The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

2002 Disney film directed by Bradley Raymond

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II is a 2002 American-French direct-to-video sequel to the 1996 Disney animated film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was produced by Walt Disney Animation Japan.

Dialogue edit

[first lines]
Parisian #1: Hey come back. Wait up.
Parisian #2: Oh, what a beautiful day. Good morning.

Sarousch: What are you doing now, my little cabbage?
Madellaine: Practicing.
Sarousch: Why strain yourself? Oh, did you find out where the monster keeps his bell, trinket?
Madellaine: He is not a monster, and I am not your trinket.
Sarousch: I mean to have that bell.
Madellaine: I want nothing more to do with your thefts.
Sarousch: Oh, really? And how will you survive out there, hmm? On your looks?
Madellaine: Quasimodo sees something you don't.
Sarousch: Oh, does he? Well, what if he were to have an unfortunate accident? [she falls off the rope into the ground, then Sarousch's gang grab her] I have to go up there with my men and do the hard way, the hunchback may get hurt.
Madellaine: No! You can't! You-- You wouldn't.
Sarousch: If you want him alive, then lure the bell-ringer away while I steal La Fidele. Lead him out of harm's way.

Madellaine: [sighs] You must think I'm stupid.
Quasimodo: Not at all. That just means you have an imagination.
Madellaine: Do you really think so?
Quasimodo: I do.
Madellaine: What's your name?
Quasimodo: Quasimodo.
Madellaine: Well, Quasimodo, wouldn't you like to come where I can see you?

Quasimodo: [after he and Madellaine find out that La Fidele has been stolen] Did you know about this?
Madellaine: I-I wanted to tell you, I tried.
Quasimodo: You used me!
Madellaine: No! Please!
Quasimodo: [mocking Madellaine] "Which one is La Fidele?" "Let-Let's go for a walk." You never cared about me!
Madellaine: [protesting] No, that is not true!
Quasimodo: [storming away] You were right.
Phoebus: [to Quasimodo, sympathetically] Quasi, I'm sorry. [to his guards] Take her away!
Madellaine: [chasing Quasimodo, who is still storming away back to Notre Dame] No! No, Quasi, please, just-just let me explain! [the guards capture her] Look at me! Quasimodo, just look at me! [without another word, Quasimodo slams the door]

Madellaine: Hmm, you mean hocus their pocus? Delusion their illusion? [giggles]
Quasimodo: Abra their cadabra?

Madellaine: [to Quasimodo] Quasimodo, he means it. He'll hurt Zephyr, but I know how we can save him. Please untie me.
Quasimodo: Why, so you can escape with Sarousch?

[Last lines]
Quasimodo: I love Madellaine!!
Madellaine: And I love Quasimodo!!

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  • Miracles Do Happen And True Love Can Come True

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