The Cruel Sea (1953 film)

1953 film by Charles Frend

The Cruel Sea is a 1953 British war film which portrays the conditions in which the Battle of the Atlantic was fought between the Royal Navy and Nazi Germany's U-boats, seen from the viewpoint of the British naval officers and seamen who served in convoy escorts.

Directed by Charles Frend, written by Eric Ambler, produced by Leslie Norman, based on a novel by Nicholas Monsarrat.

Capt. Ericson

  • This is a story of the Battle of the Atlantic, the story of an ocean, two ships and a handful of men. The men are the heroes. The heroines are the ships. The only villain is the sea—the cruel sea—that man has made more cruel.
  • For us, the Battle of the Atlantic was becoming a private war. If you were in it, you knew all about it. You knew how to keep watch on filthy nights, and how to go without sleep; and how to bury the dead and how to die without wasting anyone's time.
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