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The Hills Have Eyes (2006 film)

2006 action horror film and remake of Wes Craven's 1977 film of the same name directed by Alexandre Aja

The Hills Have Eyes is a 2006 horror film. It is about an American family driving through the New Mexico Desert to California. After their trailer breaks down, they are being targeted by a group of mutants, who were deformed by a nuclear test by the USA Government, from 1945 to 1962. They must survive, before they strike back. It is a remake of the 1977 film of the same name.

Directed by Alexandre Aja. Written by Alexandre Aja & Grégory Levasseur.
The lucky ones die first. taglines

Brenda CarterEdit

  • [to Big Bob, when he is singing.] Dad, I hate your singing.
  • [pretending to be Lynn] I'll be right there honey.
  • Thank God no one's watching us.

Doug BukowskiEdit

  • It's not gonna be in a fucking trailer home.
  • 97% of nation wide service, and we get stuck in the 3%.

Ethel CarterEdit

  • [to Doug, before dying, when he puts a blanket at her.] You're so sweet, Doug.

Big Bob CarterEdit

  • [to Brenda, when she says a bad word.] Hey, watch your fucking mouth.
  • [to Bobby, talking about Doug.] Leave Doug alone. He's a democrat. He doesn't believe in guns.

Bobby CarterEdit

  • [when he's at an old rubbish outhouse] Thanks, Brenda...!
  • [after he scares Lynn] Could you give me a Twinkie?
  • You know how Freud would have interpreted "your obsession with rattlesnakes", "Mom?"


  • Big Brain: [calling for Pluto] It's breakfast time!
  • Gas Station Attendant: [before he kills himself] I did the best I could. I'm sorry.
  • Small Deformed Child: [to Doug] Mister, will you play with us?


[Beauty and Beast starts barking at the gas station attendant.; Lynn calms them down.]
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: Beauty! Beast! Stop it!
[Doug is fixing the air conditioner at their trailer, the front grille falls off and hit Doug at the face.]
Doug Bukowski: Ow! Damn it! [Doug starts working again at the air conditioner.]
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: You okay?
Doug Bukowski: [while fixing the air conditioner.] Tell me again, why we couldn't fly like normal people? [complained.] Oh that's right, They wouldn't let your dad drive the plane.
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: Doug, Relax please. It's their silver anniversary, and they're so happy you came.
Doug Bukowski: Your parents can't stand me.
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: No, you're wrong. They love you
Doug Bukowski: I could have taken them on a cruise.
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: Hey, you know what? Stop. [Doug stops working at the conditioner.] I never ask you for anything, okay? [stumbles at baby Catherine.] Just think how happy you'll be when Catherine comes along on our 25th, huh? [Catherine coos, Lynn kisses her.] Aw, it's okay.
Doug Bukowski: [continues working at the air conditioner.] It's not gonna be in a fucking trailer home.

[Brenda plays with an albino piglet.]
Brenda Carter: Little piggy, little baby piggy [Bobby appears.] Hey Bobby, come over here look at this.
Bobby Carter: O my God, That's so random. You two make a perfect pair.
[Brenda get tempered.; Bobby begins to urinate at a bush.]
Brenda Carter: [turns to Bobby.] Hey, What are you doing? Don't pee there!
Bobby Carter: [whimpered.] What the hell do you care? Just... turn around for a second.
Brenda Carter: [pointing to an old wooden outhouse.] Uh, Hello! [Bobby look at the outhouse.] Don't you see that?
[Bobby heads to the outhouse to urinate.]
Brenda Carter: Jeez!

[While driving through the desert, Big Bob is singing "My Barney lies over the Ocean".]
Brenda Carter: Dad, I hate your singing.
[Ethel is singing with Bob]
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: Guys, No.
[Ethel and Bob ends the song.; They turn on the radio.]
Big Bob Carter: Hey, can you imagine the "first people" to cross this desert? They didn't know where they were.
Brenda Carter: Yeah, I can, because neither do we.
Big Bob Carter: Brenda, The road is here. It exists, it's got to go somewhere. Besides, look how beautiful it is. Look at the light on the rocks. It's gorgeous.
Brenda Carter: This is so fucked!
Ethel Carter: Excuse me! Watch your language, young lady!
[Bob laughs.]
Ethel Carter: I would like a little backup here.
Brenda Carter: This is such bullshit.
Big Bob Carter: Hey, watch your fucking mouth.
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: Can we just calm down here? We're all a little tired, okay?
Brenda Carter: Yeah, Mom. Didn't you grow up in the '60s? Why are you so uptight?
Big Bob Carter: Your mom didn't used to be uptight. She was a little "hippie chick".
Ethel Carter: [laughing] No.
Big Bob Carter: You should have seen her when she was your age. She was a little hottie.

Big Bob Carter: Hey, Bobby?
Bobby Carter: Yeah?
Big Bob Carter: Leave Doug alone. He's a Democrat. He doesn't believe in guns

Lynn Carter-Bukowski: Hey B.
Brenda Carter: Hey.
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: How you holding up?
Brenda Carter: I am thrilled.
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: [laughing] Yea. This is a total drag.
Brenda Carter: Yeah, Well you know?, I really don't care what they say. Next year, I am going to Cancun with my friends. Not going on any more of these little family trips.
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: Well, we're not not gonna have many more of them, you know? And if you want to go to Cancun, you know you're gonna have to get a job.
Brenda Carter: Oh, yea, what, you mean like your job?
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: Brenda, I help Doug out at the store, okay?
Brenda Carter: Oh... yeah.
Doug Bukowski: Honey? Can you bring me my jacket?
Brenda Carter: [Pretending to be Lynn] I'll be right there, honey.
[Lynn gets up and walks away while flicking Brenda off; Brenda laughs.]

[After Bobby scares Lynn.]
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: Bobby! [throws a towel at him.] Fucker!
Bobby Carter: Can you give me a Twinkie?
Lynn Carter-Bukowski: No! [hits the window.; Bobby leaves.]

[After Bobby finds Papa Jupiter alive, Brenda screams, charges with a pick-axe and hits Papa Jupiter in the head, killing him.]
Brenda Carter: Fucker! [holds Bobby.] Come on, let's get out of here.
[Bobby and Brenda walks away. Brenda stops, turns to find Doug alive, with Catherine and Beast.]
Brenda Carter: Oh, my god. Look Bobby [Bobby turns to Doug, As he and Brenda run to him and hugs them.]
[After they are reunited, a pair of anonymous binoculars watches from the hills.]


  • The lucky ones die first


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