The Enforcer

1976 film by James Fargo

The Enforcer is a 1976 American police action film, and the third in the Dirty Harry film series. Directed by James Fargo, it stars Clint Eastwood as Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan, Tyne Daly as Inspector Kate Moore and DeVeren Bookwalter as terrorist leader/main antagonist Bobby Maxwell.

The "dirtiest" Harry of them all! (taglines)

Dialogue edit

Capt. McKay: That's it Callahan, you just got yourself a sixty-day suspension.
Harry: Make it ninety!
Capt. McKay: A hundred-and-eighty, and give me your star.
Harry: (Giving Capt. Mckay his badge) Here's a seven-point suppository, Captain!
Capt. Mckay: What did you say?!
Harry: I said stick it in your ass!

Cpt. Mckay: Callahan, you've been transferred to Personnel.
Callahan: Personnel? That's for assholes!
Cpt. Mckay: I worked in Personnel for 10 years!
Callahan: (incredulously) Yeah.

Callahan: May I say something?
Capt. McKay: Go ahead!
Callahan: Your mouthwash ain't making it.

[During a liquor store robbery]
Callahan:[Walks over to the liquor store]
Robber Mendez: [Holds a woman hostage and sees Callahan walking towards them] You get cute, I blow this nice lady all over you.
Callahan: Let's go.
Robber Mendez: [Backs up with the hostage in hold then points his rifle at Callahan] On the floor, motherfucker.
Woman Hostage: [With a shaky voice] Oh for God's sakes mister, do like he says!
Callahan: This is my best sports jacket.
Robber Mendez: I said get your ass on the floor you dirty son of bitch! Spread eagle! Move it!
[One of the robbers grab the hostage woman and pushed her to the ground and held a gun at her as Callahan got down on his stomach with the robbers Mendez and Mitchell pointing their guns at Callahan]
Robber Mendez: San Francisco's Finest. [Spits on Callahan] Mitch.
Robber Mitchell: [Pats down Callahan's sides and legs to check for any weapons]
Robber Mendez: Roll him over.
Robber Mitchell: [Rolls Callahan over and pats him down] He's clean.
Robber Mendez: Here's the story. First, we want all the pigs out of here. Second, we want a car, with a police radio, deliver it right out there in front. We're taking two hostages, both the women. If you don't do exactly what I tell you, we blow their fucking heads off. You got the picture?
Callahan: [Slowly] Yeeeah.
Robber Mendez: What are you waiting for?!
[Callahan starts to slowly get up with Mendez lifting him up by the back collar]
Robber Mendez:[Kicks Callahan on the butt] Run! Jive ass bastard!
[Callahan walks over to the police car]
DiGiorgio: What do they want?
Callahan: They want a car.
DiGiorgio: What are you going to do?
Callahan: [Gets in the car and turns on the engine] Give him one.

[Callahan drives the car over to the store and starts to drive straight into the robbers]

Robber Mendez: [Angrily] Son of a bitch! [Fires at the car]
[Callahan continues to drive forward and crashes into the store window glass with the robbers jumping out of the way]

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Taglines edit

  • The "dirtiest" Harry of them all!
  • First, there was 1971's "Dirty Harry, then "Magnum Force" in 1973. And now on the Bi-centennial year, Harry Callahan is "THE ENFORCER".

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