The Devil-Doll

1936 film by Tod Browning

The Devil-Doll is a 1936 film about an escaped convict who uses miniaturized humans to wreak vengeance on those that framed him.

Directed by Tod Browning. Written by Guy Endore, based on the 1932 novel Burn Witch Burn! by Abraham Merritt.
Greater Than The Unholy Three  (taglines)

Paul LavondEdit

  • [as Madame Mandelip]: Once you're in my shop, I'll wager you'll do anything I ask.
  • [as Madame Mandelip] I may not look it, madame, but I was once a very successful banker. Three men - my partners - lied and tricked me into prison. Well, three lives are going to pay for it.
  • [as Madame Mandelip] Look at me and see what seventeen years in the grave has done to me. No, Radin, without my hatred I never could have lived to exhume myself. What swine you three are!


  • [Explaining why he thinks shrinking people and animals is a good idea] Lavond, my friend, millions of years ago the creatures that roamed this world were gigantic. As they multiplied, the earth could no longer produce enough food. Think of it, Lavond: every living creature reduced to one-sixth its size. One-sixth of its physical need. Food for six times all of us!


  • Charles Matin: There'a a certain amusing irony in offering a man's own money for his capture. Fifty thousand francs? Why not?


Marcel: [Marcel and Lavond are escaping from prison] I have work to do. I've dreamt only of my work.
Lavond: Well, my work is no "dream" - I've been awake for 17 years!
Marcel: But you have only hatred in your heart. My work will help the world to live!
Lavond: And my work will help three men die.

Lavond (as Madame Mandelip): [a policeman has just left the shop, failing to recognize Lavond in disguise] Stupid policeman... To let an old white wig cost him 100 thousand francs.
Malita: It might have been safer to take him downstairs and make him "small."
Lavond (as Madame Mandelip): He's small already, in mind. In fact, Malita, if most men were reduced to the dimensions of their mentality, Marcel's plan wouldn't be necessary.

Lavond (as Madame Mandelip): [after having observed the shrinking of Lachna] This is like some horrible dream. I don't want any part of this! Restore her to what she was!
Malita: No, she will always remain small. Small! We can make the whole WORLD small, as Marcel wanted. We can go to Paris. There are many people there... There's where we begin our work!
Lavond (as Madame Mandelip): Yes, Malita.

Malita: This is wonderful, Lavond. Now that you are free, we can go on with our work, without being bothered by the police.
Lavond (as Madame Mandelip): No, Malita, my work is over, but I am not free. Why, if they ever found out who I was, the police would want a lot of questions answered: What happened to Radin? Who paralyzed Coulvet? No, Malita, when I proved my innocence, I condemned myself forever.


  • Greater Than The Unholy Three


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