The Hills Have Eyes 2

2007 film directed by Martin Weisz

The Hills Have Eyes 2 is a sequel to the remake of the 1977 film of the same name. After the events of the first film, A group of U.S. National Guardsmen were sent to the New Mexico Desert to resupply the scientists in the millitary base. They must fight for survival against the mutant people living in the hills.

Directed by Martin Weisz. Written by Wes Craven & Jonathan Craven.
The lucky ones die fast. taglines


[While driving through the desert, Mickey starts telling a joke to the fellow guardsmen.]
Mickey: Maybe I should thank Napoleon. If we're all officially dead like Sarge said I won't be tried for war crimes. The killing of innocent mannequins is serious shit.
[The guardsmen laugh.]
Crank: Where I come from, it's never good to be dead.
Mickey: Aw, Crank. You're takin' all the fun out of the afterlife.
Crank: Shove the afterlife up your ass.
[The guardsmen laugh again.]
Stump: That's cold, man.
[Stump looks at Missy's tattoo.]
Stump: Clyde, huh? Made the same mistake when I was a kid. [shows his other tattoo.; turns to Missy.] So is Clyde still your dude?
Missy: Uh, yeah Stump. "Clyde"s still my dude...!
[Missy gets angry.; Mickey laughs.]
Mickey: Stump, that's her son. He's like, four years old.
Stump: That is so fucked up.
[Stump and Mickey were laughing.; Missy gets intolerant.]
Missy: One good thing about being dead, Wouldn't have to listen to all your bullshit!
[Stump mockingly coos to Missy.]
Delmar: That's all there is out here. Just a bunch of bullshit.
Napoleon: This bullshit's got a crazy past. You guys know they used to use this as a test ground for A-bombs?
Crank: "You guys know this used to be a test ground for A-bombs?" Who the fuck asked you, peace-ass shit boy?
Napoleon: Oh, right. I'm sorry. I forgot I was dealing with Rambo resurrected.
Crank: You Rambo resurrect my balls, bitch!
[Mickey and Stump laugh.]
Crank: You with the pinche puta!
Napoleon: O por es que provir riota?
[Crank enraged, lunges Napoleon.]
Stump: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Amber: Come on, Crank!
Crank: [attacking Napoleon.] What?! You wanna die young huh cabrón?!
Amber: You guys, stop!
Crank: [attacking Napoleon.] I'm getting ready kill you right now!
Stump: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Crank!
[Delmar shoves Crank and grabs him.]
Delmar: I killed somebody once. It was easy. That's why it's so dangerous.
[Delmar releases Crank.]
Crank: I don't fucking like that guy!
Delmar: Well, I don't like being out here having to put up with you!, but I deal with it! So deal with it!
[Delmar helps Napoleon to get up]
Napoleon: Thanks.
Delmar: Don't mind Crank. He's just a cranky motherfucker.

[After Napoleon gets out of the portalet, screaming when he notices the hand inside.]
Napoleon: Oh fuck! Fuck!
Amber: What?
Napoleon: There's a hand in the shitter!
Amber: What?
Napoleon: Check it out! Oh, fuckin'
[Amber stumbles to the portalet and opens the door, revealing that no one is there.]
Amber: There's nobody in there.
Napoleon: Down there...!
[Amber stumbles closer to the portalet when a scientist emerges out.; Amber and Napoleon screams and closes the door.]
Amber: Who was that guy?!
Napoleon: "Shit-Man the Barbarian"! I have no idea!


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