The Forgotten (2004 film)

2004 film by Joseph Ruben
(Redirected from The Forgotten)

The Forgotten is a 2004 film about a man and woman who are told that their children never existed, and soon discover that there's a much bigger enemy at work.

Directed by Joseph Ruben. Written by Gerald Di Pego.
You'll Never Forget The Ones You Love(taglines)

Telly Paretta

  • I had life inside me. I had life. I have a child. I have a son. I have a son, and his name is Sam, you son of a bitch.
  • Please tell me, no one will know that you spoke to us. I swear to you!
  • Where is my son?

Ash Correll

  • Baseball is great. It's the only sport in the world that you can play while taking a nap.
  • Did we get married?

Det. Anne Pope

  • You don't know very much. National Security, huh? Better buy better locks.
  • Telly Paretta, stop! I'm Detective Pope! I tracked the man to this house. I shot him in the leg, and nothing. He is not human! I believe you!


  • Jim Paretta: My wife is delusional. She needs help.
  • A Friendly Man: You need to FORGET!


Dr. Munce: How much time did you spend at the dresser compared to last week?
Telly: Less.
Dr. Munce: How much less?
Telly: I don't know exactly.
Dr. Munce: You wanna make a guess, roughly, for the week?
Telly: Oh, not even an hour a day.

Telly: I had a son, his name was Sam. You son-of-a-bitch!

Telly: Why did you change the picture? You replaced our book with an empty book. [shouts] You erased our son!
Jim: I didn't change anything! They were always blank!

Dr. Munce: Telly, you never had a son. Sometimes people go around and invent alternate lives, with imagined friends, and imagined families.
Telly: Stop it! Why are you doing this? I am not making him up!

Jim: I think it's great, you're starting to write again. What's your book going to be about?
Telly: Psychotic women, and the men who love them.

Telly: At first I thought it had something to do with the plane crash. Remember when that TWA plane crashed over Long Island? Everybody thought it was a missile, friendly fire, or some type of government cover-up.
Ash: Yeah, I remember that.
Telly: But then I thought, you know, 'How could the government erase our memories?' It's just not possible. So...
Ash: What?
Telly: So you don't think I'm out of my mind?
Ash: I don't anymore.

Telly: [Ash is hitting the NSA agaent they have strapped to a chair while questioning him for answers] Don't do that!
Ash: What, this? [Ash hits him again]

Telly: What have you done with him? Why did you take him? What do you want?
A Friendly Man: It's an experiment.
Telly: He's just a little boy. What could you possibly learn from him?
A Friendly Man: Nothing.
Telly: This wasn't about Sam. This wasn't about the children.
A Friendly Man: It was never about the children.
Telly: We were the experiment.
A Friendly Man: Your connection, mother to child. Like an invisible tissue. We can even measure its energy. But we don't fully understand it, so I posed the question: "Can it be dissolved?" And it can. Except for you.
Telly: Give me back my son and I'll do whatever you want.
A Friendly Man: What I want, Telly, is for you to forget your son. To forget Sam.
Telly: No.
A Friendly Man: If you don't, this experiment will fail. I'm accountable. I can't let that happen. And time is running out.
Telly: I won't help you.
A Friendly Man: There are worse things than forgetting.
Telly: No, there aren't.
A Friendly Man: You need to forget. You're different from the others.
Telly: Why?
A Friendly Man: It's better this way. You won't be haunted by his memory. You could have a life again. Now, I want you to go back to that first day in the hospital. To the first time you ever saw Sam. I need that first memory. Give me that first memory! That boy. What was his name?
Telly: What boy? I had life inside of me. I had life. I have a child. I have a son. I...have a son. His name is Sam, you son of a bitch.

Telly: I'm Telly. Sam's mom.
Ash: I'm Ash. I think we met before.


  • You'll Never Forget The Ones You Love
  • On September 24 everything you've experienced, everything you've known, never happened.
  • Remember
  • On September 24, you will be forgotten.
  • Nothing can prepare you.


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