The Cat and the Canary (1979 film)

1978 film by Radley Metzger

The Cat and the Canary is a 1979 film. It is an adaptation of John Willard's 1922 black comedy play of the same name.


  • If I were crazy, I'd be a much better designer.

Cyrus West

  • As you know, I am Cyrus West. Now, first of all, let me tell you that you're all a bunch of bastards.


Harry: Old Man West was the one who was insane.
Mrs. Crosby: He was peculiar.
Charlie: He's a lunatic.
Mrs. Crosby: An eccentric.
Susan: Oh, come on, you must admit this scheme makes him a little crazy.
Mrs. Crosby: He was a little ahead of his time.
Annabelle: Well, you will say he was strange.
Mrs. Crosby: I would say he was unique.
Paul: He was a yo-yo.
Mrs. Crosby: An independent thinker.

Paul: Hi! Why so glum?
Cicily: Me? Glum? I don't know why I should be glum. I've just had dinner with a man who's been dead twenty years, I'm in a house in the middle of nowhere without a telephone, there's a hurricane blowing and now creepy Mrs. Pleasant thinks there are ghosts in the house and we're all in some kind of danger. What's more it turns out there's insanity in the family and there could be a full-fledged paid-up lunatic sleeping in the next bed. I don't know why I should be glum.

Susan: In these circumstances, I think everyone in the camp should know what's waiting outside in the darkness for them, however gruesome it is.
Annabelle: Susan, this is Glencliff Manor, not Tanganyika.
Susan: You're wrong. It's a jungle. And there's a wild animal around who kills for the pleasure of it. He's got very sharp teeth and very long nails and he hides in houses and waits until everyone is asleep and then he takes his victim and very, very slowly tears the flesh off them... In case he gets in, and in case he gets you, take this.
[Susan hands Annabelle a revolver.]
Susan: And if a bullet won't stop him, shoot yourself.