The Horror of Party Beach

1964 film by Del Tenney

The Horror of Party Beach is a 1964 film about sea monsters created from radioactive sludge that terrorize a beach community. It is considered to be one of the worst films of all time.

Directed by Del Tenney. Written by Richard Hilliard.
Weird atomic beasts...who live off human blood!  (taglines)

Dr. GavinEdit

  • Tina's death has affected a great many people... but it doesn't give you or anyone else the right to be discourteous.


  • Eulabelle: It's the voodoo, Dr. Gavin. It's the voodoo, I tells ya!


Dr. Gavin: Of course! This creature needs the ordinary necessities of human life - proteins, fats, sugars and so forth. But since his organs are so decomposed it needs the only food which can keep it alive.
Hank Green: Blood?
Dr. Gavin: Human blood. If a human body - a drowned person - were attacked by tiny sea plants which became parasites and completely infiltrated that human body before it had a chance to decompse, would the body be considered dead or alive?
Hank Green: Dead?
Dr. Gavin: No - it's still alive. But it's changed into a - well, is it a plant or an animal?
Hank Green: It's both?
Dr. Gavin: It's a giant protozoa!

Girl: Johnny, I never let anyone kiss me like this before!
Irving: My name's not Johnny.
Girl: Well, what is it?
Irving: Irving!
Girl: Irving? What's in a name?

Girl: Do you believe that kissing is unhealthy?
Boy: I don't know. I've never been...
Girl: You've never been kissed?
Boy: No, I've never been sick.


  • Weird! Horrifying! Fantastic!
  • Hear The Del-Aires Swing Out 6 Big Beat Songs!
  • FANTASTIC! The big-beat sound of the Del-Aires swingin' out with 6 rockin' hits!
  • HORRIFYING! Teen-age slumber party attacked by demons from the dead!
  • WEIRD! Ghoulish atomic beasts who live off human blood!
  • FOR YOUR PROTECTION! We Will not permit you to see these shockers unless you agree to release this theatre of all responsibility for death by fright!
  • FRIGHT RELEASE-This certificate absolves the management of this theatre of all responsibility for death by fright during the showing of 'THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH" and 'THE CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE"
  • Weird atomic beasts...who live off human blood!
  • The first horror monster musical!


  • John Scott — Hank Green
  • Alice Lyon — Elaine Gavin
  • Allan Laurel — Dr. Gavin
  • Eulabelle Moore — Eulabelle
  • Marilyn Clarke — Tina
  • Agustin Mayor — Mike

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