The Giant Gila Monster

1959 film by Ray Kellogg

The Giant Gila Monster is a 1959 film about a giant lizard, which terrorizes a rural Texas community with a heroic teenager attempting to destroy the creature.

Have you heard the reports of a "giant lizard"?
Directed by Ray Kellogg. Written by Jay Simms.
Only Hell could breed such an enormous beast. Only God could destroy it! 


Mr. Wheeler: I guess with Compton gone, that puts Chase out of a job.
Sheriff Jeff: That's right.
Mr. Wheeler: Make it a point to send him around to see me in the morning.
Sheriff Jeff: I'll *bring* him around in the morning!

Mr. Wheeler: Let me ask you something else. Have you heard the reports about a "giant lizard"?
Sheriff Jeff: (Nods yes)
Mr. Wheeler: Do you believe 'em?
Sheriff Jeff: (Nods no) I don't know Mr. Wheeler. It doesn't seem possible
Mr. Wheeler: Well, why not? There've been giants before!
Sheriff Jeff: That's true. But how could anything that big go unnoticed in this area?

Chase Winstead: Where's Pat and Liz?
Bob: Maybe their car broke down?
Chase Winstead: Hey! I worked on that car myself!
Bob: That wouldn't make any difference if he goofed the speed shift or something!
Chase Winstead: And that squirrel is just the one that could do it!

Sheriff Jeff: *What* did you hit him with?
Chase Winstead: My brand new, 100% completed hot rod.
Sheriff Jeff: You'd have had to start in the next county to get up enough momentum to do that to him.
Chase Winstead: Not with 4 quarts of nitro glycerin riding with me.
Mr. Wheeler: You drove across that rough field carrying nitro?
Chase Winstead: Yes sir!
Sheriff Jeff: Do you realize what could have happened?
Chase Winstead: It did. I lost my car!
Sheriff Jeff: Don't worry about that, the railroad will be *glad* to buy you a new one.


  • Don Sullivan as Chase Winstead
  • Fred Graham — Sheriff Jeff
  • Lisa Simone as Lisa
  • Shug Fisher — Old Man Harris
  • Bob Thompson — Mr. Wheeler

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