The Class (TV series)

sitcom which originally ran on CBS from September 18, 2006 to March 5, 2007

The Class (2006–2007) is a sitcom that followed the lives of eight very different alumni of the fictional Woodman Elementary School.

Pilot [1.01]

Ethan Haas: After our call, I assumed you weren't coming.
Kat Warbler: The deal is - we can leave in 20 minutes if it sucks.
Ethan Haas: You're just a big bag of sunshine, aren't ya?

The Class Visits a Hospital [1.02]

Kat Warbler: [after Richie admits he ran over Lina] You ran over my sister?
Ethan Haas: Look, look... it was obviously an accident. OK?
Kat Warbler: You're right, you're right, you're right. It's not his fault at all. No, I mean, if only they could put a reflective surface inside the car so you could see what's behind you!

Perry Pearl: Say it one more time!
Aaron: [annoyed] Welcome to Fantasy Island.

Ethan Haas: It's cheesy... it's gay
Kyle Lendo: That's how we roll

The Class Learns About Hurricanes [1.03]

Kat Warbler: I think you're making a big mistake giving back this jacket.
Ethan Haas: Why's that?
Kat Warbler: Because I love it and I'm your new best friend.
Ethan Haas: What's my last name?
Kat Warbler: [throws him back his ex's jacket] No idea.

Kat Warbler: [about Joanne's stuff] Oh my God. You folded everything? Dude, she publicly humiliated you. Throw her stuff out of the window, burn it - -don't fold it like you work at The Gap.

Joanne: I'm sorry.
Ethan Haas: You know what? I'm not.
[slams the door in her face]
Kat Warbler: I don't think you're getting back together.
Ethan Haas: I don't think so. Oh wait.
[opens the door and grabs the jacket for Kat]
Ethan Haas: This is for my lover.
[slams it again, throws it back to Kat]

Ethan Haas: Hi.
Joanne: Hey.
Kat Warbler: Hiya!
Ethan Haas: Um Joanne this is Kat, Kat this is Joanne.
Kat Warbler: I'm his lover.
Ethan Haas: She's not my lover!
Kat Warbler: Was I not naked in your apartment yesterday?
Ethan Haas: Briefly...[to Joanne] but it wasn't... [to Kat] Why am I even talking...
Kat Warbler: Isn't it so cute when he gets flustered? I love that about my lover.
Ethan Haas: Not her lover! Not her lover!

The Class Blows the Whistle [1.04]

Lina Warbler: It's been so long, I was afraid you were never gonna ask.
Richie Velch: Hey, I ran you over. Some women are turned off by that.

The Class Gets Frozen Yoghurt [1.05]

Richie Velch: [after Richie's wife Fern really insults him and leaves] You complete me.

The Class Goes Trick-or-Treating [1.06]

Kat Warbler: I ate so many Skittles, I peed the rainbow!

Lina Warbler: [In a wheelchair, dressed as Franklin Delano Roosevelt for Halloween] Guess who I am!
Kat Warbler: Old-time lesbian?

The Class Goes to a Bar [1.07]

Ethan Haas: [on the phone] How amazing was last night?
Kat Warbler: For me, not so amazing. He's boring. His stories were boring. I couldn't stand him. The sex wasn't bad though.
Ethan Haas: You slept with him?
Kat Warbler: Yeah, and I gotta say, for a mountain climber, he spends a lot of time at base camp!

Kat Warbler: Look, all I'm saying is he sounds like a guy who doesn't like you as much as you like him.
Lina Warbler: Ugh, yes he does!
Kat Warbler: Ok, you always say that... and then when they dump you you're like, "Oh my God! I can't believe he stole my Jetta!
Lina Warbler: [hesitating] Uh... that one did come as a shock.

The Class Celebrates a Birthday [1.08]


The Class Gives Thanks [1.09]

Yonk Allen: [after finding out Duncan and his wife dated in high school] Hey, you know how she cries for no reason?
Duncan Carmello: Yeah.
Yonk Allen: What are you supposed to do when that happens?
Duncan Carmello: Just hold her and let her cry.
Yonk Allen: This is great! It's like finding an owner's manual. Oh, hey, did she make you say 'I love you' before you got off the phone?
Duncan Carmello: Yeah, she did that.
Yonk Allen: It's every time! What's that about?
Duncan Carmello: She's just afraid that something might happen, and she wants 'I love you' to be the last thing you say to each other.
Yonk Allen: Whoa, creepy.
Duncan Carmello: Uh...
Yonk Allen: Oh, and what is up with her dad? Is he insane or something?
Duncan Carmello: Heh, yeah, he's crazy, but don't tell her that or you'll have to hold her and let her cry.

The Class Runs Into a Convenience Store [1.10]

[Tina's watching a news story on TV where Holly, Richie, Nicole and Duncan are panicking inside a car]
Tina Carmello: What kind of show is this?

The Class Celebrates an Anniversary [1.11]

Kat Warbler: Penguins are cute and all, but if you cooked one, I'd eat it.

The Class Visits a Bad Neighbourhood [1.12]

Nicole Allen: Oh, a gun... you must be Fern!
Duncan Carmello: [walking in a few minutes later] Oh, a gun... you must be Fern!

The Class Hits It [1.13]

Lina Warbler: You can't scare me with your 'bad sex.'

The Class Has to Go to a Stupid Museum [1.14]


The Class Eats Moroccan Chicken [1.15]

Kat Warbler: You're up early.
Ethan Haas: Just going for a run.
Kat Warbler: You know, you die either way.

The Class Has a Snow Day [1.16]

Nicole Allen: As yonk says sometimes people in a prius will flip you off but you can just roll right over them

The Class Springs a Leak [1.17]


The Class Rides a Bull [1.18]


The Class Goes Back to the Hospital [1.19]

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