The Frighteners

1996 film by Peter Jackson

The Frighteners is a 1996 New Zealand-American film, about an architect who sees ghosts.

Directed by Peter Jackson and written by Fran Walsh.
Dead yet?(taglines)

Frank Bannister edit

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Dialogue edit

Dammers: My body is a roadmap of pain. And pain has its valves

Cyrus: You know if I wanted to get shot at everyday, I'd move my ass to Los Angeles!

[last lines]
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: Boy that Dammers guy, he sure looks pissed.
Frank Bannister: [without realizing] Yeah.
[the penny suddenly drops and Frank looks back in surprise at Lucy]
Dr. Lucy Lynskey: Well sometimes Frank, you see when you go through a traumatic experience, it kind of alters your perception.

[Frank is passing through a graveyard with numerous ghosts around, when one ghost in the uniform of a U.S. Marine shows up]
Sergeant Hiles: What in the hell is going on out here?! [The ghosts all gasp and fall back into their graves] Get back in your graves!
Frank Bannister: Aw, son of a-!
Sergeant Hiles: Holy Jesus! Frank Bannister!
Frank Bannister: Go ahead, I'll handle this.
[His ghost friend goes off to run ahead while Bannister stays behind]
Sergeant Hiles: What in the hell are you doing in my graveyard?! You have been told to stay away! [pause] SOUND OFF LIKE YOU GOT A PAIR!
Frank Bannister: Yeah, well, it's a public place, Hiles.
Sergeant Hiles: I do not like you! You cannot bring your spooks in here without MY PERMISSION! DISAPPEAR, SCUMBAG! [throws a punch; Frank tries to hit back but is unable to] I am not one of your shitty little emanations, Bannister! You cannot push spirits around! You are scum! Using spooks to put the Frighteners on people! THAT MAKES ME PHYSICALLY ILL! We got a lot of lowlives around here! [He changes into a heavily armed Marine with two M60 machine guns] And I will provide an armed responses at the first signs of trouble! They must be contained! [He starts firing his guns everywhere so that all the spirits duck back into their graves]
Frank Bannister: Catch you later, Hiles. [hurries away]
Sergeant Hiles: Hey! My tour of duty runs another 85 years! There's a piece of dirt with your name on it, Bannister! I'm waiting for you, you little maggot!

[an Elvis statuette flies around the room during a Poltergeist appearance]
Ray Lynskey: He's alive!

Judge: Give it up, Frank! Death ain't no way to make a living!

Frank Bannister: The chicken was not scary, Stuart. The chicken was stupid.

Taglines edit

  • Something has put the fear of death in the living and sent the dead running for their lives.
  • No Rest for the Wicked.
  • Dead yet?
  • Your number's up!
  • Frightening, isn't it?
  • When your number's up, its up.
  • Death is no way to make a living!

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