The Clash

English punk rock band

The Clash were an English punk rock band active from 1976 to 1986. Its members were Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Nicky "Topper" Heado.

The Clash, live in Oslo, 1980

Song lyrics


All tracks written by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, except where noted.

  • He's in love with the rock' n' roll world;
    He's in love with getting stoned world;
    He's in love with Janie Jones' world;
    He don't like his borin' job, no.
  • Yankee soldier,
    He wanna shoot some skag.
    He met it in Cambodia,
    But now he can't afford a bag.
    Yankee dollar talk
    To the dictator of the world.
    In fact it's giving orders
    And they can't afford to miss a word.
  • All the power's in the hands
    Of the people rich enough to buy it.
    While we walk the street
    Too chicken to even try it.
  • All across the town, all across the night
    Everybody's drivin' with full headlights.
    Black or white ya' turn it on, ya' face the new religion,
    Everybody's sittin' 'round watching television!
  • Career opportunity the one that never knocks
    Every job they offer you is to keep you out the dock
    Career opportunity, the one that never knocks.
  • London calling to the faraway towns,
    Now war is declared and battle come down.
    London calling to the underworld,
    Come outta' the cupboard, ya' boys and girls.
    London calling, now don't look to us,
    Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust.
    London calling, see we ain't got no swing,
    'Cept for the ring of that truncheon thing.
  • The voices in your head are callin'
    Stop wasting your time, there's nothing comin'
    Only a fool would think someone could save you
    The men at the factory are old and cunning
    You don't owe nothin', so boy get running
    It's the best years of your life they want to steal.
  • When they kick at your front door,
    How you gonna come?
    With your hands on your head,
    Or on the trigger of your gun?
  • You say you stand by your man
    So tell me something I don't understand
    You said you love me and that's a fact
    And then you left me, said you felt trapped
    Well some things you can explain away
    But the heartache's in me 'til this day.
  • You have the right not to be killed.
    Murder is a crime,
    Unless it was done
    By a Policeman
    Or an aristocrat.
  • Darling, you got to let me know,
    Should I stay or should I go?
    If you say that you are mine,
    I'll be here till the end of time.
    So you got to let me know,
    Should I stay or should I go?

    It's always tease, tease, tease;
    You're happy when I'm on my knees.
    One day it's fine and next it's black.
    So if you want me off your back.
    Well, come on and let me know,
    Should I stay or should I go?

  • If I go, there will be trouble;
    And if I stay it will be double.
    So come on and let me know.
    • Should I Stay or Should I Go
  • By order of the prophet,
    We ban that boogie sound.
    Degenerate the faithful,
    With that crazy Casbah sound.
    • Rock the Casbah
  • If you can play on fiddle,
    How's about a British jig and reel?
    Speaking King's English in quotation
    As railhead towns feel the steel mills rust.
    Water froze in the generation,
    Clear as winter ice.
    This is your paradise.
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