The Doctor (1991 film)

1991 film by Randa Haines

The Doctor is a 1991 American drama film directed by Randa Haines and starring William Hurt as a doctor who undergoes a transformation in his views about life, illness and human relationships. It is loosely based on the book A Taste Of My Own Medicine.

Dr. Blumfield edit

  • I've always wanted to slit your throat, and now I get a chance to.

June edit

  • I pray. I meditate. I eat chocolate. I dance.

Dr. MacKee edit

  • [regarding Dr. Blumfield, who believes unconscious patients can still hear] Where E.N.T. meets E.S.P.!

Leslie edit

  • [to Dr. MacKee] I am the doctor and you are the patient and I am telling you when I am available.

Jack edit

  • If I ever hear you describe a patient as "terminal" again, that's how you'll describe your career!

Dialogue edit

June: [suffering from an inoperable brain tumor] My tumor, I see it giving me certain freedoms I never allowed myself.
Dr. MacKee: Yeah, like being incredibly hostile?
June: Like being honest and expecting people around me to do the same.

Taglines edit

  • An Uplifting Story About Finding New Meaning In Life.
  • He was a doctor who thought he knew it all... until he became a patient.

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