The Fly (1958 film)

1958 film by Kurt Neumann

The Fly is a 1958 film about a scientist experimenting with teleportation, who mutates into a human fly.

The more I know, the more sure I am I know so little. The eternal paradox.
Directed by Kurt Neumann. Screenplay by James Clavell, based on the 1957 short story by George Langelaan.
Once it was human... even as you and I!  (taglines)

Andre DelambreEdit

  • I can transport matter — anything — at the speed of light, perfectly. Of course this is only a crude beginning, but I've stumbled on the most important discovery since man sawed off the end of a tree trunk and found the wheel. The disintegrator-integrator will change life as we know it. Think what it means. Anything, even humans, will go through one of these devices. No need for cars or railways or airplanes, even spaceships. We'll set up matter-receiving stations throughout the world, and later the universe. There'll never be famine. Surpluses can be sent instantaneously at almost no cost, anywhere. Humanity need never want or fear again. I'm a very fortunate man, Hélène.

Francois DelambreEdit

The search for the truth is the most important work in the whole world — and the most dangerous.
  • The search for the truth is the most important work in the whole world — and the most dangerous.
  • No, Helene and Andre believed in the sacredness of life. They wouldn't harm anything... not even a fly.
  • You've committed murder just as much as Helene did. You killed a fly with a human head. She killed a human with a fly head.

The FlyEdit

  • Help! Help me! Please help me! Help me!


Helene Delambre: André wants to show you something.
François Delambre: In the lab? Well, what is it? Flat screen?
Helene Delambre: It's better. No more questions. Come on.

Philippe Delambre: Why did he die?
Francois Delambre: Well, Philippe, he died because of his work. He was like an explorer in a wild country, where no one had ever been before. He was searching for the truth. He almost found a great truth, but for one instant he was careless.


  • The monster created by atoms gone wild
  • She had to kill the thing her husband had become—But could she?
  • If she looked upon the horror her husband had become... she would scream for the rest of her life!


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