gunther is an old guy, but good. You know, he is always saying, Come on, Germany, wake up, each here's another generation. Another angle on the problem.
[Yaron approaches Khadir leaving outside police station]
Khadir: Conversation was a little interrupted.
Yaron: They rough you up in there?
Khadir: Usually.
Yaron: I've been out drinking all night with the skinheads. The police just let them go, by the side of the road.
Khadir: That happens.
Yaron: They took me to this bar. Those guys, some of the things that comes out of their mouths, un-fucking-believable. Listen here, my editor wants me to just file the story and go home. I can't do that. This isn't just a piece of copy anymore. You know, I got to find my way through this somehow
Khadir: My friend, you're a Jew.
Yaron: They don't know that.
Khadir: It is dangerous.
Yaron: I was thinking, I get, you know killed in any kind of way, there's some people I'd like you to call for me. [Yaron inserts a fold of paper in Khadir's breast pocket]
Khadir: Here on, you can only get killed one sort of way.
Yaron: That's true.
Khadir: Listen, you want a cup of coffee?
Yaron: Some other time, I got to meet this guy named Gunther Fisher and I got to cleaned up. You ever heard of him?
Khadir: Everybody's heard of Gunther Fisher.
[A German shepherd dog greets Yaron at Gunther's front door]
Gunther: Hi Ron, this is Armin.
Yaron: Hello, Armin.
Gunther: Relax, he only bites children.
Gunther: You like to see my medals?
Yaron: Of course.
Gunther: They all do. Them journalists.
[Gunther shows Yaron his military parade uniform]
Yaron: Is it authentic?
Gunther: In every detail.
Yaron: Do you ever wear it?
Gunther: Only on special occasions and my birthday, whenever I choose to have a birthday. [Chuckles]
Yaron: Gunther, may I call you Gunther?
Gunther: Yeah, it's my name.
Yaron: Why are you showing me all this? Surely it could be dangerous.
Gunther: Armin decided not to bite you and his opinion is good enough for me. Besides, I know someone who knows someone who says this uh, Ron Furey may look like a Turkish gigolo but he drinks like a white man.
Yaron: Yeah, you bet
Gunther: I'm now in a mood to spread the gospel. Would you like to chat with me.
Yaron: Pleasure.
Gunther: Do you speak German by the way?
Yaron: No, no, I should be able to, my father grew up in Berlin, he could hardly speak English. You know Berlin?
Gunther: Your father is German?
Yaron: Yeah. And my grandmother. [Gunther puts out hand to shake]
Gunther: Welcome Ron. Welcome home. [Gunther pats Yaron's hand]
[Meets little boy at door]
Gunther: Hello little man. Shooting Indians? No? [Boy's mother comes to door] Hello, dear? How are you?
Boy's mother: I know you.
Gunther: Everybody knows me. Are you interested?
Boy's mother: You're a disgrace. Go to hell. [She grabs son and closes door]
Gunther: Well, silly woman, all she's got to do is read. We can help people like her. We people like me.
Yaron: How can you help her?
Gunther: We can stop an immigrant getting a husband's job. [Rings a doorbell and an elderly woman comes to the door] Hello dear!
Elderly woman: Wait a minute. [She turns around]
Yaron: What if an immigrant answers the door?
Gunther: Then I give him a leaflet. Everybody wants the immigrants to go home. We want the immigrants to want it too. That's civilized politics.
[A tall young man comes to the door]
Young man: [To Yaron] Hey, I saw you last night at the beer hall. With Mahlich, do you remember?
Yaron: Oh yes. [Young man puts a cash donation in Gunther's breast pocket and pats him on the shoulder] What if the immigrants like it here? Why do they think Germany is a great place to live here?
Gunther: Well, we enlighten them,
Yaron: With a kicking?
Gunther: No, no, that is the skinheads way. Not mine. [Gunther gives Yaron a you-should-know-better look]
[They walk up steps to a rooftop to a view of the shipping container terminal]
Gunther: Look Ron, what do you see?
Yaron: The port.
Gunther: Germany, a crippled giant, Ron. People think Germany, oh yes, beaten in the war, but the beating goes on. We must pay our reparations to the Jews until the year 2000. Five billion Deutsch marks a year. Germany persecuted foreigners therefore Germany therefore Germany must be forced to accept foreigners. Forced to embrace the filthy garbage of the world. Kiss it on the lips, if Germany gets diseases, that's too bad. It's too hard to bear. It gives me a pain in my heart. [Young man of the door approaches from behind]
Young man of the door: Hey American. You're right about movies. Want to see a movie right now?
Gunther: Please. I have three blocks waiting for the scriptures.
Yaron: Sure.
Young man of the door: Let's go.
[Young man is handing out tissues in the theatre]
Yaron: Thank you
Young man of the door: Good movie, very good. Enjoy.
[Movie begins with archival footage of the Nuremberg rally then a motorcycle gang who chase down, capture and sexually assault a young woman, Yaron notices men on sides of him masturbating]
[Yaron is in Los Angeles at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in the office of Dean Rabbi Marvin Hier]
Yaron: I saw an Indian immigrant get pissed on and this his face sliced. And then I saw the Nazi thugs who did it set free by the police, then I saw a movie, a documentary style movie in which a little girl is raped and then a broken bottle is rammed up her backside and then her throat is slit. These people are fucking savages I tell you.
Dean assistant: Mr. Svoray, do you know how many people come into this office, sit in that chair and tell Rabbi Hier and myself that they just saw Adolph Hitler heading downtown on a bus and can they please have ten thousand dollars to go catch him and something. You're commissioned to get a story.
Yaron: That's right.
Dean assistant: You've got your story.
Yaron: That's right.
Dean assistant: You end your story and you get paid.
Yaron: That's wrong.
Dean assistant: Okay, this is the part I don't understand.
Yaron: I don't hit it in because I told the editor to go fuck himself hence.
Dean Rabbi Hier: Look, ever since the wall came down, we've been warning Germany that the far-right would thrive, we warned Russia, Italy and Switzerland and you're not telling us anything we don't know, Mr. Furey.
Yaron: The point is I find myself in a position to do something about it, and I need some help
[Dean, assistant and Yaron having lunch in a conference room]
Dean assistant: Freaks and psychos are always going to happen. There's always going to be some kids who shave their heads, grow their hair, whatever, go out on a Friday night and beat the hell out of someone because they're weaker than they are. One of the things we try to do here at the center is see that these guys are marginalized. Try to ensure that their behavior is recognized by the world as weird and dangerous.
Yaron: So, you don't want the skinheads.
Dean Rabbi Hier: When it comes to Germany, we want the middle class.
Yaron: The middle classes.
Dean Rabbi Hier: Yes, the thinking people that say nothing in public and might do very little in private but if a legitimate party came along and said we'll kick the filthy immigrants out of this country they'd vote for it. We need to pinpoint the Neo-Nazis pose him as respectable citizens. Those are the people we want Yaron. Those are the people that made the holocaust. You find a way to them.
[Yaron has arrived back at Gunther's front door]
Gunther: Ron! My own friend! Hey how have you been keeping!
Yaron: Gunther. I haven't been completely honest with you.
[In the parlor and Gunther gets them both drinks]
Yaron: Who do you think I am?
Gunther: Oh, I think I know who you are. You're my friend.
Yaron: Well, guess what. I'm more than your friend. You see, I didn't really come here to write a story at all. What I came here to do is research. I represent some people in America who are sympathetic to what you are doing. Very sympathetic. And they have money to spend. Do you understand what I'm saying? I want your help. I want us to work together on this one. [Gunther starts laughing]
[Yaron is in his hotel room on the phone with Khadir]
Yaron: Not as far as I know. Listen, I'm back in town and I'm working for a new boss another magazine. The Wiesenthal Center. They want me to go undercover. Find the real Nazis... I won't get caught they love me. Greed has made them blind Khadir. Gunther's already arrange me to meet some of his middle class supporters. I will listen. The Wiesenthal Center gave me this in case I frisked. I want to test it. I want you to count to twenty then whisper then hang up the phone. Will you do that for me? Buddy. [Takes an undercover wire transmitter into shower stall]
Khadir: If you're still alive tomorrow, I'll buy you a drink, good luck.
[Yaron is at a party in Hamburg and Gunther has taken him to a room with a very old man who gives him a glass and pours him wine and Yaron begins to drink]
Gunther: They drank from it the night they tried to bomb him. Just think your lips have touched where Hitler's lips have touched. I want you to tell your children you have kissed The Führer.
[Yaron is then vigorously washing his mouth out in his hotel bathroom sink and someone knocks on the door]
Yaron: Just a little jet lag Gunther, I'll be alright.
[Yaron is at a cafe with Khadir]
Yaron: It's hard to believe these sort of people still exist.
Khadir: Hatred still runs deep here but its not everybody. You can't blame a whole nation. The Germans are not an evil people. If I thought that they were, I would not have brought my family to live here, and I would not stay here as I am going to because I am not a quitter. We are taught love them that hate you, but it is hard to love them that you hate.
Yaron: I didn't know that you were a christian, Khadir. [Khadir takes a sip of a tea cup, saying "trust' and Yaron follows suit]
[Yaron leaves the cafe and is approached by Mahlich and skinheads]
Mahlich: Fresh out, but you know any hours I was a breath of Turks in it is good air. So Ron, you get back yesterday and you still haven't said hello. What are you doing in this place?
Yaron: I was having a cup of coffee.
Mahlich: I bet they overcharge you. Why don't you pay for your own coffee?
Yaron: Nothing. Too much. [Mahlich and his skinhead thugs then proceed to enter the café and assault the patrons and trash the establishment]
[Yaron is at the police station with Anna at a desk]
Anna: So what is your statement?
Yaron: Those skinheads you saw me with the other day, they attacked a friend of mine. I think they blinded him.
Anna: Your name?
Yaron: Did you hear what I just said?
Anna: Perfectly.
Yaron: Did you hear what I said? My name is Ron Furey. [He spells his name out] I'm Israeli. I've been working undercover for the Wiesenthal Center.
[Yaron is riding with Anna in her vehicle]
Anna: What you saw was terrible, but I can do nothing.
Yaron: Excuse me, but cops arrest bad guys. I mean am I missing something here? What am I missing here?
Anna: Yes, because the really bad guys, I cannot get at them. I can arrest skinheads till I am red in the face but I cannot stop fascism, because I cannot arrest people's minds. People who shake their heads at the television set when there is violence but inside they go yes, go on, beat those blacks, burn those Turks, but they say nothing, they commit no crime. I cannot touch them but you can Yaron, You are digging right into them. Please don't blow your cover for a bunch of skinheads. Your hotel. [She parks in front of his hotel]
Yaron: Blue in the face.
Anna: What?
Yaron: Arrest them till you are blue in the face.
[Yaron is at a phone booth at a dock in a Hamburg canal]
Yaron: Hello Hier Rabbi, it's me, your own, what's happening. Are you alright? No, no, I'm not. People are getting hurt here and I have to get to the big guns and I'm stuck. I'm stuck with the shit for brains and the creeps with the relics. I gotta move up in the world baby, okay? Meaning what?
Hier Rabbi: ...the outfit and we want it. We want names now while we put our money somewhere else. Start going through up a little, make him do the legwork, fix you up with a classy date.
[Yaron is at a garden with Gunther meeting Bielert]
Bielert: Deadhead. I think, in English. The analogy of prunier tree is a useful one.
Yaron: Hack off the niggers for a healthy state, huh? [Shoulder nudges Gunther]
Bielert: [He speaks German to Gunther who then walks away] I was under the impression that you were disillusioned with this kind of coarseness. What was it Montana said, "Even if I had the power to inspire fear, I would still prefer to make myself loved".
Yaron: You were so outspoken you've gotten your party banned. The people I loved respond to that now. Are you going to talk some business here or are you going to dick around here with the flowers?
Bielert: Who is your American sponsor?
Yaron: That's confidential! [Bielert nods stoically] I represent the publisher of a magazine.
Bielert: What magazine?
Yaron: The Right Way.
Bielert: [He chuckles] I like this name. [He starts walking and Yaron follows] Very clever! Never heard it of course!
Yaron: We're new!
Bielert: You have a coffee?
Yaron: Of course! Not on me I mean, I can get you.
Bielert: Now, tell me something. I have money to spend. Who am I going to spend it on?
[Bielert is at his house on his computer]
Bielert: There are 15 other right wing organizations. So Nationalist Front is the best and of course I would say that wouldn't I? You know what this is?
Yaron: A bulletin board. [Bielert pulls up a game entitled Auschwitz Manager] What's this?
Bielert: Auschwitz Manager. Uh, it's a bit of nonsense for the children. You have to herd all those Jews into the gas chambers. Kids love it. They swapped them at school, wonderful.
Yaron: And they get a history lesson.
Bielert: Not history, Mr. Furey, fairy tales, disease and exaggeration, the two essential ingredients of the holocaust myth, but see this. Electronic mail. With this we can broadcast our message to users all over the world. Children who never pick up a book drink up this stuff.
Yaron: Fabulous.
Bielert: And it is the future. Most important resource.
Yaron: Who are these people?
Bielert: The membership of the Nationalist Front. Seven thousand members. Nine thousand sympathisers. We are a dominant organization
Yaron: What kind of people are they?
Bielert: The kind of people who care about the future of Germany.
Yaron: Is there are a leader?
Bielert: Uh, we have an arrangement with a certain person, but when the time comes, he will accept our invitation and take the reins.
Yaron: What's his name?
Bielert: We are having a rally. Why don't you join us?
Yaron: So we can talk about him.
Bielert: You'd like to win don't you, Mr. Furey?
Yaron: Ernst, come one, I'm a gift horse. Don't waste time looking in my mouth.
Bielert: His name is Creutz.
[Yaron is riding with Gunther and his wife to a complex gate in the forest]
Gunther: ...Said I'd like to tickle your ass with a feather. I just check our papers with immigration. One minute, and don't let Ingrid bore you with a yak yak. [Yaron watches Gunther walk up to officials]
Yaron: I actually like your husband.
Ingrid: So do I, that is why I married him.
Yaron: I had no idea you could speak English.
Ingrid: Never assume habitual silence equals ignorance, Mr. Furey.
Gunther: Hey Ron, Rembrandt, thank you.
Yaron: [Takes out a camera] One of you and the boys. [Gunther poses with other associates]
Yaron: [Walks up to Dieter conversing with a colleague] Because we are new here, tell our associate that if he's concerned about me being a Mossad, then he's very welcome to inspect my foreskin. [Guests laugh] Mr. Furey representing Italian America
Bielert: I'm telling him who you are.
Randolph: Welcome.
Bielert: Mr. Randolph wonders if you could tell us a little bit about your American sponsors.
Yaron: Sponsor. Single. Remarkable individual with a passionate respect for this country and a whole lot of cash.
Bielert: Oh, and the name of this gentleman?
Yaron: I'll hang onto that if you don't mind.
Bielert: I don't mind Mr. Furey but if you wish to play at this level, you have to bring something special to this game.
Yaron: Half a million dollars isn't special?
Bielert: It's interesting. He would like to go outside and enjoy his entertainment for a while. Leave this with me. [Yaron and Gunther walk away]
Gunther: I want to show you something special. Okay, special, something very special to me and the party. Welcome back.
Yaron: What are these?
Gunther: These are Runic symbols. The ancient language of the Germanic people. Our people. Five words. From the top to the bottom they read; race, land, state, honor, work. [Announcer introduces leader]
Yaron: Is this who I think it is?
Gunther: That is Dieter Creutz
Yaron: I understand everything.
Bielert: [Walks up from behind] Mr. Creutz would like to meet with you next week, but on one condition.
Yaron: What's that?
Bielert: Just bring your millionaire.
[At the Wiesenthal Centre]
Abe: Half a million dollars and the millionaire.
Yaron: Hey, come on.
Abe: Thank your lucky stars. You know you could have said 20 million.
Yaron: I'm not complaining.
Abe: I'm thinking out loud, there's a difference Yaron. [To a colleague] Is that ready yet? This is Aaron Breitbart, our senior researcher.
Colleague: It's uh, tested and working.
Abe: Great, put it upon my desk downstairs, okay.
Yaron: What is?
Abe: A dead phone. A line that goes nowhere except to the offices of the Right Way. That is here. In case anyone in Germany gets curious and looks up the number in the international directory, where they will find it.
Yaron: I'm impressed.
Abe: Don't be. Just try to finish the job without getting killed. Get me the evidence of Creutz taking the money. That'll put him in jail. There's 50 other guys like him just waiting to bust in the bedroom and tell him he's the next Führer. We can't nail 50 guys but we get one, the other 49 don't sleep so well. Creutz is the icing on the cake Yaron, all we need is the evidence, can you get it?
Yaron: Sure. can you get me a millionaire?
Abe: Here's the one that ought to do the job. [Opens door to someone tapping at computer, who looks up and says, oh, hi] With a little preparation.
Abe: So, Eaton, this is uh, basically a private income.
Ricky: My parents had land in Montana.
Abe: Uh, farmland?
Ricky: Cattle, fruit, vegetables. On my vacations from school, I first got to talking with the clan, you know, I went to a few rallies.
Abe: Fruit, vegetables is good. Carrots, beets. Yeah, your own is a dead phone. Don't play with that please, Yaron.
Ricky: I don't have a kike name.
Abe: Good boy, you'll have to be that smart, Ricky. So tell me Mr. Eaton, why Germany, why not spend your money in America?
Ricky: I'm glad you asked that question.
Abe: We're eager to know the answer.
Ricky: Well, the problem with America is that all the races are intermingled, nothing's pure. But Germany is the source. It's the fountainhead of modern fascism. It's my dream to unleash that flow in our lifetime.
Yaron: It's very good. Ricky, get me a coke will you?
Ricky: Yeah, okay. Shit, shit! Just get it yourself Ryan.
Yaron: Ron.
Ricky: Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! I just need some time that's all okay? I just need a little bit of time.
Yaron: We don't have alot of time Abe, I'm sorry. It's not gonna.
Abe: Let me explain something. It is gonna work because the two of you are gonna make it work. Rick Eaton here knows more about the history of Nazism than anybody in this room. [Yaron gets up and puts hand on Ricky's shoulder]
Yaron: Rabbi, the guy wants to marry my daughter. I kiss every cheek in his body. No way is he a fascist millionaire three days from now. [He walks out of the room]
Abe: Start again.
[Yaron, Hier, Abe and Ricky are watching Dieter Creutz on television]
Yaron: I can't believe it, can you trust this guy? He was practically biting the heads off of chickens, Professor Dieter Creutz.
Abe: Video correspondence course.
Hier: Subject intellectual and physical development of the European caucasian. 100 percent lighter than white. A lot of people are going to be very surprised.
Ricky: It's a great honor, Hier.
[Yaron had noticed that a colleague has answered a call on the dead phone]
Colleague: ...but not all if you were interested, that would be fantastic. I have Mr. Mark Weber personally on the line. He says he might consider writing an article for us. I was just talking to my editor. I'm sure he could arrange favorable terms if you will, then we'll be in touch. Right. Goodbye. [Hangs up] Mark Weber.
Hier: Who's Weber. Whatever did he want?
Colleague: He wanted to know all about the Right Way.
Yaron: Who's Mark Weber?
Hier: Mark Weber, is one of my big time fascists. He's in bed with Willis Carter, a real foaming at the mouth holocaust denier. He's an American living in America and he knows about the Right Way.
Yaron: How I only told Bielert.
Hier: Exactly.
Abe: There's a hotline. It's proof. Direct contact between Neo-Nazi Germany and American hate organizations.
[Gunther is tying his tie in his house]
Yaron: Gunther. You look fine.
Gunther: Can you see this place where I have no hair here. [Points to top of head]
Yaron: You have plenty of hair. Please, tell ne, where are we going?
Gunther: Uh, it's a hotel. It's very nice ther. Bielert called me, I wrote it down here, now your appointment is at three o'clock. It will take you two hours to get there. Are you sure Mr. Eaton wants to see me in my home, have we got time?
Yaron: Gunther, I've asked Mr. Eaton to see you especially he goes to meet Mr. Creutz, I've got to. I've told them all about you. I've told them you are my friend. [Gunther then hugs Yaron passionately]
[Gunther walks out of house up to Ricky in vehicle]
Gunther: If the noose fits. Now to drive drive drive. Want to cancel Mr. Eaton?
Ricky: I was born ready.
[Gunther is presenting a box of memory items and Ricky holds up a German cross medal]
Ricky: On the front, yeah? Yeah, Ron told me about this. Ah, it's marvelous. That's just marvelous. You've done here very well, Mr. Fisher to keep these lovely treasures for future generations to cherish.
Gunther: Thank you, thank you Mr. Eaton.
Ricky: As a matter of fact, I have something for you as well. It's a small gesture of fraternity. [Hands Gunther a package of wool baby booties]
Gunther: Booties. You say booties? Look at the soles. Look there underneath. [Gunther turns them over and reveals swastikas] But these are so rare.
Ricky: As rare as my admiration for you and the good work you do for your country.
[Yaron and Ricky are driving]
Yaron: Nazi fucking booties?!
Ricky: Oh, it was inspired. These Nazi guys worship relics. Providence of the relic is frankly immaterial.
Yaron: Oh, you knit them yourselves, Mr. Eaton?
Ricky: They're real.
Yaron: What?
Ricky: They're real. I got them from the archives. Well, if you prefer I didn't improvise.
Yaron: I would prefer you not to improvise. There she is. [Yaron pulls up along Anna's vehicle and they both roll down windows] This is Anna.
Ricky: Hi.
Yaron: You look fabulous.
Anna: I must be insane because I caught me doing this I would be arrest myself.
Yaron: Did you get it? [Anna holds up a camcorder] This is where we're going. [He presents a fold of paper from jacket].
Anna: I hope they're going to pick up the tab.
[They drive to a palatial countryside hotel]
Yaron: Rick, what? Give him hell with the root vegetables.
Bielert: Ricky Eaton.
Ricky: Pleased to meet you sir.
Bielert: Your pleasant journey tolerable.
Ricky: Are we early?
Bielert: Not at all. Creutz is waiting for us upstairs. Yes, we have a private room.
Ricky: What did you say your name was?
Bielert: Bielert. [They walk up stairs with Anna watching and Yaron turns his head to her and she raises hands as if expecting instruction]
[They enter room with man drinking a spirit neat and they all sit at the table]
Bielert: Opposite.
Ricky: That's lovely.
Bielert: First, we must have a little chat. [Drinking man draws a WWII vintage pistol and points it at Yaron's head, poking a cheek]
Ricky: What the hell?!
Bielert: He's feeling shit.
Yaron: There is back everything's okay here. Okay.
Man: Name?
Yaron: My name is Ron Furey.
Man: Liar.
Yaron: His name is Richard Eaton.
Man: Liar. Your name.
Yaron: I'm gonna count to three.
Bielert: This was not my plan.
Yaron: I understand what's going on here but this behavior is inappropriate. If the gun is not out of my face by that time, I will seriously having to advise Mr. Eaton not to sponsor your cause.
Man: Name. [Yaron snatches gun out of man's hand]
Bielert: Just a minute, this is a terrible misunderstanding. [Yaron points hand at Bielert's chest]
Yaron: You. Shut the fuck up.
Bielert: Mr. Furey please. Everything is quite alright here.
Yaron: Bill and everything is not quite fucking alright if you really want to know.
Bielert: Oh, please keep your voice down.
Yaron: What are we, married or something? You get some scene I'll jerk off to. Stick a gun to my head. You're coming to keep my voice down. Never I repeat never is Mr. Eaton with such animal disrespect.
Bielert: He wants to meet Mr. Eaton.
Yaron: Oh really, Mr. Ersnt. I'll tell you something. Maybe Mr. Eaton is not so keen on respect anymore.
[Yaron wakes up in hotel room by phone and answers it]
Ernst: How can I begin to apologize?
Yaron: Great.
Ernst: I merely asked Bielert to be circumspect. I had no idea there was going to be that frightful business with an old in in the seal and his damn gun.
Yaron: I'm sure he didn't.
Ernst: I really would like to make amends with both yourself Mr. Eaton. Too silly to fall out before we've even met don't you think. Now I know an excellent place for a discreet get little get-together. Have you a pen.
Yaron: No, Ernst, you want to meet Mr. Eaton.
Ernst: You get a pen.
[Yaron bursts into Ricky's room]
Yaron: We've got him! Ah yeah, we got the bastard! This time we get it on tape this time and I tell you this for a free one. This is over, I pull out my passport like this. I say it runs for a Jew. See Israeli Jew. She was gonna kick your Nazi ass all the way to jail, can't wait to see the look on that bitch.
[Yaron is on camera at the hotel]
Yaron: Eeny meeny miney mo, catch a Nazi by the toe. Three, four Nazis at the door.
[Dieter Creutz arrives and shakes hands]
Dieter: I'm not a very punctual species. Nevertheless, we here all are on my ground. Nowhere so private is somewhere that is entirely so public. Oh, so safe.
Ricky: Provided of course, somebody doesn't stick a gun in your face. [Dieter starts laughing and Ricky laughs along] America look to you gentleman, for inspiration. Make no mistake about it. America is under siege. Moral fabric of this country is disintegrating. Half the population doesn't even speak English. Half, that's not rhetoric. That's a statistic. Every time I turn on my television, which isn't often, but every time I turn it on, what do I see? Black faces. I don't want to see black faces on my television. I don't want to see black faces in my country. We look to you gentlemen, it is your duty, to get your affairs in order. [Starts speaking German] "If the only way is blood and chaos, so be it". [In English] Now see, I've shocked you. See that shocked, tonight I've gone too far.
Dieter: Mr. Eaton, on the contrary, I am beside myself. This is precisely what I teach my more intelligent students, Uh, in the privacy of my rooms and with consenting adults, of course. [Ricky reaches for a box and sets it on table, opens it to reveal two bundles of cash]
Ricky: A financial contribution. It's uh, token of solidarity I assume you have the apparatus to process foreign currency.
Dieter: I am not interested in money for myself Mr. Eaton.
Ricky: Oh, if you were, I wouldn't give you any. [Ricky starts laughing and Dieter laughs along] well uh, it's "a taste" so to say. I want to see how you spend this. Just a minute. I've told you what I believe in what I want. But I'm not quite certain in what it is that you want. Be as specific as you can.
Dieter: The only two ways for the right wing to come to power in this country by force or by stealth. Now force does have it's charms, but as a method I reject it, tells is more expedient I mean, that is why I have never belonged to any of the more extreme organizations. Have a more sensible, I am an academic. When the time comes, my attachment to the cause will reassure the middle class sympathizers but this is the work for tomorrow.
Ricky: And what is the work of today?
Dieter: To prepare, to organize the tools for the job, computer, telephones, communication technology, but we also need the men who are fit to operate those tools.
Ricky: Your grooming your students for power for uh, ministerial positions.
Dieter: But above all, for obedience to the policy.
Ricky: Define the policy.
Dieter: Uh, and dedication to a comprehensive program of ethnic purification to uh, the ceiling of all borders, against future infiltration by immigrants. [Leans forward] Make no mistake Mr. Eaton. The right will come to power discreetly, but they will not be coy, in the execution of that power.
Ricky: I like the sound of this earthquakes. I'd like it very much. Oh, my checkbook's burning a hole in my pocket. [They all laugh] I can't wholeheartedly endorse endeavors of this party. [Anna has realised the battery is dead in the surveillance equipment] Fax me a shopping list, the hardware, training equipment, whatever. You have my numbers in Los Angeles. In the meantime, enjoy your tutorials.
Yaron: Gentlemen, with Mr. Eaton's permission, [He gets up and reaches behind his pants to pull out his Israeli passport] There's something I'd like to tell say. I've been waiting a long time for this moment. And I want to tell you... [Puts passport back in pocket] how filled with pride, I am at this moment, and I think I speak for Mr. Eaton when I say that, I do. [Sits back down]
Ricky: Catastrophe. Is that the word I'm looking for, hmm?
Anna: It'll do.
Yaron: It is not a catastrophe. We have pictures of the guy taking money.
Anna: Silent pictures.
Ricky: All right, it's not a catastrophe. It's a glitch.
Yaron: Ricky, do me a favor, sit down okay? You're making me nervous, stop acting like such a putz. [Yaron answers a phone] Yo. Oh, Cooper. [He goes into the bathroom]
Ricky: Oh, I don't think I can go through this again. All this time I had this overwhelming urge to give myself away. Not him, boy, eat drink sleep dream Nazi. It's awesome.
Anna: What is a putz?
Ricky: Ah, uh, right. It's an organ.
Anna: In church? [Yaron bursts out of the bathroom]
Yaron: Go, go, quick, where's his room?
Anna: Across the hall. Go to straight ahead all the time.
Ricky: Why are you pushing me?
Yaron: I'm pushing. Shut up, go go go...
[Yaron pulls paper from fax machine]
Yaron: Shopping list, live from L.A. Phones and computers for the Fourth Reich. Bielert wanted it waiting for you on desk when you got home. The greedy bastard.
Ricky: My god.
Yaron: Soliciting for an illegal organization. That's breaking the law. It's on paper. The Nationalist Front is officially fucked in the ass, technical term.
Ricky: Yes, yes, yes. So I am the funkiest goddamned fascist millionaire in town or what?! [He drinks in celebration]
[Rabbi Hier is swarmed by reporters on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building]
Rabbi Hier: The evidence we presented before Congress this afternoon detailed the undercover work performed on behalf of the visitor's center by Iran's foreign. We have demonstrated that there are no less than 16 Neo-Nazi organizations flourishing in Germany. Several of these organizations are in direct communication with racial extremists and Nazis in the United States. We are leaving for Germany tomorrow and will present this report to the German police and to the office for the protection of The Constitution. Thank you.
[Military police escorts convoy transporting the delegate to a military headquarter]
Official: As I have I think already said, we are most grateful for the information you provided. It will be collated, examined and were appropriate, subject to further inquiry.
Abe: Well, we're most excited that you are most grateful.
Rabbi Hier: We believe that all of the material presented today is worthy of further inquiry. In many cases, prosecution.
Female official: The problem is the foreign information Mr. S. has gathered does not tell you with our own intelligence. For instance, he estimates the active membership of the Nationalist Front as being.
Rabbi Hier: You heard it clearly on the tape, seven thousand.
Abe: Mr. Svoray was shown a list of the membership.
Female official: So it's unable to get a hard
Abe: We suggest that figure is incorrect.
Female official: Our intelligence source on this matter is impeccable.
Official: Your source is mistaken. They are anxious not to persecute the innocent
Rabbi Hier: We know all about the persecution of the innocent on this side of the tablet that is why we exist. We didn't come her to put innocent people behind bars.
Official: As you are well aware, the laws controlling and protecting the constitution of this country are stronger than anywhere else.
Rabbi Hier: Yes indeed, and they come roaring into action whenever there are left-wing activists to be suppressed. But you're somehow reluctant to enforce the law when it's Neo-Nazis.
Official: Discussion has been most interesting and my part I should like to leave you with these documents with which you maybe familiar. They summarize the federal government's measures against the political extremism.
Rabbi Hier: Oh yes, I saw one of these in my last visits to Germany in a post office. I had in my mind a special task force to fight fascism. Holocaust Education Program, a tolerance centre, we are the ticket that this is the federal government's official response to our report.
Official: You may take it how you wish Rabbi.
Yaron: You know why I did this, your own, you know I did this, I'm a Jew.
Official: Yes, we know your a Jew.
Yaron: I was born in Israel, I live in America. But you know what my blood is? German. My grandfather fought in the trenches fighting for the Kaiser. This is my father's home. He read me Friedrich Schiller when I was a kid. Bored me stupid with stories of the old country. When my father tries to speak Hebrew, he sounds like Donald Duck's psychiatrist uncle, he's a German. I didn't do this to make a buck. wave a flag for the Jews. I did this because this country is part of who I am. And there's something very wrong here which you know about and I about it and it is goddamn difficult to fight. I wanted to help, I want to help, because it's impossible that fascism get a hold here again but it's happening and if it's happening here, it's happening everywhere
Female official: The rally you attended. [Makes Nazi salute] To do this you know it is illegal. You are prepared to testify that you saw certain individuals do this.
Yaron: Of course.
Female official: Gunther Fischer.
Yaron: There are far worse than Gunther Fischer.
Female official: There are creeps out there Mr. Svoray. We are talking about Gunther Fischer. Will you testify in court against Gunther Fischer?
Yaron: Yes.
[Yaron and Gunther are walking in a park]
Yaron: There's no easy way, to um, is not a dignified way to say what I have to say so I'm just going to tell you okay. I just wanted you to know that I've always liked you very much and you very much. We've been real friends. [Points to ducks]
Gunther: Look at the ducks! Enjoying themselves!
Yaron: I am a Jew. A German Jew.
[Gunther continues walking on ignoring him]
[Yaron sits down near Khadir at the piano]
Yaron: Khadir, I'm very sorry. At least a lot of dangerous people are going to be arrested you know. Maybe.
Khadir: Yeah, thanks. I am the German police federation. I know how to do my job. If there were Nazis operating in my country, I would know about it.
Yaron: We were wrong to go public.
Khadir: You were wrong to forget the Germans are proud people.
Yaron: The state can't ignore this.
Khadir: Oh no, delay a little yes. So give them time.
Yaron: What do I know?
Khadir: Do you think you have succeeded you?
Yaron: Yes, for what it's worth.
Khadir: Don't say so; "for what it's worth". You are a nosy man. Make yourself hurt. [Gets up and walks away]
Yaron: Khadir, those guys beat you because of me, you know that don't you? I could have helped you but I chose not to. Can you forgive me?
Khadir: Give me time.
[Yaron walking in the street and comes across Mahlich]
Yaron: Are you alone?
Mahlich: I need no help for what I do to you.
[Yaron then walks by Mahlich who Mahlich then tries to strangle but only to be elbowed in the gut, and knocked to ground and whipped with a bicycle chain by Yaron]
Mahlich: [Lying on the ground] I am one of thousands, millions.
Yaron: Me too.


  • No one has ever been prosecuted based on the evidence presented by Yaron Svoray.
  • One year after the events, the German interior minister described the world of the far-right as a major internal threat to the country.
  • In 1994, around 82 right-wing extremist groups were active in Germany. In the previous three years, there were more than 6,000 cases of racially motivated violence.
  • More people than ever are members of racist groups in the United States.
  • There were about 300 active right-wing extremist groups there in 1995, including about 160 skinhead groups in 40 states.


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