The Cowboy Way

1994 film directed by Gregg Champion

The Cowboy Way is a 1994 action/comedy-drama film about two childhood friends who are rodeo cowboys who travel from New Mexico to New York City searching for a friend who disappeared while looking for his daughter, who's just been smuggled into the US from Cuba.

Directed by Gregg Champion. Written by Rob Thompson.
How the East was won.

Pepper LewisEdit

  • If it's got hair, I can ride it. If it's got a beat, I can dance to it.


Nacho: Good to see you, man!
Pepper: ¿Como estas?
Nacho: Where the hell have you been?
Pepper: I've been with the worms in Mexico
Nacho: ¡Chihuahua!
Pepper: I miss your cookin'
Nacho: You talk to Sonny? C'mon Pepper, Sonny will forgive you.
Pepper: Oh, yeah? When? That rodeo was a year ago. He ain't said six words to me, since. I told him I'm sorry. What the hell does he want?
Nacho: Sonny, he don't care about words. You have to show him.
Pepper: I ain't gonna kiss his ass if that's what you mean. It's so sour it probably taste like a damned old lemon, anyhow.
Nacho: Don't give up on him, Pepper. You've been friends too long for that.
Pepper: Yeah. I had a reason for not showing up to that rodeo
Nacho: Tell him what he wants and he will understand.
Pepper: Maybe someday when he ain't being such a damned shitass.

Nacho: Pepper is still trying to make up.
Sonny: Hell I ain't listening'
Nacho: He's your friend. You guys should be out there chasing that steer together, right now.
Sonny: A friend don't pull a no show at a national rodeo, Nacho. Not in my book. I had plans for that money, you know that.
Nacho: Is there anything in that book about forgiveness?
Sonny: Nacho, Pepper & I are through, OK?
Nacho: You have the heart the size of a tiny raisin, you know that?
Sonny: Why don't you just handle my book?
Nacho: If you only knew what it was like to be alone, you would treasure your friend.
Sonny: Where are you going?
Nacho: Home. I'm going home.
Sonny: You're not going to stay and watch me ride?

Waiter: How would you like you steaks cooked?
Pepper: Oh, just knock its horns off, wipe its nasty ass, and chunk it right here on this plate.

Chango: What's a baby cow gonna do to me?
[Sonny shrugs and pulls down Chango's pants]
Chango: Hey come on man! What you doing?
Sonny: Well what do you know, our friend here isn't wearing any underpants!
Pepper: [pulls a baby calf out of the barn and the calf starts snorting] He sees it!
Sonny: Damn, that hungry devil thinks your little wee-wee is his mama's teat.
Chango: Hey hey man, you guys can't do this.
Sonny: I'll ask you one more time asshole, where's Teresa?
Chango: I ain't telling you shit!
Sonny: It's your call stubby, let him go Pepper!
[Pepper releases the calf and it makes its way towards Chango]
Chango: Whoa! [begins to moan as the calf begins to suck his penis]
Sonny: Damn, that looks like it hurts.

Waiter at Waldorf Astoria: How would you gentlemen like your steak prepared?
Pepper: Prepared? Oh you mean cooked?
Waiter at Waldorf Astoria: Yes, of course, that's what I should have said, cooked.

Waiter at Waldorf Astoria: And would you care to order wine with your meal?
Pepper: Uh, yeah why don't you bring us a bottle of something or other, uh not too sweet, American.
Waiter at Waldorf Astoria: American something or other, yes sir an excellent choice and would you like glasses or do you prefer to drink directly from the bottle?
Pepper: Well, um, glasses I reckon and oh hay toss a little ice in mine if you would my good man.
Waiter at Waldorf Astoria: Ice, certainly sir. Nothing could surprise me now.

Sonny: So, what did you do to make the money to buy this? You didn't give that old lady a fake check did you?
Pepper: No, of course not. [under his breath] Bitch wouldn't take a check.

Sonny: [Pepper drags Sonny behind a horse carriage, hiding from the owners of the Waldorf Astoria] Pepper, those people are guessing that you skipped the bill.
Pepper: Oh yeah, well they guessed right!
Sonny: Well, then pay them!
Pepper: Yeah right, with what?
Sonny: You lying son of a bitch, you told me You still got some of that prize money left!
Pepper: Of course I do, have I ever lied to you before?
Sonny: Well, how much do you got?
Pepper: About 8 bucks, I reckon.
Sonny: About 8 bucks, I reckon?
Pepper: Better than a poke in the eye.
Sonny: [Starts walking off] Pepper, I've about had it with you!

Officer Shaw: Where you guys from, Texas?
Pepper: Texas? Ain't no real cowboys from Texas, we're from New Mexico.


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