The Doon School

All-boys private boarding school in Dehradun, India

The Doon School is an independent boys' boarding school in Dehradun, India, and was founded in 1935. The Old boys of Doon are commonly known as "Doscos", and include some of India's prominent politicians, government officials, business leaders and a Prime Minister.

Main building of The Doon School


"Make Doon School co-educational"
- Pratibha Patil, President of India speaking at Doon School's Platinum Jubilee in October 2010.
  • By 14 he should have learnt all the ordinary principles of social behavior. He should know how to stand up and speak to a variety of different types of people -- to his own mother, to someone else's mother, to his father, to his schoolmasters, to servants, to Mahatma Gandhi or to the Viceroy, and to do this without any self-consciousness... At fourteen a boy should have constructed a framework of competence in language, in mathematical ability, and in social behavior. After that age he is, as it were, filling in a design to the framework. In short he learning to exercise taste... At 16, he acquired taste, a sense of the beautiful and the ugly, of the strong and the weak, of good and evil... At 17 must come another quality, less instinctive and requiring a maturer mind: he must acquire a capacity for judgement.
    • Arthur Foot, speaking about the values that should be inculcated in a Doon School pupil.
    • Quoted in an essay in The Doon School Sixty Years On, published by the Doon School Old Boys' Society, October 1996.
  • For years after I left, I thought of Doon as a kind of jungle, and looked back on it with a shudder. I was teased and bullied by my classmates and my seniors because of my interest in studies and reading, because of my lack of interest in games, because of my unwillingness to join gangs and groups, because of my height -- and, most importantly of all -- because I would get so furious when I was bullied. No doubt, if in my teens I had been more relaxed about things, or if I had had more of a sense of humor, things wouldn't have been so bad. But I wasn't, and I didn't, and they were. My parents made enormous sacrifices to send me here. They never had a lot of money. Sending me to Doon was perhaps the best investment they ever made.

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