The Ghoul (1933 film)

1933 film by T. Hayes Hunter

The Ghoul is a 1933 film about an Egyptologist who returns from the dead to take revenge on those who have violated his tomb.

Directed by T. Hayes Hunter. Written by Rupert Downing.
From the Depths of the Earth, He Will Rise.  (taglines)


  • We all know that dead men don't come back.
  • Almost his last words were a threat to return from the dead. In my opinion, he was mad!


  • Kaney: That's the last time I'll ever try to make coffee in a strange house!


Prof. Morlant: You're afraid of me!
Laing: [Shakes his head] I'm afraid FOR you.
Prof. Morlant: [Referring to the jewel] If this should leave me, you'll have reason to fear... for when the full moon strikes the door of my tomb, I will come back. You hear? I will come back to kill!

Nigel Hartley: I happened to be staying in the neighborhood, and hearing of your master's illness I took the liberty of calling. How is he tonight?
Laing: He'll never see the morning.
Nigel Hartley: He has not asked for anyone of my cloth?
Laing: Nor will he. He's set in his ways, and they are the ways of the heathen.
Nigel Hartley: I know he won't see the rector, but though I'm a comparative stranger, I don't like to leave a man to die like that.
Laing: He'll die in his own fashion as he has lived.
Nigel Hartley: Still, sometimes at the end...
Laing: Not him! He's stubborn and unbending and will be so at the throne itself!


  • An Ancient Curse Is About To Be Unleashed.
  • From the Depths of the Earth, He Will Rise.
  • Weird Happenings in a House of Mystery


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