The Gifted (American TV series)

2017 American superhero television series

The Gifted (2017–2019) was an American TV show, created for Fox by Matt Nix, based on the X-men comics. Reed and Caitlin Strucker are ordinary parents who take their family on the run after they discover their children's mutant abilities.

Season 1 Edit

eXposed [1.1] Edit

Andy Strucker: I snuck out. I thought I'd go with you.
Lauren Strucker: Didn't you tell Mom you were going to bed?
Andy: Yeah, that's why they call it sneaking.

Caitlin Strucker: I just can't believe there wasn't any warning.
Lauren: Mom, accept it. Andy is a mutant. That's how mutant abilities first appear - it's moments of stress or danger. Dad talks about this all the time.
Caitlin: Lauren, I... we-we all know about your father's work. I-I just don't see how that suddenly makes you an expert.
Lauren: Mom. I know because... How do you think we got out of that gym?
Caitlin: What are you saying?
Lauren: I got us out.
Caitlin: You, too?
Lauren: Remember when we were coming back from that concert at church? And the truck almost hit us? For weeks, you were saying it was a miracle we didn't die. Mom... it wasn't a miracle.
Caitlin: That was three years ago. Honey, why... why didn't you tell me?
Lauren: Don't you think I tried?
Caitlin: You can always talk to me. Always. Your-your dad, too. Whatever your issues.
Lauren: Are you serious? Dad puts people like us in jail.

Clarice Fong: I just wanted to say… thanks for, you know, saving me. Even though I threw a coffeepot at your head.
Marcos Diaz: And a mug.
Clarice: And a mug.

Clarice: You ever burn anyone with that?
Marcos: Uh-huh.
Clarice: What about your girlfriend? You ever burned her?
Marcos: Yeah. She doesn't care. That's why she's my girlfriend.
Clarice: Kinky.

Reed Strucker: Did you get any sleep?
Caitlin: Some. But I think you might be a mutant, too, with some sort of snoring ability.

rX [1.2] Edit

Caitlin: You and my husband had a deal to help our family.
Marcos: Yeah, we did.
Caitlin: I expect you to honor that deal. We need to get Reed back and we need to get out of the country.
Marcos: Do you know your husband was trying to send my girlfriend to prison, right?
Caitlin: He was following the law. Has he prosecuted mutants? Yes, but–
Marcos: But some of his best friends are mutants?
Caitlin: Try his children.
Marcos: That's exactly my point. Tell me this: if it wasn't your kids in that gym, would you be standing up for them? Would your husband?

Dr. Watkins: [after stitching up Marcos' arm] So, how exactly did this happen?
Caitlin: It was an accident.
Marcos: I was fixing stuff on the roof, and you know that sticker on the ladder that says "don't step above the step"? I stepped above the step.
Watkins: Well I guess we learned a lesson today.

Scar: Hey muti, muti, muti.
Lorna Dane: You have a problem?
Scar: We'll see. Mutis in here, they work for me. From now on, you're gonna do what you're told.
Lorna: Uh, and... what if I decline this exciting opportunity?
Scar: Oh believe me, you don't want to do that. You see, out there you got powers. But in here, I got powers.
Lorna: Well I bet you're pretty glad you met me in here.

Caitlin: Is it always that bad for mutants?
Marcos: You thought that was bad? That doc actually stitched me up before he called the cops. That's top-flight mutant healthcare right there.
Caitlin: I mean there are protections though. The Civil Rights Act.
Marcos: Uh yeah, mutant rights. They're a nice idea, but there's always an exception for public safety. All they have to do is call you dangerous and you know what happens to those so-called rights? Poof, they're gone.

Clarice: All this damage, was it me? Is everyone okay?
John Proudstar: You were a little hard on the trees and some furniture, but people survived.
Clarice: This place needed a remodeling anyway.

eXodus [1.3] Edit

Andy: Pick your piece.
Lauren: I'll be... nickel.
Andy: I think I'm gonna be the shoe.
Lauren: No, You can't be the shoe. Be the bottle cap.
Andy: What do you mean? I just called the shoe.
Lauren: I don't care! Put it back!
Andy: Hey, what's your problem, psycho?
Lauren: Dad's always the shoe, okay?

Clarice: Something changed after I got sick. I woke up with this new beauty mark here. [points at a scar over her right eye] And my powers... I don't know... they're broken.
John: Hey, abilities don't break. Most mutants first access their abilities from strong emotions: fear, anger, pain. But those are all unreliable. The challenge is to tap into something positive.
Clarice: Positive?
John: Mm hm.
Clarice: Like what? We do some hot yoga and find my spirit animal?
John: Umm.. no, thanks. I'm pretty sure your spirit animal would bite me.
Clarice: No, it'd rip your head off.
John: That's impossible, my head can't be ripped off.

Clarice: Literally I have the power to bail out of bad situations. So, being scared is just a big part of it.
John: It's not all of it. In the Marines, when you want to give up they train you to focus on what you care about most. To hold onto it like your life depended on it, because at some point it will.
Clarice: Okay, so what did you care about?
John: Back then I had a lot to prove, about being Apache, a mutant.
Clarice: But what if I don't have anything?

[Reed jumps out of the van]
Jace Turner: Was I unclear? Your job was to stay in the van.
Reed: You were clear enough.
Turner: You just made the biggest mistake of your life.
Reed: No, but I got pretty damn close.
Turner: We had a deal, Mr. Strucker.
Reed: And you can shove that deal up your ass.

Marcos: There's seven deep out front. Anything out back?
John: Yeah, there's four of them and then more outside the kitchen door. We're surrounded. Look, I can get us through a wall, but if they start shooting while we run, there's gonna be a fight.
Andy: Run? Why should we have to run?
Lauren: Didn't you hear them? There's an army out there.
Andy: Yeah, so what? We can take those guys.
John: Yeah, of course we can take them, but we do that people are gonna die.
Andy: Well maybe it's time these people learned.
Caitlin: Andy, you don't mean that.
Andy: Yes, I do. Listen to them mom, they hate us!

eXit strategy [1.4] Edit

John: I'm not gonna sugarcoat this. We're talking about attacking the Sentinel Services.
Sage: We lost six people the last time we went up against them directly.
John: I know that better than anyone.
Marcos: It won't be like last time.
Sage: You're right. Last time we just hit a relocation center with a fence and some guard towers. This time it's a prison. Their systems have improved extrapolating from other attacks. We've got an 86.5% chance of failure.
Marcos: And if we do nothing, there's a 100% chance we never see them again.
Caitlin: I know we're new here, but please...
Marcos: Lorna's risked her life for everyone here in this room. Harry, your parents would be dead without her. Sage, she pulled you out of a gutter and she got you clean. I mean, she's... she needs us.
Sage: Doesn't change the math, Marcos.
Marcos: I don't care about the math, I care about Lorna.

Carmen: We were good together, you and me. Why didn't we work out?
Marcos: We cared about different things.
Carmen: I cared about taking care of my family, a family you were a part of before you ran off to go play hero.
Marcos: And I was fine with the family, it was the business...
Carmen: Is it so different from what you're doing now? Moving drugs from Mexico, moving mutants to Mexico, these days which one is more illegal?

Reed: I know I'm probably not someone you want to talk to.
Lorna: You're right about that.
Reed: I always told myself that anyone who was facing me in my courtroom was guilty. Told myself that I was the prosecutor, and that the law was clear, and if you'd broken it it was on you. Told myself that I was doing my job. And then I found out that my kids are mutants. They didn't mean to hurt anyone, they didn't mean to do anything. They were just defending themselves. But they broke the law, and with mandatory minimums they'll get at least ten years, maybe more. And a few days ago I would be the one making that argument. Before all of this I didn't understand, but I do now, and I'm sorry.
Lorna: Congratulations. On figuring out you're one of the bad guys. So what? If you would've thought about it awhile longer you wouldn't of destroyed so many lives? Huh? You want forgiveness? Ask the little boy who I strapped into a bus while he screamed, begging to join his mommy in prison, where you sent her. You know what? Ask the hundreds of families whose lives you and your friends ruined. Don't ask me.

[Andy and Lauren show John and Caitlin how they can combine their powers to stop the bus]
Caitlin: No. Kids are not attacking a convoy.
John: We don't have a good alternative here, Caitlin. We're running out of time.
Caitlin: What, so you're gonna use child soldiers now?
Andy: We're not kids like that anymore mom.
Caitlin: I said no.
Lauren: Mom, please. I know you're scared. I'm scared too. But think about what you said last night, about how sometimes we have to take risks.
Caitlin: Really? You're gonna use my own words against me? Look, this isn't going to visit your uncle Daniel. This is about trained men, with guns.
Lauren: We want to fight for this. You've always said that there are things worth fighting for. Was that all just talk? You said it yourself, there are risks worth taking.

[Andy is trying to use his powers]
Lauren: Andy, go!
Andy: I... I can't do it.
Lauren: What do you mean you can't do it? You have to.
Andy: I... I don't know. It's moving, it's just different.
Caitlin: You can do this, we believe in you.
Andy: It's not what we practiced.
Caitlin: Okay, okay, just calm down.
Lauren: Mom, stop babying him.
Caitlin: Lauren!
Lauren: [to Andy] Hey! You're the reason we're in this mess, and now you can't even help us get out?
Caitlin: What are you doing?
Andy: Back off!
Lauren: Maybe those bullies were right. Maybe you are nothing. If they're wrong, then prove it!
[Andy pushes Lauren out the way and uses his powers with Lauren's to stop the bus]
Lauren: Sorry, you're better when you're angry.

boXed in [1.5] Edit

Marcos: I heard from the prosecutor... I heard...
Lorna: About the baby.
Marcos: I know you've been through a lot. I just want to know, is it alright?
Lorna: Yeah, I think. I can feel it, alomst the way I can feel my auroral electricities in there, inside me. My baby. Our baby. I haven't even said those words aloud until just now.
Marcos: Are you happy?
Lorna: Look, when I was gone, I thought a lot about the world I was bringing a baby like ours into.
Marcos: [takes Lorna's hand] You know what I thought about when you were gone? How I couldn't wait to meet this kid. How I couldn't wait to be a father.
Lorna: [as she holds Marcos' hand the auroras manifest] Marcos.
Marcos: We're gonna have a weird kid.
Lorna: If it's a girl we should call her Aurora.

Andy: Hey, I'm O negative. It's universal donor, right?
Caitlin: Andy!
Andy: Why? You surprised I actually remember something from biology?
Caitlin: No.
Lauren: I am.

John: If the cops really are coming here, we could try and leave, but...
Sage: Uh, based on average police response times, any identifiable mutants leaving here will be aprehended before we're out of city limits.
Reed: They're looking for fugitives. The only that's gonna stop them is if they find one.
John: What are you saying?
Reed: I have to go out there, get seen, stir them away from this place, make it look like we went in another direction.
John: Even if they see you, doesn't mean they'll stop searching.
Reed: I know how these things work. They made an educated guess about the direction we went.

Caitlin: No, Reed! You can't do this! We just got you back.
Reed: The police are coming. We can't evacuate, and even if we did there is nowhere to go.
Caitlin: It has to be you? I mean we're in a building filled with people with powers.
Reed: They didn't just escape from jail. They're looking for me. These people, they need to know which side I'm on. And if this is my chance to make things right, I have to take it.
Caitlin: What will I tell the kids?
Reed: Tell them I'll be back by dinner.
Caitlin: You better.

Clarice: I need to talk to you! Did you mess with my head?
Sonya Simonson: What do you mean?
Clarice: I was watching you with the Sentinal Service guy, and then I remembered something. Last week, the two of us started to have a conversation, and now that conversation's just gone. And now I can't go ten minutes without this memory of John coming back to me. I'm asking you straight up: did you mess with my head?
Sonya: You couldn't use your abilities, Johnny was in trouble, and if you were going to help you needed a connection to him.
Clarice: You had no right. Were you ever gonna tell me.
Sonya: Look, I know that you're angry, but you have to understand, people's lives were at stake.
Clarice: I don't have to understand anything! What you do is wrong! You decided that you needed to fix me, and now I get to live with the memory of loving someone I barely know, someone who doesn't love me.
Sonya: I can take it away if you want, I can remove the memory.
Clarice: Just stay away from me!

got your siX [1.6] Edit

John: Clarice, there's a federal building in Baton Rouge that we need to get into. I know it's a lot to ask, but we think there might be information in there about Sentinel Services and what they did to Pulse.
Clarice: So, is that all? That's all we need to talk about? You need the 4-1-1 on your old Marine buddy, so I just blink you into a building? I'm just a portable door-maker?
John: What?
Clarice: Fine, if you're not gonna bring it up, I will. Your friend, Dreamer, stuck a memory in my head, without mentioning it to me, or I don't know, asking my permission. A memory I'm sure you're familiar with, because it's a memory of you.
John: Alright, I'm sorry. I asked her not to do that.
Clarice: But when she did, you decided not to say anything about it.
John: It was an emergency. She did it to save the team and afterwards... we still needed your help.
Clarice: Oh, I get it. You didn't want to tell me because you wanted to use me. FYI, you're not making this any better. I've got my own issues to sort out, my own people to find.

Agent Weeks: Wow, hey, Agent Turner, what are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here.
Turner: You know what it's like to lose your only daughter? Twice? You have no idea what I've been through. [to an off-screen agent] What are you looking at Suarez?
Weeks: Jace, when was the last time you slept? You're in no condition to be at work.
Turner: Where else would I be?
Weeks: You're on a mandatory leave of absence. Everybody's heart broke for you and for Paula, but you're not supposed to be here.
Turner: [takes Weeks's badge and opens his office door] You're gonna call security? Tell them I'll be in my office.

Sonya: So you never told me, how did your conversation go with Clarice?
John: She left, so I'd say not well. It's about par for the course these days.
Sonya: If you're talking about Pulse, that wasn't your fault.
John: How do you figure that? I left him, I let Sentinel Services take him.
Sonya: You thought he was dead.
John: I was wrong! I should've saved him. I'm starting to think that maybe the X-Men made a mistake, choosing me to be part of The Underground.
Sonya: Johnny! You can't think that way. I know you want to live up to who your father was, but you're doing all you can.
John: It's not enough. We have more refugees in there than we could possibly save. I can barely protect a bunch of veterans.
Sonya: You were chosen for a reason. The X-Men said: "A war is coming".
John: They didn't say we'd win.

Marcos: Did you always want to be a dad?
Reed: Yeah, yeah I guess I did. You're gonna be a father. How about you?
Marcos: I don't know. I didn't know my dad much really. Even before he kicked me out for being a mutant. I was the oldest, supposed to run the family business, make him look good. Safe to say I disappointed him.
Reed: Listen, if we all turned out just like our fathers, I wouldn't be much of a dad myself.
Marcos: Yeah. How'd you figure it out? Parenting?
Reed: I haven't. But I can tell you this: nothing that they can do would make you love them less. You start there, and then you do the best you can.

[Andy is fidgeting with Monopoly pieces]
Reed: Hey, let me make something clear. I have always been proud of you. Always, you hear me?
Andy: Yeah.
Reed: Whatever it is that you're thinking, you can tell me. I want to hear, no matter what.
Andy: I'm thinking... you should be the shoe. [Hands Reed the shoe piece from the game]
Reed: Of course, I'm always the shoe.
Andy: Yeah.
[They start playing a game of Monopoly]

eXtreme measures [1.7] Edit

John: You're tough to track, you know that? You didn't leave much of a trail.
Clarice: Yeah? That was intentional.
John: Hey, listen. Sorry, alright? What happened with you and Sonya, I should've told you.
Clarice: You think? You know I still see that memory she put in my head? It's like a bad soap opera I can't escape.
John: I'm here to convince you to come back. You're not safe out here right now.
Clarice: You're concerned for my safety. That's why you came?
John: No, that's not all. The Underground needs you.
Clarice: The Underground, got it. Sorry, but that's your battle, not mine.

Dr. Roderick Campbell: [answering phone] What can I do for you Agent Turner?
Turner: For starters you can tell me what the hell happened in the conference room today.
Campbell: To our associate from the DOJ? That's gonna be hard to tell without an MRI. My guess, she burst a blood vessel in her brain. She'll live, but–
Turner: No doctor, I mean: what happened?
Campbell: Well, I think that's pretty clear, don't you? Our bureaucratic friend suffered an unfortunate medical incident.
Turner: So you're saying that it was a... coincidence? I'm saying it was convenient, and it was damn suspicious.
Campbell: How so? You were making a case for our program, I saved a woman's life. I think it's time to move on.
Turner: Listen, they're not just gonna leave us alone, okay? The DOJ will just send somebody else.
Campbell: Maybe, in a few weeks. Meanwhile, our work can proceed.
Turner: This is not–
Campbell: Glad to say Agent Turner, I liked your passion in there. Grace would've been proud.

Reed: I was looking for Lauren, but I think she's avoiding me.
Caitlin: Very perceptive, counselor.
Reed: I always knew we were gonna be arguing over curfews or trying to keep wrong guys away. But this? Didn't see this coming.
Caitlin: I know. It feels like with all that's happened, everything should just stop, but our kids keep growing up.
Reed: I just want to protect her.
Caitlin: I know. We were blind to so much about the world, about our family. That's why Lauren hid herself from us.
Reed: I can't change the past.
Caitlin: I know, but right now she doesn't need a prosecutor, she needs a dad.

Wes: I know you probably hate me.
Reed: I don't hate you. And what I think doesn't matter as much as what Lauren thinks, anyway. You mind if I sit?
Wes: Yeah, go ahead.
Reed: [sits next to Wes] All my life I've been enforcing laws. The way I saw it, society only worked if there were consequences for breaking the rules. Lately, my feelings about society have changed a bit, but it's something I still believe in. Maybe in a new way, but I do believe it. It's about trust. What you did was wrong, Wes. You know that, right?
Wes: Yeah. What'd they say when you told them?
Reed: I haven't told them. You have a choice to make, Wes. You can hope they don't find out, or you can tell them and take your choices. But I'm gonna leave it in your hands.

Marcos: Babe, I'm sorry I'm late.
Lorna: How's Marietta?
Marcos: It's fine. They just had some delays, so I had to wait a bit, but I got what they could give us. I ran down an old contact, explained our situation, and he managed to give us some cash. Should be enough to keep the lights on a few weeks.
Lorna: An old contact?
Marcos: Yeah, in support of the cause, you know?
Lorna: Yeah, I know. [breaks off Marcos' lucky amulet] So how's Carmen doing?
Marcos: Okay, babe, you don't understand.
Lorna: I saw you with her. I think I understand perfectly.
Marcos: No, you don't. When you were in jail, the only way I could get you was to go to Carmen, for information. But I had to agree to work for her.
Lorna: And you weren't gonna mention this to me? It just never came up?
Marcos: I did this for you! And for our baby! The only reason I kept it from you was because... I just... I didn't know how to tell you, Lorna. I didn't know.
Lorna: Well, now you've told me. [throws amulet on the floor and walks off]

threat of eXtinction [1.8] Edit

Sonya: Hey, I know things have been awkward since you got back. I hope there's no hard feelings between us.
Clarice: Well, I'm gonna have to disappoint you. I'm only here for one reason. My foster parents were slaughtered by the Sentinel Services, and I'm going to fight back. This is a war and we're on the same side. It's the only relationship we need.

[Marcos stops Lorna from torturing the captured Sentinel Services turned mutant]
Lorna: Is this a joke?
Marcos: What?
Lorna: Weren't you the inquisitor for your cartel friends, but it's okay when you do it for Carmen, but it's not okay for us?
Marcos: Look, it's hard to explain.
Lorna: It seems like a lot of things are hard for you to explain these days.

Otto Strucker: There's something you need to see. It's better you know everything. [takes out photos from a box] This is my father, Andreas von Strucker. My father and his sister Andrea did unspeakable things, they were terrorists. They were also mutants.
Reed: [looking at newspaper clippings from the box] This was all them?
Otto: All of it, and more.
Reed: What could they do?
Otto: Apart, they had the same abilities as your children. Together though, they were known as Fenris, the wolf. And they were more powerful than you can imagine.
Reed: Wait, if they were mutants−
Otto: Yes, Reed, your children's mutations were inherited. I am a mutant.
Reed: It's not possible.
Otto: Please, just let me finish. [showing a photo of him as a child] They tried to raise me to be like them, but I ran away.
Reed: That's you?
Otto: I hid my powers from everyone, even your mother. You have to understand, our family's abilities set us apart even from other mutants. It was too much, I had to stop it.
Reed: How could you possibly stop it?
Otto: That's what brought me to Trask. A research project to eliminate the X-gene. I never found what they wanted, a serum that worked on all mutants. But I made a version that worked on one mutant, and gave it to you.

[Andy stood up for Lauren]
Lauren: Thanks.
Andy: You're my sister. Nobody talks to you like that but me.

Clarice: I need a favour, and you're the only one that can help.
Sonya: What is it?
Clarice: There's a new kid that came in, a refugee. She had the same foster parents as me. When I got sick and my portals went crazy, I kept trying to portal back there and that's how they found them. She watched them die, and now she can't stop dreaming about it. It's all my fault. I can't take those memories away from her, but you can.

outfoX [1.9] Edit

Sonya: Johnny, are you alright?
John: How can I be alright? Maybe Esme has a point.
Sonya: But she's just a scared kid, Who has no idea what she's talking about.
John: She was right about one thing. Pulse. I left him behind and they took him to that lab.
Sonya: That's not on you, Johnny. And continuing to blame yourself is not doing anybody any good. Besides, don't you think it's strange that she knew about Pulse? I mean, she just got here.
John: She's a telepath, Sonya. Maybe she picked it up off me. It doesn't change the fact that I gave up on my friend, and they turned him into a monster. I'll be damned if I let that happen to anybody else.

Reed: So, what happened in the vault?
Caitlin: What did you feel exactly?
Andy: Everything around us kind of disappeared. And it's like there wasn't two of us anymore. There was just one.
Lauren: It's like we're seeing out of the same eyes.
Reed: You said you could've destroyed a building. How did you know that?
Lauren: I could feel it. Andy pushes things apart, right? I do the opposite, I can pull them together.
Andy: Combined it was like we could do whatever we wanted. I mean, we were looking at the wall in front of us and we could of just vaporized it. Maybe if we practice–
Lauren: Practice?
Andy: What? We can do it. We might as well get better at it.
Reed: You've been given a gift, and a power like that can hurt people. You can't just go around using–
Andy: So we should just stuff it down and bury it, like your dad did? How'd that work out?
Caitlin: That's way out of balance, Andy.
Andy: Mom, it's who we are, okay? It's who I am.
Reed: Andy, sometimes you can't control your own powers.
Andy: I see, so I'm just some kind of monster. [gets up to leave the room]
Caitlin: That's not what he meant.
Andy: At least you have one kid you can actually trust. [leaves room]

Marcos: Listen, we need to talk about the other night.
Lorna: It was a nightmare, it's nothing.
Marcos: Nothing? It's not nothing. I think all the furniture in our room would disagree. Look, if you're worried about the baby–
Lorna: If? Of course I'm worried about the baby.
Marcos: Why?
Lorna: I'm not sure this place is gonna make it.
Marcos: No matter what, I will protect you, and that kid. It's a promise.
Lorna: I don't know if that's a promise you can keep.

John: This would've been so much easier if we had Pulse with us.
Marcos: Yeah.
John: He could've taken out every automated gun in that place.
Marcos: Of course we'd be hearing tales of his awesomeness for months.
John: I miss him.
Marcos: Yeah, me too. But John, you weren't the only person who left him there that night. That's on all of us, not just you. Today we get to make it up to him.

Caitlin: How did you deal with it? The nerves?
Reed: The first few times, I threw up.
Caitlin: Really? You never told me that.
Reed: We were still dating, and I was trying to impress you.

eXploited [1.10] Edit

Turner: Miss Simonson, do you remember the last time we met? Of course, it's a little hazy for me because you scrambled my brain to cover your tracks, but it turns out that you took my memories of the last few days of my daughter's life. I went home that night to read her a bed-time story, and my wife had to stop me and remind me that she was dead, and that she had been for four years. So, thanks to you, over the last few weeks I've had the opportunity to lose... my only child. All over again.
Sonya: [shaking her head] That... that was an accident. [tearing up] I'm so sorry.
Turner: You're sorry? [bangs the table angrily] You think I want an apology from you? [shakes his head] No. I want you to pay, and I want you to know that this is extremely personal for me.

[Caitlin and Reed driving through a neighborhood]
Caitlin: Reminds you of our own neighborhood, doesn't it? Lawns, flags...
Reed: I wonder how patriotic they'd feel if they knew their fellow Americans were being used as science experiments 15 miles away.
Caitlin: Honestly, I... I think a lot of them would be fine with it. You think people couldn't water the lawn, or put up holiday decorations, knowing that people are suffering, but... I did.
Reed: We all did.

Reed: They're in there now! Please, you know this is wrong.
Turner: No, I know this is legal. I know this is authorized.
Reed: Just because it's legal, it makes it right?
Turner: I'm not gonna debate this with you! [pause] I don't know what you two expected to come out of this. I'm not in the habit of helping people who threaten my family.
Reed: I'm trying to save my children!
Turner: Yeah, you're children, who were apprehended attacking a key infrastructure facility, which makes them terrorists.
Reed: Terrorists? They are high school students.
Turner: You wanna talk about how bad off your kids are? Our child is gone! [pause] Whatever their circumstances, your kids are alive.
Reed: But for how long? That's your justification for experimenting on them? Torturing them? A 15-year-old and a 17-year old–
Caitlin: Reed, please. [to Jace] I know how upsetting this must be. When you came into my house with a gun, I was terrified. Believe me, this is the last place I want to be right now. So I'm going to say this, and then we're gonna go. The program our children are in, I've seen what it does first-hand. They pump the mutants full of drugs until they are hopelessly addicted. They're given mental conditioning so they have to do what they're told and... and then they are sent to kill everyone they love. They may be alive, but that... that's worth than death. [gets up and leaves, followed by Reed]

Lauren: It's our fault.
Andy: She told us not to do it.
Lauren: And we did it anyway! She died for nothing! He just blew her away, like she wasn't even a real person.
Andy: Isn't it like you said? It's going to be okay, right? We just have to be strong–
Lauren: It doesn't matter anymore, Andy. Don't you get that? Whatever he wanted, we just gave it to him.

Campbell: Agent Turner, this is a surprise.
Turner: [looks around the room] What happened here?
Campbell: Nothing to worry about. What can I do for you?
Turner: I've been reviewing the status of the detainees here. I'm not satisfied that any of this is legal.
Campbell: Uh, we had a deal, I believe.
Turner: Yeah, we did. I'm revisiting that deal, and I'm taking the mutants. [looks at the security feed] Where's the redhead? Sonya Simonson?
Campbell: There was an incident during one of our experiments and she didn't make it, I'm afraid.
Turner: [pause] An incident? [Campbell nods] We're gonna talk about that incident right after I take all of the detainees back to Sentinel Services. Let's go.

3 X 1 [1.11] Edit

Turner: [at Weeks' funeral] Edward Weeks was a good man. He was a good agent and he was my friend. He lived a life of service and he gave the ultimate sacrifice.
Lorna: [at Dreamer's funeral] Everything Dreamer did, she did it for everyone here. She could've disguised herself as a human forever, but she chose to live here with us, her true family.
Turner: I grew up in my grandad's church. There's a story that I learned there that I think is relevant today. In the beginning the God loved one angel above all of the others. To him he gave special gifts, he made that angel beautiful and powerful. But one day that angel decided that he wanted to rule over heaven. That angel disobeyed God and for that he was cast down out of heaven. That angel was Lucifer. We have, living among us, some who have been given special gifts. Some who, like Lucifer, have followed their pride into darkness. They ask for understanding, they ask for tolerance. But I am done tolerating evil.
Marcos: It's days like today that remind us that we're up against people that don't think of us as human. And they will point to our differences, but the simple fact is this: we love like they do, we die like they do, we grieve like they do. We share that today. And Sonya will not be forgotten, and I promise, we will find justice for her.
Turner: I promise you, we will find the mutants responsible for this and bring them to justice. And we will never ever forget our friend.

Reed: We understand this place is full of difficult memories now. It's one of the reasons that we've been thinking that maybe we should move on.
Lauren: What?
Andy: Move on? You mean "give up".
Caitlin: No one's giving up. We're gonna be part of this fight, no matter where we go. It's just with everything we've been through...
Andy: The worst of it is already over! Alright? That psycho doctor's already done with all his tests and–
Reed: Guys, we almost lost you a few days ago.
Caitlin: There is so much tension between everyone right now. We can't get caught in the middle.
Reed: And maybe that means that we go to Mexico, like we talked about.
Lauren: So that's it? You've made up your mind, right? We're just gonna run away?
Reed: Going to Mexico isn't running away. There are refugees that need help there too, maybe more than here.
Andy: Yeah, but here is where we can make a difference.
Lauren: He's right. I want to do something.
Reed: Right now I think we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this.

Marcos: What's going on?
Caitlin: We're leaving.
Marcos: Well, John said that you asked about trying to get to Mexico, but I thought... And you're really doing this now?
Reed: Yeah, we were just out to Fairburn.
Marcos: We need you guys here. The help you've been giving us with the... the school and the kids...
Caitlin: It was a hard decision, but Esme and her sisters back...
Marcos: I don't want them here. That's why we have to stick together!
Reed: It's too late for that, Marcos. The last time she was here, Esme played us all against each other. If she does that again–
Marcos: She won't. We'll be on our guard next time.
Caitlin: I... I wish that was enough, but she's already turned some of the mutants here against us. Just because we talked to a Sentinel Service agent.
Marcos: Well for what it is worth, this mutant wants you here.

Lauren: I keep thinking... what if I'd have done something different? Maybe Sonya would still be–
Wes: Hey, hey. You can't take back what happened. But you can let it make you stronger.
Lauren: How do I do that?
Wes: I like to think a lot of bad stuff happened to me, but it had to happen because it led me here, to this.
Lauren: Stacking boxes?
Wes: Hell, yeah! If I didn't have this job stacking boxes, I would've never been here when you showed up.
Lauren: You know my family's supposed to be going to Mexico. I might not be here much longer.
Wes: Yeah, that's okay. Because even just a day, five minutes, I would've wanted to be here. Couldn't not see you again.

John: We need to decide what to do.
Marcos: As far as I'm concerned, the psychics are a non-starter.
Lorna: Because their tactics make you uncomfortable?
Marcos: Uncomfortable? They murdered a dozen people without even blinking! We don't know the first thing about them!
Clarice: We do know one thing about them. They saved our asses.
Marcos: They saved themselves, and pulled us right into an all-out war with Sentinel Services.
John: Congress could declare martial law.
Clarice: So? They didn't need martial law when they killed my foster parents.
Lorna: Exactly. Why should we fight with one hand tied behind our backs? We need all the allies we can get! Do you want to cling to your ideals or do you want to survive?
Marcos: We can't just chuck our principles because it's convenient! You know, the X-Men chose us for a reason, and it's not because we can kill. If we wanted to kill people, we would've done it a thousand times already, but we didn't! We have to be better than that. Now, we need to take out the Hound program, and we will, Lorna, but we have to do it our way.

eXtraction [1.12] Edit

Lorna: I don't see a move here. The Hounds are already out there. They're kicking our asses.
Esme Frost: It's a secret program. We can kill it, but it has to happen soon. Our sources tell us Dr. Campbell is working his political connections to take it national.
John: What do you mean?
Esme: He's attending the Humanity Today Summit in Charlotte, tomorrow.
Clarice: "Humanity Today?" Is that seriously what they call it?
Esme: I guess they thought it sounded better than "Kill the Muties."

Clarice: Back in Clark County, I had trouble with some purifiers, basically got run out of town. I was pissed, started looking for people who felt the same way. I found some mutants who were pushing back and it turned out that they were part of the Brotherhood.
John: You joined the Brotherhood?
Clarice: I didn't join anything! I helped them with a few things and when they asked me to do stuff I wasn't down for, I bailed.
John: Why didn't you tell us?
Clarice: Sage asked me what I was arrested for. Nothing I did with them.
John: That's not how it works and you know it!
Clarice: I know I shouldn't of worked with them, but–
John: It's not about that. It's about hiding it from us.
Clarice: Look, I didn't tell you this before because for the first time in forever I felt safe. I just didn't want to lose that.

Lorna: Before we head out, I want to talk to you.
Marcos: Yeah, what is it?
Lorna: It's about the Frosts.
Marcos: What about them?
Lorna: Look, we're working with them, like it or not.
Marcos: Yeah, I'm in the "not" camp.
Lorna: I'm not asking you to change your mind about them, but we have a job to do.
Marcos: What do you expect me to do, Lorna? Pretend like we're one big happy family?
Lorna: No, of course not. Come on, we're the family. That's the point. There's no way they can come between us. Look, don't this for them, do this for me.
Marcos: Okay.

Clarice: Something piss you off? Was it the Frosts? [off Lorna's look] Yeah, they tried working on me too. Their whole "we're not so different" thing.
Lorna: Yeah, well... they might have a point with that.
Clarice: What are you talking about?
Lorna: They uh... They talked about the guy they think is my birth father. Said he was a part of all of this.
Clarice: So what if he is? Lorna, I know about this. You don't get born looking like me without having major X-genes in your family tree. You know, for a while I thought that mattered. I thought that all the bad guys in my family's past made me one too. Took me too long to realize that a tiny speck of DNA, it doesn't take charge of who you are. I really hope you realize that sooner than I did.

Caitlin: What happened in that parking lot? We came outside, you were both on the ground, and you haven't been speaking to each other.
Andy: Just a disagreement, right?
Lauren: A disagreement? You attacked those agents.
Andy: They were gonna shoot us, I stopped them, and we got away.
Lauren: You almost killed that guy.
Andy: Yeah, key word: "almost."
Caitlin: Guys, I don't know what's going on, but we need to stick together as a family right now.
Andy: Tell her that, not me.
Caitlin: What?
Andy: Last time I checked, I'm the one person in this family who's actually proud to be a Von Strucker.

X-roads [1.13] Edit

Lauren: There are people to protect here. When the X-men founded this place, they didn't say "run off whenever you're pissed".
Andy: Our friends might not be coming back. Aren't you pissed?
Lauren: Of course I am, but we have a job here.
Reed: Guys, we can't keep fighting each other.
Caitlin: Your father's right. We have to be strong as a family.
Andy: I'm the one who wants us to be strong!
Lauren: You mean you want us to be the Von Struckers again. You sound like the Frost sisters.
Andy: What's wrong with that? They're willing to face reality. The humans are coming after us.
Reed: The humans, Andy? Am I coming after you? Is your mom?

Lorna: I thought if we had a child, that it would have it easier than we did, that we would build a better world where are our kid wouldn't have to hide.
Marcos: We are building a better world. It's just taking some time. We have to have faith.
Lorna: I always love that about you, that you have faith.

Lauren: Look, I know you're going through a lot right now. What happened at that lab affected me too.
Andy: Affected you how? I mean you're acting like nothing's changed.
Lauren: That day changed everything for me. All those people dying, I can't get it out of my head. But we have to focus on making things better. We rescued Dad and Lorna, we helped save Trader when he was shot. Didn't that feel good?
Andy: Yeah, of course it did, but we're not little kids playing X-men anymore. This is real. There are people trying to hurt us, and we have the power to stop them.
Lauren: You mean the power to destroy them.
Andy: You're the one who denied your abilities and almost destroyed the whole family. Why would you want to do that again?

John: Hey, the hell's going on?
Esme: Something wrong?
Marcos: Yeah, something's wrong. We can't find Lorna.
John: She left with your sisters.
Esme: They're doing what you couldn't. Campbell and Montez filed a flight plan. They flight out of Morrison Air Center in 20 minutes. The most important thing is to make sure he doesn't get to D.C., ever.
Clarice: Woah, it's an assassination now?
John: Look, I hate that son-of-a-bitch, but that goes against everything we stand for!
Esme: John, please.
John: No! If we start killing, it's gonna make life worse for mutants, everywhere.
Esme: John, life is already worse for mutants everywhere. You know I'm right!
Marcos: Oh shut up!
Esme: Marcos–
Marcos: Don't say another word! We are gonna go get Lorna, right now. And if I see your eyes turn blue, I swear to God I will be the last thing you see.

Marcos: Please, just listen to me! Now, we will figure this out. I don't care about the X-men! I don't care about the Brotherhood! I care about my family.
Lorna: That's what I care about too, but I'm tired of hiding. We have to take a stand.
Marcos: Not like this. This changes everything. This will change everything. Our kid has to live in this world.
Lorna: It's time to make a new world.

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