The Fox and the Hound 2

2006 American direct-to-video animated film

The Fox and the Hound 2 is a 2006 direct-to-video sequel to the 1981 Disney animated film The Fox and the Hound. The story takes place during the youth of Tod and Copper, in which Copper is tempted to join a band of singing stray dogs.

Directed by Jim Kammerud. Screenplay by Roger S. H. Schulman.


(concerning a cricket)
Copper: There you are, Tod.
Tod: Shh. I found one.
(peering through grass)
Copper: No way! Look at the size of that thing.
Tod: Sure is ugly. (Hey Cooper?)
Copper: (What?!)
Tod: (Look rally car (laughs) He-ha-ha-ha-ha!)
Copper: It's a monster!
Tod: I can smell its evil breath from here. (sniffs)
Copper: No, uh, that's me. I had socks for lunch.
Tod: Ugh!
Tod & Copper: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Widow Tweed: You're going to lose your head one of these days, Amos Slade.
Amos Slade: It's my head, woman! Goodboy. Okay, Chief?! Get goin'!

Copper: (hearing the Singin' Strays rehearsing) There's that sound again. Sounds pretty good.
Tod: Sounds like somebody got their tail stuck in a door.

Cash: (describing Dixie under his breath) Voice like an angel...with looks to match.
Granny Rose: Oh, please.

Dixie: (after getting whacked by a loose floorboard) Darn this one-horse, two-bit, free-timing fair!
Cash: Now, Dixie, it ain't like it smacked your singing. Can we get back to rehearsing, please?
Dixie: I refuse to work under these conditions.
Granny Rose: Uh-oh. Here we go.
Cash: Well, I'll tell you what, Dixie. You rehearse, and afterwards I'll give that piece of wood a good ol' talking-to.
Floyd: I got 2 bones on Dixie.
Waylon: I'll cover that.
Dixie: It just so happens I am a professional, and my standards...
Cash: Oh, now Dixie, darling, you put on that same old record every day. Ain't it just about wore out by now?
Dixie: You have some nerve talking to me that way, Cash. If your ear were any more tin, they could can beans with it.
Cash: Well, you listen to me, Miss Fancy Tail. In a couple of days, we will be in front of that talent scout from the Grand Old Opry.
Dixie: I get possibly maimed for life, and all you can talk about is the Grand Old Opry?
Cash: Oh, now, Dixie...
Dixie: I'll be in my trailer.
Cash: Darling, we got a show to do. You can't just walk... (Dixie left) ...away.

Dixie: Just what do you think you're doing?
Cash: A little audience participation. And that kid wowed em!
Dixie: Kid? What kid?
Copper: Bye, Mr. Cash.
Cash: (laughs) That kid.
Granny Rose: Little critter was heaven-sent.
Dixie: That sang my lead?
Cash: Oh, no. He didn't just sing it. He sang it.
Dixie: You don't mean to tell me that that wet-behind-the-ears puppy could ever take my place in a band.
Cash: I didn't say that. Although he does have that refreshing, blooming youth about him.
Dixie: (taking this as a comment about her appearance) (gasps) Just what exactly are you saying?
Cash: Well what do you think I'm saying?
Dixie: You'd better not be saying what I think you're saying.
Cash: I think you know what I think I'm saying.
Dixie: I think you'd better know that what you're saying isn't what I think you're saying.
Cash: Why do you always...
Dixie: Only 'cause you never...
Cash: What if I said to you...
Dixie: You know what I say?
Cash: Ooh! You know, this is just like the time when you...
Dixie: (stammering) You'd better not bring that up.
Cash: Hmph! Well, I think we've both been perfectly clear.
Dixie: [to Cash] Ooh, perfectly. I quit!
Cash: Huh?

[Cash is trying to apologize to Dixie after she quit]
Cash: Oh, Dixie, you ain't mad over a little joshing are ya? I was only teasin' you. You know how I feel about you.
Dixie: Yeah, you have a lousy way of showin' it! [slams the bus door]
Cash: I am trying to kiss and make up here. Now, won't you please accept my apology?
Dixie: Blow it out your ear!? [slams the bus door again]
Cash: Alright, you diva dog, but I'm in charge of this band, and ain't no 1's indispensable!
Dixie: You're in charge? [laughs] Which one of us is in the driver's seat?
Cash: Now, listen, you-- ! [Dixie slams the bus door on Cash's nose and mouth] Now you've got me riled.

Dixie: Ok!
Cash: Hey, Dixie.
Dixie: You come crawling back.
Cash: Oh, uh, by the way, you can't quit, you're fired.
Dixie: [Cash leaves] Oh! What?! You can't fire me! I already quit! Cash, you get back-- [the door slams on her nose and mouth; just like Cash earlier] Now you've got me riled.

Tod: Uh...
Copper: [to Tod] Course he can sing. Show him, Tod.
Tod: ♪ We're in a-- ♪

Winchell P. Bickerstaff: Ahem. Chaperone, huh?
Olivia Farmer: I'm working to get my community service merit badge.
Winchell P. Bickerstaff: Well, that's quite admirable, little lady.
Olivia Farmer: Then I'll have more than Sally Ann Merrybaum. Thinks she's so great.

Olivia Farmer: Wasn't he amazing, the way he ate fire, Mr. Bickerstaff? (looking up at his face, which is out of view of the camera) Maybe you shouldn't have stood so close.

Zelda: Honey, I don't blame you for feeling hurt.
Dixie: Hurt? What do you mean by that? You think Cash could hurt me?
(Zelda gives Dixie a skeptical look)

Dixie: Well, there's more than one way to skin a cat.
(Zelda clears her throat)
Dixie: Uh, no offense.

Cash: You're gonna go home. (You're never speaking to my childish again.)
Copper: But...the band--
Cash: Don't you get it?! (This is Tod's fault!) You're fired!?
Boys: [angry] *Never!*
Granny Rose: [to Mr. Cash] You know what, (I'll never tell you and) we you used to be alot more fun to be around. (I'm done! You're grounded!)
Cash: (Wait, what?) Oh, now, come on. Where you goin'? Hey... Oh, yeah, fine! We don't need you either! Right, boys?
Waylon: Sorry, Cash.
Floyd: Yeah, All you care about is music and fine when you don’t seem to care about how much fun music can be. (This never would’ve happened in the first place!
Waylon: And just for that, We quit too! If that little hound dog is fired, then we will too!
Cash: (Look, guys, Just let me explain for once. I know this was never meant to happen at all, but just listen…)
Granny Rose: (Well, don’t blame us! You’re going to have to have a good thing about what you done. And since we feel bad for that little hound pup, we are quitting as well!) [The band leaves with Cash, feeling upset and saddened about the incident. He turns to Dixie full of anger]
Cash: Happy now?
Dixie: No!
Cash: You know what, Boys, it's my fault and won't happen again! Dixie, look at your done!
[Cash and Dixie arguing]
Tod: Copper, I'm sorry. I just wanted--
Copper: You ruined anything!?

Dixie: [arrives Copper's house after he got fired and Tod's fault with Waylon and Floyd feeling bad and Granny Rose tells never Mr. Cash] Copper?
Copper: [saw Dixie] Dixie? What are you doin' here?
Dixie: [tells Copper the truth about her plan] I just thought you should know that blowing your cover was my idea. Not Tod's. I guess I just lost sight of what's really important. And, darlin', I'm awful sorry. He never wanted to hurt you. He just wanted you to be his friend again. Well... That's what I came to say.
Copper: [realizes his mistake for blaming Tod back at the fair and thinks he owes Tod an apology]

Dixie: Well, there you go, Cash. You just got what you always wanted.
Cash: Well maybe I had it all along.
Dixie: (eyes widen) Well, what are you saying?
Cash: Well, what do you think I'm saying?
Dixie: Well, you'd better be saying what I think you're saying.
Cash: Well, I think you know what I'm saying is what you think I'm saying.
Dixie: Well, I thought you'd never ask.


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