The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

2002 Disney film directed by Bradley Raymond

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II is a 2000 direct-to-video sequel to the 1996 Disney animated film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was produced by Walt Disney Animation Japan. Directed and Produced by Ron Howard. Music Composed by Carl Johnson.


  • Find some! Then I will.
  • I know you can.
  • Madellaine, don't grab the guitar. No, no-- [Madellaine grabs the guitar & plays the guitar] Oh, great.
  • Yeah. Yuck.
  • Now you can always see yourself through my eyes.
  • I love Madellaine!


  • He is not a monster and I am not your trinket.
  • (to Quasimodo) You have a way with kids.
  • Which one is La Fidele?
  • I h-h-have to go. I'm sorry.
  • [Plays the Guitar and Singing] Sing most someone ring the bells/Together ring the bells/No one taken away/Not everyone together ring the bells
  • A hush comes over the crowd as Madellaine begins her graceful trek.
  • Quasimodo, there's more to me.
  • And I love Quasimodo!
  • Thank you.
  • He's taken the bell underground.


  • They stole it! Dad was right. Come on! We got to find out where they're taking the bell.
  • You were making goo-goo eyes at your girlfriend.


  • (to Phoebus) The Catacombs. He could be using the Catacombs.
  • Someday you'll be ready. And when you are, you'll find her.
  • Hurry, Dajli, take us to him!


  • I love Esmeralda!
  • Zephyr, stay close. I don't want to lose you.
  • Wait a minute. A string of robberies begins the moment the circus comes to town? Coincidence? I don't think so.
  • I'll let you get back to yourself.


  • Oh, lovely.
  • I could kiss me but I'd fall in love.
  • What are you doing here?
  • Oh, it's true, Captain. And it's my fault!
  • You're a genius.
  • Well, what if he were to have an unfortunate accident?
  • All you need to do is to look pretty for him and he'll tell you what I need to know.
  • We didn't have anything go missing. Except some of my hair.


  • [to Quasimodo, Phoebus and Djali] Please don't kill me! I used less! La fidelle is gonna be stolen! Sarousch is gonna kill me! If he finds out.
  • That will be pressure. Misster Sarousch. [Whisper] Just hold on here.
  • And she made everything port to london.
  • [to Madelliane] I'm sorry Madelliane. But I am simply can't do it.


Hugo: Too bad there's only one of me to go around, eh?
Laverne: Ha! One is plenty, believe me.
Hugo: Ah, thanks. Hey! Was that a shot?
Laverne: Maybe.
Hugo: Take that back!
Laverne: No!
Hugo: Take that...
[Laverne punches him; he responds, muffled]
Hugo: back.

Madellaine: [sighs] You must think I'm stupid.
Quasimodo: Not at all. That just means you have an imagination.
Madellaine: Do you really think so?
Quasimodo: I do.
Madellaine: What's your name?
Quasimodo: Quasimodo.
Madellaine: Well, Quasimodo, wouldn't you like to come where I can see you?

Sarousch: What are you doing now, my little cabbage?
Madellaine: Practicing.
Sarousch: Why strain yourself? Oh, did you find out where the monster keeps his bell, trinket?
Madellaine: He is not a monster, and I am not your trinket.
Sarousch: I mean to have that bell.
Madellaine: I want nothing more to do with your thefts.
Sarousch: Oh, really? And how will you survive out there, hmm? On your looks?
Madellaine: Quasimodo sees something you don't.
Sarousch: Oh, does he? Well, what if he were to have an unfortunate accident? [she falls off the rope into the ground, then Sarousch's gang grab her] I have to go up there with my man and do the hard way, the hunchback may get hurt.
Madellaine: No! You can't! You-- You wouldn't.
Sarousch: If you want him alive, then lure the bell-ringer away while I steal La Fidele. Lead him out of harm's way.

Laverne: [as she, Hugo, and Victor try to encourage Quasi to see Madellaine] Get out there, sweetie!
Quasimodo: [whispering sqeakily] I-I-I can't! What might I say?
Victor: Open your mouth! Something will come out!
[Quasi stutters squeakily]
Hugo: Nothing came out.

Quasimodo: [after he and Madellaine find out that La fidele has been stolen] Did you know about this?
Madellaine: I-I wanted to tell you, I tried.
Quasimodo: You used me!
Madellaine: No! Please!
Quasimodo: [mocking Madellaine] "Which one is La Fidele?" "Let-Let's go for a walk." You never cared about me!
Madellaine: [to Phoebus, storming away] You were right.
Phoebus: Quasi, I'm sorry. [to his guards] Take her away!
Madellaine: [chasing Quasimodo, who is still storming away back to Notre Dame] No! No, Quasi, please, just-just let me explain! [the guards capture her]
Madellaine: Look at me! Quasimodo, just look at me! [without another word, Quasimodo slams the door]

Madellaine: Hmm, you mean hocus their pocus? Delusion their illusion? [giggles]
Quasimodo: Abra their cadabra?

Madellaine: [to Quasimodo] Quasimodo, he means it. He'll hurt Zephyr, but I know how we can save him. Please untie me.
Quasimodo: Why, so you can escape with Sarousch?


  • Miracles Do Happen And True Love Can Come True


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