The Full Monty

1997 film directed by Peter Cattaneo

The Full Monty is a 1997 British comedy about six unemployed Sheffield steel workers who form a male striptease act, cheered on by women to go for "the full monty" — total nudity.

Directed by Peter Cattaneo and written by Simon Beaufoy.
The year's most revealing comedy.Taglines

Gary 'Gaz' Schofield

  • I've got a degree in arse-wiggling, mate.


Police Inspector: So your daddy dances in front of you, does he?
Nathan: When he's rehearsing.

Gaz: Y'know Dave, it's a thought...
Gerald: Ha! I could just see Little and Large prancing around Sheffield with their widgers hanging out. Now that would be worth 10 quid!
Gaz: Don't be so bloody daft. We were just saying...
Gerald: [teases by mimicking binoculars] Widgers on parade! Bring your own microscopes!
Dave: I don't see why the chuff not, Gerald.
Gerald: Because you're fat and he's thin, and you're both fucking ugly!

Dave: I mean, what if next Friday 400 women turn 'round and say "He's too fat, he's too old and he's a pigeon-chested little tosser"? What happens then, eh?
Horse: They wouldn't say that, would they?
Dave: Why not? He's just said her tits are too big.
Lomper: That's different. We're... blokes.
Dave: Yeah, and...
Gerald: I think she's got nice tits, actually.
Lomper: I never said nowt about her personality, like. I mean, she's probably quite nice if you get to know her.
Dave: No. And they won't say nowt about your personality neither, which is good 'cause you're basically a bastard. Bollocks to your personality — this is what they're looking at, right? And I'll tell you summat, mate. Anti-wrinkle cream there may be, but anti-fat-bastard cream there is none.

Dave: I've been dieting. I do try. Seems like I spent most of me fuckin' life on a diet. The less I eat, the fatter I get.
Lomper: So, stuff yourself and get thin.

Gerald: Fat, David, is a feminist issue.
Dave: Well, what's that supposed to mean when it's at home?
Gerald: I don't bloody know, do I? But it is.

[The team recruits Guy]
Gaz: You don't sing?
Guy: No.
Gaz: You don't dance?
Guy: No.
Gaz: Hope you don't mind me being nosy, but what do you do?
Guy: Well, there is this...[strips down pants and underwear]
Gaz: [coughs smoke, then long pause] Gentlemen, the lunchbox has landed.

Dave: [discussing possible means of suicide] I know. You could stand in middle of road and have a mate run smack into you right fast.
Lomper: Haven't got any mates.
Gaz: Listen to you. We just saved your fucking life. So don't tell us we're not your mates, all right?
Lomper: Really?
Gaz: Yeah.
Lomper: Thanks. Thanks a lot.
Dave: Yeah, me an'all, I'd run into ya as soon as look at ya.
Lomper: Cheers.


  • Six men. With nothing to lose. Who dare to go....
  • The year's most revealing comedy.


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