The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996 film)

1996 American animated musical drama film

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a 1996 Disney animated film loosely based on Victor Hugo's classic novel of the same name. It's released by Walt Disney Feature Animation and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.

Directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. Written by Tab Murphy, Irene Mecchi, Bob Tzudiker, Noni White and Jonathan Roberts. Songs by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. Score Produced by Alan Menken.
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  • If I picked a day to fly, oh, this would be it! The Festival of Fools! It will be fun. The jugglers, and music, and dancing...
  • Thanks for the encouragement. But you're all forgetting one big thing. [Gargoyles: What?] My master, Frollo.
  • I'm sorry, master. I will never disobey you again.
  • At sunset, I ring the evening mass, and after that, I clean the kooisters, and then I ring the vespers, and-- [Esmerelda kisses him on the cheek] Whatever's good for you.
  • Look. I appreciate what you're all trying to do, but let's not fool ourselves. Ugliest face in all Paris, remember? I don't think I'm her type.
  • What? What am I supposed to do? Go out there and rescue the girl from the-from the jaws of death, and the whole town will cheer like I'm some kind of a hero?! She already has her knight in shining armor, and it's not me! [sighs] Frollo was right. Frollo was right about everything. I'm tired of trying to be something that I'm not.
  • We've done it, Esmeralda! We've beaten them back! Come and see!
  • [to Frollo; angrily] No! You listen! All my life, you've told me the world is a dark, cruel place! But now I see that the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you!

Judge Claude Frollo

  • This is an unholy demon. I'm sending it back to hell, where it belongs.
  • I am a public official. I must go. But I don't enjoy a moment. Thieves and hustlers and the dregs of humankind, all mixed together in a shallow, drunken stupor.
  • You are forgiven. But remember, Quasimodo, this is your sanctuary.
  • Mark my words, Gypsy. You will pay for this insolence.
  • But, how? I... never mind! Get out, you idiot! I'll find her. I'll find her if I have to burn down all of Paris!
  • Burn it! [Phoebus: What?!] Until it smolders. These people are traitors and must be made examples of.
  • The sentence for insubordination is death. Such a pity. You threw away a promising career.
  • Don't waste your arrows. Let the traitor rot in his watery grave! Find the girl! If you have to burn the city to the ground, so be it!
  • [after realizing that Esmeralda is still at large] I had the entire cathedral surrounded; guards at every door. There was no way she could've escaped... unless...
  • [suspicious about Phoebus] I're hiding something. [Quasimodo: Oh, no, Master. There's no-] You're not eating, boy.
  • YOU IDIOT!! THAT WASN'T KINDNESS, IT WAS CUNNING! SHE'S A GYPSY! GYPSIES AREN'T CAPABLE OF REAL LOVE! Think, boy! Think of your mother! [calms down] But what chance could a poor, misshapen child like you have against her heathen treachery? Well, never you mind, Quasimodo. She will be out of our lives soon enough. I will free you from her evil spell. She will torment you no longer. [Quasimodo: What do you mean?] I know where her hideout is, and tomorrow at dawn, I attack with a thousand men.
  • The prisoner Esmeralda has been found guilty of the crime of witchcraft. The sentence: death!
  • Silence, you old fool! The hunchback and I have unfinished business to attend to. And this time, you will not interfere.
  • [upon realizing that Esmeralda had survived] She lives!
  • I should have known you'd risk your life to save that Gypsy witch, just as your own mother died trying to save you.
  • [last words] And he shall smite the wicked, and plunge them into the fiery pit!


[first lines; during "The Bells of Notre Dame"]
Clopin: Listen. They're beautiful, no? So many colors of sounds, so many moods. Because you know they don't ring all by themselves.
Puppet: They don't?
Clopin: No, you silly boy. [looking toward Notre Dame] Up there, high, high in the dark Bell tower lives the mysterious Bell Ringer. Who is this creature?
Puppet: Who?
Clopin: What is he?
Puppet: What?
Clopin: How did he come to be there?
Puppet: How?
Clopin: [hits the puppet with a stick] Hush!
Puppet: Ow.
Clopin: [to children] And Clopin will tell you. It is a tale: a tale of a man...and a monster.

Hugo: Hey, Quasi, what's going on out there? A fight? A flogging?
Victor: A festival.
Hugo: You mean the Feast of Fools?
Quasimodo: Uh-huh.
Hugo: All right, all right! Pour the wine and cut the cheese.
Victor: It is a treat to watch the colorful pageantry of the simple peasant folk.
Hugo: Boy, nothin' like balcony seats for watching the ol' F.O.F.
Quasimodo: Yeah, watching. [Quasimodo leaves, downcast]
Hugo: Oh, look. A mime. [Hugo prepares to spit on the mime, Victor stops him and Hugo swallows]

[As Quasi nears it, Judge Claude Frollo appears in the doorway suddenly, cutting Quasi short and returning the gargoyles to stone.]
Judge Claude Frollo: Good morning, Quasimodo.
Quasimodo: Ah- um, good... morning, master.
Judge Claude Frollo: Dear boy, whomever were you talking to?
Quasimodo: My...friends.
Judge Claude Frollo: I see. [he taps Hugo on the head.] And what are your friends made of, Quasimodo?
Quasimodo: Stone.
Judge Claude Frollo: Can stone talk?
Quasimodo: No, it can't.
Judge Claude Frollo: That's right. You're a smart lad. Now...lunch. [upon hearing the word, Quasi goes off and retrieves a table setting a silver chalice and plate for Judge Claude Frollo and a wooden cup and plate for himself.] Shall we review your alphabet today?
Quasimodo: Oh, yes, Master. I would like that very much.
Judge Claude Frollo: Very well. A?
Quasimodo: Abomination.
Judge Claude Frollo: B?
Quasimodo: Blasphemy?
Judge Claude Frollo: C?
Quasimodo: C-C-Contrition.
Judge Claude Frollo: D?
Quasimodo: Damnation?
Judge Claude Frollo: E?
Quasimodo: Eternal damnation.
Judge Claude Frollo: Good. F?
Quasimodo: Festival.
[Judge Claude Frollo spits out his drink in shock at the absent-minded response.]
Judge Claude Frollo: Excuse me?
Quasimodo: F-F-Forgiveness.
Judge Claude Frollo: You said...festival.
Quasimodo: No!
Judge Claude Frollo: You are thinking about going to the festival.
Quasimodo: It's just go every year.
Judge Claude Frollo: I am a public official; I must go. But I don't enjoy a moment. Thieves and hustlers and the dregs of humankind, all mixed together in a shallow, drunken stupor.
Quasimodo: I didn't mean to upset you, master.
Judge Claude Frollo: Quasimodo, can't you understand? When your heartless mother abandoned you as a child, anyone else would drowned you. And this my thanks for taking you in and raising you as my son?
Quasimodo: [ashamed] I'm sorry, sir.
Judge Claude Frollo: Oh, my dear, Quasimodo, you don't know what it's like out there. I do. I do.

[Referring to Esmeralda, who's dancing at the festival.]
Judge Claude Frollo: Look at that disgusting display.
Phoebus: [smitten by Esmeralda's beauty] Yes, sir!

Judge Claude Frollo: You've come to Paris in her darkest hour, Captain. It will take a firm hand to save the weak-minded from being so easily misled.
Phoebus: Misled, Sir?
Judge Claude Frollo: Look, Captain. Gypsies. The gypsies live outside normal order. Their heathen ways inflame the people's lowest instincts, and they must be stopped.
Phoebus: I was summoned from the wars to capture fortune-tellers and palm-readers?
Judge Claude Frollo: Oh, the real war, Captain, is what you see before you. For 20 years, I have been taking care of the gypsies, [On each of the last three words, Judge Claude Frollo crushes one of three ants on a tile.] And yet, for all of my success, they have thrived! [He flips the tile over, revealing scores of ants scurrying around underneath.] I believe they have a safe haven, within the walls of this very city. A nest, if you will. They call it the "Court of Miracles".
Phoebus: What are we going to do about it, sir? [Judge Claude Frollo slams the tile back down upside down, crushing the remainder of the ants.] You make your point perfectly clear, sir.

Oafish Guard: You think he's ugly now? Watch this! [Throws a tomato at Quasimodo's face, everyone gasps] Now, that's ugly!

Judge Claude Frollo: You! [Points at Esmeralda] Gypsy girl! Get down at once!
Esmeralda: Yes, your honor. Just as soon as I free this poor creature.
Judge Claude Frollo: I forbid it!
[Esmeralda pulls out a knife and cuts the rope tying Quasimodo to the wheel]
Judge Claude Frollo:How dare you defy me?
Esmeralda You mistreat this poor boy the same way you mistreat my people! You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help!
Judge Claude Frollo: Silence!
Esmeralda: JUSTICE!
[Everyone gasps]
Judge Claude Frollo: Mark my words, Gypsy; You will pay for this insolence.
Esmeralda: Then it appears we've crowned the wrong fool. [picks up King of Fools' crown] The only fool I see is YOU! [throws it at Judge Claude Frollo's feet; Djali raspberries Judge Claude Frollo]

Esmeralda: [takes Phoebus' sword] You!
Phoebus: Easy! Easy! I-I just shaved this morning.
Esmeralda: [points Phoebus' sword at his goatee] Oh, really? You missed a spot.
Phoebus: Alright, alright, just-just-just calm down. Just give me a chance to apologize.
Esmeralda: For what?
Phoebus: [takes back his sword, and side-sweeps Esmeralda] That, for example.
Esmeralda: [angrily] You sneaky son-of-a-
Phoebus: [interrupting] Ah-ah-ah, watch it. We're in a church.
Esmeralda: Are you always this charming, or am I just lucky? [uses candle-staff]
Phoebus: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Candlelight, privacy, music. Can't think of a better place for hand-to-hand combat. You fight almost as well as a man!
Esmeralda: Funny. I was going to say the same thing about you!
Phoebus: That's hitting a little below the belt, don't you think?
Esmeralda: No. This is.
[Phoebus avoids getting hit in the groin, but gets hit in the mouth by the candle-staff]
Phoebus: [blubbers] Touché. [gets rammed in the stomach by Djali] Oof! I didn't know you had a kid.
Esmeralda: Well, he doesn't take to kindly to soldiers.
Phoebus: [painfully] Eh! I noticed. [normally] Permit me. I'm Phoebus. It means "Sun god." [Esmeralda and Djali look at each other, incredulously] And you are?
Esmeralda: Is this an interrogation?
Phoebus: [re-sheathes his sword] I believe it's called an introduction.
Esmeralda: You're not arresting me?
Phoebus: Not as long as you're in here. I can't.
Esmeralda: Huh. You're not at all like the other soldiers. [puts down the candle staff]
Phoebus: Thank you.
Esmeralda: So, if you're not going to arrest me, what do you want?
Phoebus: I'd settle for your name.
Esmeralda: [smiling] Esmeralda.
Phoebus: Beautiful. Much better than Phoebus, anyway.

[Esmeralda opens the church door to see soldiers outside.]
Solder: Frollo's orders: Post a guard at every door.
[Esmeralda slams the door in anger.]
Esmeralda: Don't worry, Djali. If Frollo thinks he can keep us here, he's wrong.
Archdeacon: Don't act rashly, my child. You created...quite a stir at the festival. It would be unwise to arouse Frollo's anger further.
Esmeralda: You saw what he did out there; letting the crowd torture that poor boy. I thought if just one person could stand up to him, then- [sighs] What do they have against people who are different, anyway?
Archdeacon: You can't right all of the wrongs of this world by yourself.
Esmeralda: Well, no one out there is going to help; that's for sure.
Archdeacon: Well, perhaps there's someone in here who can.

[Esmeralda finishes singing "God Help the Outcasts" in the center of the light from the window. Quasimodo smiles, but he is unexpectedly spotted by a Parishioner, thinking he's going to cause trouble.]
Parishioner: You! Bell Ringer! What are you doing down here? [Quasimodo is startled by the Parishioner and accidentally knocks down a candle-staff. Esmeralda and Djali see this, and are shocked at the Parishioner's actions] Haven't you caused enough trouble already?
[Quasimodo retreats back to the bell tower with Esmeralda and Djali following him from behind, while the Parishioner is scolded by the Archdeacon for making a scene.]
Esmeralda: Wait! I want to talk to you.
[Quasimodo comes out of the top of the staircase with Esmeralda and Djali behind him and the Gargoyles watch them from above.]
Laverne: Look! He's got a friend with him.
Hugo: Yeah! Maybe today wasn't a total loss after all.
Victor: A vision of loveliness.
Hugo: The one in the dress ain't bad either.

Victor: You mustn't run too fast, or she'll get away.
Quasimodo: I know, uh, that's what I...
Hugo: Just give her some slack, then reel her in! Then give her some slack, then reel her in! Then give her some slack- [Laverne hits him on the head]
Laverne: Knock it off, Hugo! She's a girl, not a mackerel.

Esmeralda: [to Quasimodo] And a Gypsy. And maybe Frollo's wrong about the both of us.
[Unbeknownst to them, the gargoyles are eavesdropping.]
Hugo: What did she say?
Laverne: Frollo's nose is long and wears a truss.
Hugo: Ha! Told ya! Pay up!
Victor: Oh, dear. [Gives Hugo a coin]
Hugo: Chump.

[Quasimodo had just driven Phoebus out of the Cathedral.]
Hugo: Hey-hey! There he is! [the gargoyles applaud and cheer Quasimodo]
Victor: Oh, wonderful! Bravo, bravissimo! You ejected that tin-plated buffoon with great panache!
Hugo: The nerve of him! Snoopin' around here tryin' to steal your girl.
Quasimodo: My girl?
Laverne: Esmeralda. Dark hair, works with a goat. Remember?
Hugo: Boy, I do. Way to go, lover boy!
Quasimodo: [chuckles] "Lover boy"? Oh, no, no.
Laverne: Oh, don't be so modest.
Quasimodo: Look, I appreciate what you're all trying to do. But let's not fool ourselves. "Ugliest face in all Paris," remember? I don't think I'm her type.

Phoebus: Good morning, sir. [notices Judge Claude Frollo looking a little pale] Are you feeling all right?
Judge Claude Frollo: [after seeing visions of Esmeralda in his fire all night] I had a little...trouble with the fireplace.
Phoebus: I see. Your orders, sir?
Judge Claude Frollo: Find the Gypsy girl.
[Cut to a bakery. The soldiers kick the door down, and the baker turns in surprise just as he is baking some bread. One soldier throws a shelf complete with it down to the floor. Two more move a barrel while a third removes a rug to reveal a trapdoor. He opens it to reveal a group of gypsies underneath. They are led outside in chains while Judge Claude Frollo holds out a handful of coins in exchange of Esmeralda's whereabouts]
Judge Claude Frollo: Ten pieces of silver for the gypsy Esmeralda.
[The gypsies stay silent, not about to sell out one of their own]
Judge Claude Frollo: [taking the coins in his hand] Lock them up.
[Cut to a gypsy wagon on the banks of the Seine. The soldiers push it into the water and the gypsies therein come out, gasping for air. Judge Claude Frollo now holds out twice the amount of coins as before, hoping they will warn him where Esmeralda is]
Judge Claude Frollo: [trying to keep his cool] Twenty pieces of silver for the gypsy, Esmeralda.
[Just like the previous gypsies, these ones are not about to betray a fellow gypsy either. Judge Claude Frollo grows even more furious]
Judge Claude Frollo: Take them away!
[Phoebus heaves a furious sigh to himself. He is beginning to question his commanding officer's sense of justice. Cut to a miller's farm. Esmeralda and Djali, in their old beggar disguise, walks among a crowd gathered before the scene. The entire lot of them are worried about the miller's welfare and Judge Claude Frollo's sanity, or lack thereof]
Woman: Poor miller. He's never harmed anyone!
Man: Frollo's gone mad.
[Inside, Judge Claude Frollo is interrogating the miller, who is pleading for mercy with him]
Judge Claude Frollo: We found this gypsy talisman on your property. Have you been harboring gypsies?
Miller: Our home is always open to the weary traveler. Have mercy, my Lord.
Judge Claude Frollo: I am placing you and your family under house arrest until I get to the bottom of this. If you what you say is true and you are innocent, then you have nothing to fear.
[Judge Claude Frollo turns to leave, but the miller yet begs to be spared]
Miller: But we are innocent. I assure you, we know nothing of these gypsies.
[Judge Claude Frollo locks a miller and his family inside their home]
Judge Claude Frollo: Burn it.
Phoebus: [shocked] What?
Judge Claude Frollo: Until it smolders. [holds torch] These people are traitors and must be made examples of.
Phoebus: [takes torch] With all due respect sir, I was not trained to murder the innocent.
Judge Claude Frollo: But you were trained to follow orders. [Phoebus douses the torch in a barrel of water.] Insolent coward.
[Judge Claude Frollo takes a torch from another soldier and sets fire to the windmill which then sets the house ablaze. Phoebus sees one of the blades falling towards him and rolls out of the road. Then he hears the cries of the miller's wife and children, and dives in through the window. Esmeralda, who is watching the entire fact, becomes shocked, but he kicks down the door, carrying the child and baby, and the miller's family escapes unharmed. The miller takes the older child, and Phoebus hands his wife the baby. Mournfully, soon after, the Brutish Guard brains him with the hilt of his sword and he falls to the ground. The Oafish Guard picks him up. Then Judge Claude Frollo goes over to address the turncoat captain]
Judge Claude Frollo: The sentence for insubordination of death. Such a pity. You threw away a promising career.
Phoebus: Consider it my highest honor, sir.
[Esmeralda, taking care not to be seen, takes her sarong and fashions it into a makeshift slingshot. Just as the Brutish Guard is about to execute Phoebus, she throws a stone at Judge Claude Frollo's horse. It rears in pain, and bucks him away. Phoebus takes this opportunity to knock the Brutish Guard and Oafish Guard out. Then the frightened horse runs away, but Phoebus manages to mount it]
Judge Claude Frollo: Get him! And don't hit my horse!
[The archer guards shoot their arrows at Phoebus. Most of them narrowly miss him, one manages to strike him in the back. He moans in pain, and Esmeralda looks horrified. Then he falls into the river, and the archers continue to shoot at the spot where he fell while she stealthily clings to the bridge]
Judge Claude Frollo: [raising his hand] Don't waste your arrows! Let the traitor rot in his watery grave.
[Esmeralda takes off her cloak and continues to watch Judge Claude Frollo and the guards, worried that she is partially to blame for the city's burning]
Judge Claude Frollo: Find the girl. If you have to burn the city to the ground, so be it!
[Esmeralda watches as Judge Claude Frollo and his entourage walk away. The moment he is out of sight, she dives into the river and fishes an unconscious and unarmored Phoebus out, dragging him to shore. Fade to the city streets in front of Notre Dame. Judge Claude Frollo and the soldiers have concluded their search, but have seen neither hide nor hair of Esmeralda or Djali]
Brutish Guard: Sir, we've looked everywhere, and yet no sign of the gypsy girl.
Judge Claude Frollo: [to himself] I had the whole cathedral surrounded. Guards at every door. There was no way she could have escaped. [suddenly turns toward the sound of bells] Unless...

[Paris is in flames while Judge Claude Frollo and the guards are searching for Esmeralda. In the bell tower, Victor and Laverne are upset, looking out.]
Laverne: Oh, it doesn't look good.
Victor: It's hopeless. Absolutely hopeless.
Hugo: [playing cards with a pigeon, not paying attention] You're warning me! I'm losing to a bird!
Victor: Oh, that poor gypsy girl. I'm beginning to fear the worst.
Laverne: I know. But now don't you say anything to upset Quasimodo. He's concerned enough already.
Hugo: Yes, you're right. We better lighten up.
[At that moment, Quasimodo walks in]
Victor: Shh-shh-shh, here he comes.
Laverne: Now just stay calm.
Victor: Not a word.
Hugo: Easy does it.
Victor: Stone-faced.
Quasimodo: [walks to the edge] Any sign of her?
[Victor, who has been trying to keep a straight face, suddenly begins to tremble and attempts to keep his head]
Victor: [cracks under pressure] Oh, it's a lost cause! She could be anywhere! In the stocks, in the dungeon, on the rack! Oh, God! [breaks down]
Laverne: Nice work, Victor.
Quasimodo: No, he's right. What are we gonna do?
Hugo: [shuffling his cards] What are you guys speaking about? [draws a Queen, three and Joker card respectively as he speaks] If I know Esmeralda, she's three steps ahead of Judge Claude Frollo and well out of harm's road.
Quasimodo: Do you really think so?
Hugo: [takes a bit of bread and a cheese wedge from a plate] Hey, if things cool off, she'll be back. You'll see.
Quasimodo: What makes you so sure?
Laverne: Because she likes you. [to Quasimodo] We always said you were the cute one.
Hugo: [stuffing his mouth with cheese and bread] I thought I was the cute one.
Laverne: No, you're the fat, foolish one with the big mouth.
Hugo: [looks confused, yet with his mouth complete] What are you saying, exactly?
Laverne: Take it from us, Quasi. You have nothing to concern about.
Hugo: [now holding two hot dogs] Yeah. You're irresistible.
Victor: [chuckles] Knights in shining armor certainly aren't your type.
Hugo: [sticks a hot dog on a fork and jumps over to the window] And these guys are a dime a dozen. But you, you're one of a kind. Look.

Phoebus: [weakly] Esmeralda?
Esmeralda: Shh. Shh. Shh. You'll hide here until you're strong enough to move. [takes out a bottle of wine]
Phoebus: Great. I could use a drink. [Esmeralda carefully pours it over his wound] Agh! Yes, hmmm. Feels like a 1470 Burgundy. Not a good year.
Esmeralda: [starts stitching up Phoebus' wound] That family owes you their lives. You've got to be either the single bravest soldier I've ever seen, or the craziest.
Phoebus: Ex-soldier, remember? [winces in pain] Why is it, whenever we meet, I end up bleeding?
Esmeralda: [finishes up] You're lucky. That arrow almost pierced your heart.
Phoebus: [holds her hand] I'm not so sure it didn't. [he and Esmeralda kiss, leaving Quasimodo heartbroken]

Quasimodo: Is this the Court of Miracles?
Phoebus: Offhand, I'd say it's the Court of Ankle-Deep Sewage. Cheerful place. [chuckles] Kinda makes ya wish ya got out more often eh, Quasi?
Quasimodo: Not me. I just want to warn Esmeralda and get back to the bell tower before I get in more trouble.
Phoebus: Speaking of trouble, we should have run into some by now.
Quasimodo: What do you mean?
Phoebus: You know, a guard, a booby trap. [his torch is blown out] Or an ambush.

Esmeralda: [stopping Clopin as he is about to hang Quasimodo and Phoebus, thinking they're Judge Claude Frollo's spies] STOP!
Quasimodo and Phoebus: [muffled] Esmeralda!
Esmeralda: [untying Quasimodo and Pheobus] These men aren't spies, they're our friends!
Clopin: [confused] Why didn't they say so?
Quasimodo and Phoebus: [annoyed] We did say so!
Esmeralda: This is the soldier who saved the Miller's family, and Quasimodo helped me escape the cathedral.
Phoebus: We came to warn you! Frollo's coming! He says he know where you're hiding, and he's attacking at dawn with a thousand men!
Esmeralda: Then let's waste no time. We must leave immediately. [the Gypsies hurry to escape] You took a terrible risk coming here. It may not exactly show, but we're grateful.
Phoebus: [sees Quasimodo sad seeing Esmeralda hug Phoebus: to Esmeralda] Don't thank me, thank Quasimodo. Without his help, we would never have found our way here.
Judge Claude Frollo: [off-screen] Nor would I.
[Everyone turns to see Judge Claude Frollo with a large group of soldiers who immediately storm the court. The gypsies try to run, but are stopped at every turn. Eventually, the soldiers surround them]
Judge Claude Frollo: After 20 years of searching, the Court of Miracles is mine at last. [pats a shocked Quasimodo] Dear Quasimodo, I always knew you would someday be of use to me.
Quasimodo: No.
Esmeralda: What are you speaking about?
Judge Claude Frollo: Why, he led me right to, my darling.
Esmeralda: [frustratingly] You're a liar.
Judge Claude Frollo: And look what else I've caught in my net. Captain Phoebus, back from the dead. Another "miracle", no doubt. I shall remedy that. [Judge Claude Frollo goes to address the gypsies] There'll be a little bonfire in the square tomorrow, and you're all invited to attend. Lock them up.
Quasimodo: [grabs Judge Claude Frollo's robe and begs his master to reconsider] No, please, Master! [Judge Claude Frollo just frowns at him, and he falls to the floor in disgrace] No, no.
Judge Claude Frollo: Take him back to the bell tower. And make sure he stays there.
[The soldiers drag Quasimodo back to the bell tower]

Judge Claude Frollo: [To Esmeralda] The time has come, gypsy. You stand upon the brink of the abyss. Yet even now, it is not too late. I can save you from the flames of this world, and the next. Choose me, or the fire. [she spits in his face in refusal] The Gypsy, Esmeralda, has refused to recant. This evil witch has put the soul every citizen in Paris in awful jeopardy.
[Quasimodo is chained up, and the gargoyles are trying to snap him out of his depression]
Hugo: Come on, Quasi, snap out of it.
Victor: Your friends are down there.
Quasimodo: It's all my fault.
Laverne: Ya gotta break these chains!
Quasimodo: I can't. I tried. What difference would it make?
Victor: But you can't let Frollo win.
Quasimodo: He already has.
Hugo: So, you're-- You're givin' up? That's it?
Laverne: These chains aren't what's holdin' you back, Quasimodo.
Quasimodo: Leave me alone.
[All the gargoyles are shocked, and they slowly begin to stone-walk away]
Hugo: Okay. Okay, Quasi. We'll leave ya alone.
Victor: After all, we're only made out of stone.
Laverne: We just thought maybe you were made of something stronger.
[The gargoyles then turn to stone, leaving Quasimodo with the line "Made of something stronger."]
Judge Claude Frollo: For justice, for Paris, and for her own salvation, it is my sacred duty to send this unholy demon back where she belongs! [lights the pyre and the crowd yells in protest against having Esmeralda die in fire]
Quasimodo: [bellowing] NOOOOOOOOOO!

Archdeacon: [sternly] Frollo, have you gone mad?! I will not tolerate this assault on the House of God!
Judge Claude Frollo: Silence, you old fool! [tosses the Archdeacon aside] The Hunchback and I have unfinished business to attend to. And this time, you will not interfere. [closes and locks door]

Judge Claude Frollo: I should have known you'd risk your life to save that Gypsy witch, just as your own mother died trying to save you.
Quasimodo: [realizes what Judge Claude Frollo's saying about his mother’s death; shocked and horrified] What?
Judge Claude Frollo: Now, I'm going to do what I should have done 20 YEARS AGO!

[after Quasimodo has saved all of Paris from Judge Claude Frollo’s tyranny]
[the crowd cheers]

[before closing credits]
Laverne: [annoyed with the birds landing on her] Don't you ever migrate?!

[last line; after closing credits end, and before the "Walt Disney Pictures" logo appears]
Hugo: Good night, everybody! Whoo-hoo-hoo!