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The Forgotten (2009-2010) is an American crime drama that aired on ABC. It was about a group of people who were part of The Forgotten Network and helped identify John and Jane Does.

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

Jane Doe: [addressing the viewing audience in voiceover] Look at them all. Heading to work, living their lives. All with a story to tell, all with a future. I was like them. I was like you. And then... then this happened to me. I was on my way somewhere. I had plans, dreams. I had people who loved me. I had a family. But now all I can is wait and hope the police will do all they can. I'm not waiting to be saved. It's too late for that. I'm waiting to be found.

Lindsay: So they explained you who we are, The Forgotten Network?
Tyler: Judge said you are a victim's rights group and that I'm your best friend for the next 200 hours.
Lindsay: We help identify John and Jane Does. A body is found with no wallet or anything, friends and family haven't come forward, the police have done what they can with the time they've had. But at this certain point, they have no choice, they have to move on to fresher cases.
Tyler: You guys do this for free?
Lindsay: Yeah, yeah, we're volunteers.

Tyler: Did you like, lose someone or something?
Candace: No, just my mind out of a day job that I hate.

Jane Doe: [addressing the viewing audience in voiceover] Jessica was a friend when I needed one the most. She helped me fit in. She taught me how it all worked. We had a million ideas about everything. We even talked about moving to L.A. together. But then I saw Mrs. Jecks, and I realized it was time to stop being Vivian. It was time to go home. I decided to tell Jessica the truth about who I was, where I was from. She was so angry. She said I'd ruined all our plans. She said she trusted me and I betrayed her. I got scared. I told her to stop the car. It was the last thing I ever said.

Diamond Jane [1.02]

Jane Doe: [addressing the viewing audience in voiceover] What if you could choose your family? Would you change things? Change them? Not me. I loved my family. I think that's the hardest part. Knowing I won't get to start a family of my own. That... and knowing I may never get home again.

Alex: What?
Det. Russell: Nothing... I wish you could come with us. You were always good under pressure.
Alex: I miss it too. I... This is what I do now

Jane Doe: [voiceover]I'm back now, back with the people who know me. Back because a different kind of family cared enough to bring me home.

Football John [1.03]

John Doe: [addressing the viewing audience in voiceover] What gives your life meaning? Gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning, a sense of purpose? I thought I knew. I thought I had a purpose. And when I lost it, I lost myself. And then died, trying to get it back.

Walter: Hey Alex, about the other day... I need this, you know. I just do.
Alex: I know the feeling.
Walter: So we're cool?
Alex: Walter, if you tried to quit I would come after you.

Candace: OK, Walter, what's the deal?
Walter: Nothing, I'm fine :[pauses] I don't know. Tom just got me thinking I guess. Do you know he scored a touchdown in the '97 playoffs? Centers don't score, Candace. Tom Bryant did something amazing with his life and nobody cares. So what does that say about mine?

John Doe: [voiceover] I lost the job that told me who I was. Lots of people are going through that these days. It makes you ask some tough questions. What am I here for? Where can I go to make a difference? But trust me, the answer is out there. You just gotta keep looking. I found my answer. My name is Tom Bryant.

Parachute Jane [1.04]

Jane Doe: [voiceover] Do you know why people hate to admit they're lonely? It's because when you do, everyone thinks something is wrong with you. They think 'I have people in my life, why don't you?' But the strange thing is, you can have people in your life and still be alone. No one knows that better than I do.

Alex: Russell thinks Lee's brother was involved in the murder.
Walter: Yeah, but why would he kill his own sister?
Alex: Good question. He's four years older, they don't live together, it doesn't even seem that their lives intersect.
Candace: Yeah, but people has all kinds of baggage when it comes to siblings.
[Lindsay, Tyler, Walter and Alex look at her]
Candace: That was a general statement, I love my sister.

Tyler: So, where does you boss think you are right now?
Candace: At an insurance seminar. Ever been to one?
Tyler: No.
Candace: Yeah, it's like being shot with a tranquilizer dart.
Tyler: So, just pull it off. Are you worried they'll find out?
Candace: Well, I mean, the seminar was on avoiding risks, so yeah, maybe I should've gone.

Alex: Well, Lindsay knows Northwestern pretty well, maybe she can help.
Det. Russell: You know, I'm sure she can.
Alex: What?
Det. Russell::[embarrassed] Nothing.
Alex: Nothing? I thought you liked Lindsay.
Det. Russell: I think Lindsay is fine.
Alex: You know what I think? I think maybe you're a little jealous.

River John [1.05]

Henry Morse: [voiceover]Love can drive you to the darkest places. I went farther than I ever thought I could. I did things I couldn't ever imagine. But at some point, a guy like me, even with all the love in the world, the road ran out. I was just a regular man. A husband, a father. And maybe I won't be there to see her grow up. But at least I know the last words I ever said belong to her. My darling Claire, my sweet pea. My silly, sensitive, beautiful daughter. I love you. My name is Henry Morse.

Det. Garza: Henry and I got to be pretty close. I just wish there was more I could've done. He was in here every day. He was calm at first but then-
Alex: The longer his daughter was missing the more agitated he got. He didn't believe you when you said your hands were tied. He didn't understand how you didn't have the same urgency he did or why you couldn't sense his pain. When he realized you couldn't help him he decided to go out on his own.
Det. Garza: How did you know that?
Alex: Because that is I said the day my daughter Lucy was kidnapped. She was my obsession. I was willing to do anything, go anywhere, trust anyone... I had to find her.
Det. Garza: And did you?
[Alex is silent]"

[Alex just found the car they were looking for.]
Alex: Grace!
Det. Russell: How do you know?
Alex: I did it myself for six months after I left the force. Chasing after leads, running into the dark.
Det. Russell: Lucy? Your daughter?

Det. Russell:This is the first time you mention what you did when you were gone. :[pauses] Why all the secrecy? I was your partner, Alex, I know how hard it was for you.
Alex: Do you remember the guy I became after Lucy was kidnapped?
Det. Russell: You mean the guy Chicago P.D. decided to ease into a half pension so he wouldn't screw anything else up? That guy is kindda hard to forget.
Alex: Well, let's just say I got worse before I got better.

Alex: Greta?
Greta: Hi
Alex: I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your help. It was kind of a messy situation but I think it's going to be OK.
Greta: You found her?
Alex: We did.
Greta: Good.
[Alex holds Greta's hand]
Alex: And I'll find our daughter, too.

Canine John [1.06]


Railroad Jane [1.07]


Prisoner Jane [1.08]

Walter: Where are you going?
Alex: Scene of the crime. I want to know what Jane Doe was doing at that warehouse.
Walter: Old habits die hard for cops, huh?
Jane Doe: [voiceover] I thought getting a sun tattoo might brighten my mood, but... you can't paint over anguish. You have to swallow it, own it, then put it behind you and move on. And eventually, that's what I did.

Lucky John [1.09]


Double Doe [1.10]


Patient John [1.11]


My John [1.12]


Mama Jane [1.13]


Train Jane [1.14]


Donovan Doe [1.15]

Alex: Did BugZilla ever tell you if they saw anything in the woods?
Tyler: I sent her a message, and she replied. She's willing to meet.
Walter: How do you know it's a 'she'?
Maxine: There are male ladybugs?
Walter: It's sad and confusing for them, but they do exist.

Tyler: I set up a free user account on the Global Caching website.
Maxine: SexyArtist83?
[Candace and Tyler smile.]
Tyler: That was taken.

Walter: Awesome, six letters: :[laughs] Walter! Check it out.:[He hands Maxine his completed crossword puzzle.]
Maxine: Ok, 'gerf' is not a word.
Walter: Uh, it's pronounced 'jerf', and I had to improvise in a couple places.:[ He pulls his puzzle from her hand.]
Maxine: :[getting papers from her bag] Here, I did the whole thing. :[handing her crossword to Walter] Correctly. And the Sudoku :[placing it in front of Tyler]
Tyler: Awesome, six letters: Maxine.

Alex: :[explaining who the Forgotten Network are] They're my team. They're the people that helped me to find you and all the others. We figure out where they came from, what their stories are so their families can know, so the world can know, too. We have regular jobs most of the time, but this work, this mission, it's only just beginning. There's so much more to do, so many people who need our help. It defines us, compels us. Because it doesn't just tell us who they are, it tells us who we are. I guess most of all, they're my friends.

Designer Jane [1.16]


Living Doe [1.17]

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