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The Care Bears is an animated series based on the toy line, the Care Bears.

Common catchphrases

  • Lotsa Heart Elephant: And That's the truth!
  • Grams Bear: This reminds me of a story.
  • Brave Heart Lion: CHARGE!!!!
  • Champ Bear: Hey, sports fans!
  • Baby Tugs Bear: Oh I Did It!
  • Baby Hugs Bear: Oh, goody, goody, gosh!
  • Swift Heart Rabbit: Swift Heart Rabbit she's is un-beatable!
  • No Heart: I am evil! I am hate! I am No Heart!
  • Grumpy: Oh, why do all these things always happens to me?



The Turnabout

Shrieky: BEASTLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! We've got to find the Care Bears' lighthouse!
Beastly: But, Shrieky, how am I supposed to find it in all this fog that No Heart has made?
Shrieky: I don't care how you find it...just find it, furball! Uncle No Heart wants us to get that Caring Beacon. Without it, the Care Bears will never be able to find their way home!
Beastly: But how are we going to find our way back home?
Shrieky: We'll use the Caring Beacon, you FOGHEAD!
Beastly: Oh, yeah!
Shrieky: Now know that! [hits Beastly with her mirror before their flying machine goes out of control, crashing near the lighthouse]

Bright Heart Raccoon: Are you okay, Champ?
Champ Bear: I think so... [Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs start crying] Now what? [they stopped crying as Tugs on Champ Bear's jacket and whispers something in his ear] Diapers?! No! Not that!
Bright Heart Raccoon: [sarcastically] And you thought babysitting was easy.
Baby Hugs Bear: I'm scared, Tugs.
Baby Tugs Bear: Aw, don't worry, Hugs. I’m not gonna take this hanging-up. I'll think of a way to get us out of here.
Baby Hugs Bear: I knew I could count on you, Tugs. What's your idea?
Baby Tugs Bear: My idea? Well, about a tumbling act?
Baby Hugs Bear: A tumbling act?
Baby Tugs Bear: Yeah, you know, like acrobats? [as Beastly is listening] We could do forward rolls and walk on our hands and leap from the ceiling.
Baby Hugs Bear: What kind of an escape plan is that, Tugs?
Baby Tugs Bear: It's not. It's a show for Care-a-lot's birthday. What do you think?

[The Bears and Brave Heart Lion are discussing on how to rescue Hugs and Tugs]
Lotsa Heart Elephant: I have an idea! I have an idea!
Tenderheart Bear: What's your idea, Lotsa Heart?
Lotsa Heart Elephant: Uh, mmm, er, uh...I think I forgot, and that's the truth.
Noble Heart Horse: All this uncaring is getting way out of hand...but we'll put a stop to it, if it takes every last member of the Care Bears Family to do it!

Grumpy Bear: [after finding an eight-leaf clover] I've got a Mission...don't you?

Grumpy Bear: [in his so-called mood] "Good mission"...huh! All I ever get to do is help people when they're grumpy.

No Heart: I am evil...I am No Heart! [cackling evilly as amulet glows] Not even the goodness of Care-a-lot can stand the power of my amulet!

[Inside the Hall of Hearts, Grumpy decides against running away after having let everyone down]
Grumpy Bear: [to Alvin, the boy he tries to help] It's up to me to do my duty...and protect Care-a-lot.
[Before the race, Noble Heart Horse announces Lotsa Heart's name, and Cozy Heart Penguin, Love-A-Lot Bear and Swift Heart Rabbit say "Hooray!" for him]
Lotsa Heart Elephant: Yippee! Yahoo! I'm in, I'm in! Oh, I could be King of the Kingdom of Caring! [hugs Swift Heart]
Swift Heart Rabbit: [after struggling away] Don't get your hopes up, Lotsa. A turtle with two left feet could beat you.
Lotsa Heart Elephant: That may be so, Swift Heart, but I'm gonna try and try.

True Heart Bear: Swift Heart, even I could win with a head start like this. Could you please get going?
Swift Heart Rabbit: I’m still warming up, True Heart.
True Heart Bear: You look warm enough to me.
Swift Heart Rabbit: Don’t rush me. Every muscle has to be perfectly limbered up. [doing jumping jacks] I’ll show that Beastly who’s the fastest!

Swift Heart Rabbit: Nice try, Beastly, but like I said, Swift Heart Rabbit is un-beatableeeeeeee! [racing off, crashes into some cacti]

Beastly: I won? I WON! [jumping happily] I'm the greatest...just for the throne! I'm King for a day!
True Heart Bear: Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast, Beastly. It was a photo-finish.
Beastly: Give me that!
True Heart Bear: Lotsa Heart is the winner by a trunk.
[Care Bears cheer as Lotsa Heart is crowned]
Beastly: No, I won fair and square! [struggling to get crown off Lotsa Heart's head]
Cheer Bear, Swift Heart Rabbit, Friend Bear and Funshine Bear: "Fair and square"? Huh! Beastly, you cheated!

[At end of episode]
Swift Heart Rabbit: Everyone, I'd like to apologize.
Lotsa Heart Elephant: Apologize? Whatever for, Swift Heart?
Swift Heart Rabbit: My overconfidence almost cost us the race and all of Care-a-lot. And I want to thank King Lotsa Heart for beating Beastly and for teaching me a valuable lesson: it takes more than just speed to win a race. It takes lots of heart, and that's the truth.
[The Bears and the rest of the Cousins laugh in unison]
 Mystery of the Phantom==
 :Cheer Bear: an PHANTOM?!
     Cheer Bear: UH-UHH!
     Treat Heart: What's the Matter, Cheer? Looks like you've seen a--
      (the phantom growls, as Treat Heart, gasps, s
       Treat Heart: AAGGH!, THE PHANTOM!! 

The Nutcracker Suite

True Heart Bear: Good grief! Look who it is! It's the dastardly Rat King!
Rat King: That's right and you must be those teddybears who were trying to foil my plans! [laughs loudly]
Birthday Bear: Oh No we're not! You are ruler aren't you?
Rat King: Indeed I am!
Cheer Bear: Don't be ridiculous! You cast spells on cats, dogs, octopuses, cows, sheep, foxes, turtles, badgers...
Rat King: Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!
Grumpy Bear: Okay then, 1: You're a very greedy despicable rodent, 2: You're a big bad ugly king and 3: You cast too many spells. So you must return things back to normal, Rat King.
Rat King: Never! [turns True Heart Bear into a panda], Never! [turns a banana into a caterpillar], NEVER!!! [tries to cast a spell on a knight's armour but didn't work] Or perhaps on the second thought.

Oopsy Bear: I'AM AIR BEAR NOW!! ( he falls down to a heart arch which Oopsy drops the heart arc right towards Funshine Bear, who runs away screaming) OHHHH,NOOOOO!!!!

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