The Fog (2005 film)

2005 film by Rupert Wainwright

The Fog is a 2005 film about the ghosts of shipwrecked lepers returning to seek revenge. It is a remake of the 1980 film directed by John Carpenter.

Directed by Rupert Wainwright. Written by Cooper Layne.
Their PAST Has Come Back To HAUNT THEM  (taglines)

Stevie Wayne edit

  • Now, what kind of fog moves against the wind?

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Father Malone: We're the children of murderers. All of us. Wayne, Castle, Williams, Malone...
Kathy Williams: But we haven't done anything.
Spooner: Yeah, keep my father out of this. We from Chicago.

Father Malone: So now you know.
Elizabeth Williams: That our forefathers murdered every man, woman and child on the Elizabeth Dane? And this town was built on nothing but lies?
Father Malone: And now they've come for revenge.

Spooner: I got an idea. Why don't you do some work around here and I'll go get the clutch.
Nick Castle: Cause I'm the Skipper, and you're Gilligan.
Spooner: Like that? After all the "we", now I'm just Gilligan. I'm by myself, huh?

Sean Castle: Why do I have to drive?
Spooner: Because I'm the Skipper, and you're Gilligan.

Taglines edit

  • Their PAST Has Come Back To HAUNT THEM

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  • If everybody else is making remakes and they want to pay me money to make a remake of an old movie of mine, why not? It's a good idea&; Seriously That's part of the answer, but my ex-partner Debra Hill, who just recently died, has been trying to get this off the ground. We hooked up with David here, who finally did get it off the ground, and it was kind of nice for her to see this being made.
  • In the case of The Fog, it's a pretty fireproof idea in terms of what happens. It's an old ghost story. The idea in this case is to freshen it up. And as a cultural mindset these days, it says if anything's over 15 years old, it's old fashion and old school; The thing to do is to take it out and prop it up and put some, a fresh coat of paint on it, and see how it goes.

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