The Crying Game

1992 film directed by Neil Jordan

The Crying Game is a 1992 film about a man's experiences as a member of the IRA, his brief but meaningful encounter with a British prisoner of the group, and his unexpected romantic relationship with the prisoner's girlfriend, whom he promised he would protect.

Directed and written by Neil Jordan.
Play At Your Own Risk. (taglines)
  • I'm loud, darling, but never cheap.
  • I can take it Jimmy. Just not in the face.


Fergus: What the fuck, do you know about my people?
Jody: Only that you're all tough, undiluted motherfuckers... And it's not in your nature to let me go.
Fergus: Shut the fuck up, will ya?

Dil: He's still looking, Col.
Col: Persistent.
Dil: Good thing in a man.
Col: An excellent quality.
Dil: Maybe he wants something.
Col: I expect he does.
Dil: Ask him!
Col: Ask him yourself!

Fergus: So who's he?
Col: He's what she should run a mile away from.
Fergus: Then why doesn't she?
Col: Who knows the secrets of the human heart?

Dil: You gonna tell me what it is?
Jude: What is it?
Dil: Do you know her, Jimmy?
Jude: Jimmy, is it? Do you know me, Jimmy?
Fergus: Dil, this is Jude.
Dil: Are you following me?
Jude: Yeah! Just checking. Is he being nice to you, Dil?
Dil: Ever so nice, aren't you, Jimmy?
Jude: That's good. I'm glad. Young love, as they say?
Dil: Absolutely. The younger the better. Doesn't come YOUR way much, I suppose.
Jude: Don't go looking for it, Dil.
Dil: Well, maybe you'll get lucky... someday.
Jude: Bit heavy on the powder, isn't she?
Dil: A girl has to have a bit of glamour.
Jude: Oh, absolutely. As long as she can keep it. Isn't that right, James?

Dil: What you thinking of, hon?
Fergus: I'm thinking of your man.
Dil: Why?
Fergus: I'm wondering why you keep his things.
Dil: I told you. I'm superstitious.
Fergus: Did he ever tell you you were beautiful?
Dil: All the time. Even now.
Fergus: What do you mean?
Dil: He looks after me. He's a gentleman, too.

Col: You could always make it up to her. When a girl runs out like that, she generally wants to be followed.
Fergus: She's not a girl, Col.
Col: Whatever you say.

Fergus: Do they know?
Dil: Know what, honey?
Fergus: Know what I didn't know? And don't call me that.
Dil: Can't help it! A girl has her feelings.
Fergus: Thing is, Dil, you're not a girl.
Dil: Details, baby, details.
Fergus: So they do know?
Dil: Alright, they do.
Fergus: Don't. I should've known, shouldn't I?
Dil: Probably.
Fergus: Kind of wish I didn't.
Dil: You can always pretend.
Fergus: That's true. Your soldier knew, didn't he?
Dil: Absolutely.

Dil: Ask to meet me again, Jimmy.
Fergus: Do you think that's wise?
Dil: Nothing's wise.
Fergus: I didn't mean to hit you.
Dil: I know that.
Fergus: I kind of liked you as a girl.
Dil: Well that's a start.
Fergus: So I'm sorry.
Dil: So make it up to me.
Fergus: How?
Dil: Ask to meet me again.

Dil: Got you the multivitamins and the iron tablets, hon.
Fergus: Don't call me that.
Dil: Sorry, love. Now, the white ones are magnesium supplement.
Fergus: Stop it, Dil.
Dil: I've got to keep you healthy, Jimmy. I'm counting the days. Two thousand three hundred and thirty-four left.
Fergus: Thirty-five.
Dil: I'm sorry, darling. I keep forgetting the leap year. What am I supposed to call you then, Jimmy?
Fergus: Fergus.
Dil: Fergus. Fergus my love, light of my life.
Fergus : Please, Dil.
Dil: Can't help it. You're doing time for me. No greater love, as the man says. Wish you'd tell me why.
Fergus: As the man said, it's in my nature.


  • Play At Your Own Risk.
  • The movie everyone is talking about... But no one is giving away its secrets.


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