The Darkest Minds

2018 film directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson

The Darkest Minds is a 2018 American science fiction thriller film about a group of teenagers who are on the run from the government after mysteriously obtaining superpowers. The film was released in the United States on August 3, 2018, by 20th Century Fox. It received negative reviews from critics and grossed $41 million worldwide against its $34 million production budget.

If you're one of us, come find us.  (taglines)
Directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson. Produced by Shawn Levy and Dan Levine. Screenplay by Chad Hodge Based on The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.


Ruby:Grace, what's wrong?

-(children gasp)


-Boy:Oh,My God.

-Girl:Do you know her?

Ruby:Every war starts quietly mine started with Grace somerfield she was the first to die, The first in my class at least, A month later half of my class was dead I didn't know why I wasn't.


  • If you're one of us, come find us.
  • The ones who changed will change everything.
  • Own your power.
  • Together they will change everything.
  • You either died or you went to the camps.


  • Amandla Stenberg as Ruby Daly, a teenager with the ability to get into people's minds who escapes from her government camp and finds a group of runaways looking for East River.
    • Lidya Jewett as Young Ruby
  • Harris Dickinson as Liam Stewart, a kid with telekinesis in the group of runaways. Ruby's love interest.
  • Skylan Brooks as Chubs, a kid with super intelligence in the group of runaways.
  • Miya Cech as Suzume "Zu", a kid with electrokinesis in the group of runaways.
  • Patrick Gibson as Clancy Gray, the president's son, who, like Ruby, has the power of getting into people’s minds.
  • Mandy Moore as Dr. Cate Connor, a doctor and member of a group fighting against the government
  • Gwendoline Christie as Lady Jane, a bounty hunter of superpowered teens who escape from the camp
  • Golden Brooks as Molly Daly, Ruby's mother and Paul's wife
  • Wallace Langham as Dr. Viceroy
  • Mark O'Brien as Rob Meadows
  • Bradley Whitford as President Gray, Clancy's father

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