The Halloween That Almost Wasn't

1979 film by Bruce Bilson

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't is a 1979 film in which, upset by rumors that Halloween may end, Dracula calls his mild-mannered monsters together and delivers an ultimatum - either regain their frightening image, or leave his Transylvania castle forever.

Directed by Bruce Bilson. Written by Coleman Jacoby.
No More Tricks? No More Treats? No More Halloween?  (taglines)

Count Dracula edit

  • Igor, you did it again! How many times do I have to tell you? Keep my tomb door open at night and closed in the day. Open at night and closed in the day!
  • It's one of those days I wish I was dead. And stayed dead.

Igor edit

  • From Bulgaria. The incredible man who Doctor Frankenstein created in his spare time... from a lot of spare parts. The Frankenstein creature.
  • I believe I hear the Master coming now! [he looks out the window] Yes! I can see him clearly through the fog! [Dracula crashes and slams into the window]

Dialogue edit

Count Dracula: Hiya, Baby, it's me, Count Dracula.
Witch: I didn't think it was a hummingbird.

Frankenstein's Monster: My feet hurt!
Count Dracula: Don't give me that! I happen to know those aren't your feet!
Frankenstein's Monster: What did you have to bring that up for?

Frankenstein's Monster: Are they gone yet?
Count Dracula: Yes, it's safe for you to come out now and protect my life!

Count Dracula: What do I do now?
Igor: Master, believe me, they're just illusions. They cannot harm you.
Count Dracula: Can't do any me harm, huh? Who did that? Termites?

Igor: [announcing the witch's arrival] The flying Queen of Hallowe'en!
Witch: Outta my way, shorty!

Witch: Well, for heavens sake! You look just like me.
Girl dressed as witch: This is my favorite costume, because of you.
Witch: It is? Why?
Girl dressed as witch: Because you're one of my favorite people.
Boy dressed as Scarecrow: We love you just the way you are! All the kids feel that way.
Witch: You really love me? All right, I'll do it! Knowing you love me means more to me than any of his promises.
Count Dracula: Oh, then we can forget those silly conditions that you asked for?
Witch: Not on your life! You're going to keep every one of those promises just the same! Starting with the disco party right after I ride over the moon. So long, kids! This ride is just for you!

Taglines edit

  • No More Tricks? No More Treats? No More Halloween?

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