The Butterfly Effect

2004 film directed by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber

The Butterfly Effect is a 2004 film about a young man who blacks out harmful memories of significant events of his life. As he grows up he finds a way to remember these lost memories and a supernatural way to alter his life. He usually writes down the things that he had done in his past when he was seven.

Written and directed by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber
Change one thing, change everything.Taglines

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It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world - Chaos Theory

Evan Treborn

  • If anyone finds this, it means my plan didn't work and I'm already dead. But if I can somehow go back to the beginning of all of this, I might be able to save her.
  • [Evan's note to Kayleigh] I'll come back for you.
  • [to Kayleigh] I've already lost you once, I'm not gonna lose you again.
  • [to Kayleigh's Dad] Yeah, you remember me? We had a nice chat once when I was seven...
  • [to Carlos (Prision Friend)] Jesus speaks to me in my dreams.
  • I guess charisma and eyeliner go a long way.
  • [Self-Thinking] If I can have the power to make scars appear, can I have the power to heal them? What about Kayleigh's scars?
  • [To Lenny while burning his stuff] I know who I am now.
  • [To Thumper] You think you know me? I don't even know me!
  • [To Kayleigh] You really have no clue how beautiful you are, do you?

Kayleigh Miller

  • Nothing ever gets better.


[Evan tells Kayleigh to cover her ears]
Evan at 7: What time is it?
Mr. George Miller: It's time for you to do what I tell you to do...
Evan at 7: Wrong answer, fuckbag. This is the very moment of your reckoning. In the next thirty seconds, you're gonna open one of two doors. The first door will forever traumatize your own flesh and blood.
Mr. George Miller: What's happening? How are you doing this?
Evan at 7: It'll change your daughter from a beautiful child into an empty shell. Whose only concept of trust was betrayed by her own sick pedophile father. Ultimately... it'll lead to her suicide. Nice work, Daddy.
Mr. George Miller: Who are you?
Evan at 7: Let's just say you're being closely watched, George. Your other option treat Kayleigh like, say, like a loving father treats his daughter. Sound okay to you, Papa?
Mr. George Miller: Yes.
Evan at 7: Listen close then, fuckbag. You screw this up again, I'll flat-out castrate you. What you need to do is discipline your son Tommy 'cause the kid is one sadistic pup. One last thing...
[Evan whispers something in Kayleigh's ear]
Kayleigh at 7: [yelling at her father] Don't ever touch me again!
Mr. George Miller: I won't.

Thumper: Maybe there's a reason you've repressed the day some pervert had you in your tighty-whiteys.
[glances at Evan's journals]
Thumper: Hey Man, I'd think twice about what you're doing. You could wake up a lot more fucked up than you are now.
Evan: More fucked up than I am? You think you know me? I don't even know me!

Kayleigh Miller: Where'd you learn those new tricks?
Evan: What? It... it wasn't... weird... was it?
Kayleigh Miller: Yeah, if you call multiple orgasms weird!

[Evan visits Kayleigh, who has now become a prostitute]
Kayleigh: So, how's tricks? Sorry, occupational humor.
Evan: I got it.

Evan: I just thought that you should know.
Kayleigh Miller: Know what?
Evan: That you were happy once... with me.
Kayleigh Miller: You know there's one major hole in your story, there is no fucking way on this planet, nor any other I would ever be in some fucking sorority.
Evan: [Whispering] You were happy there...

[in the reality where Kayleigh is with Lenny]
Kayleigh: Here, do you want a granola bar?
[Evan fumbles with it as she tries to put the granola bar into his prosthetic hand, and breaks the granola bar in half]
Evan: Yeah, I gotta fix these things or something.

Evan: So, do you think it might have worked?
Kayleigh: Yeah... But that's not how things wound up... I'm with Lenny, Lenny is your friend... and that's where it ends.
Evan: Well... Would it make a difference if I told you that no one could possibly ever love anyone as much as I love you?
[Kayleigh is flattered by Evan's compliment]
Evan: ...I am not saying that, I am just saying it like if you were a girl, would that be something you would want to hear?

[after handless Evan has just tried to commit suicide by drowning himself in the bathtub]
Tommy: You forgot to put the toaster on the ledge.
Evan: Lenny likes Poptarts. You guys are all what matters now.
Tommy: I know it's hard but you can't give up.
Evan: I can't even fucking kill myself.
Tommy: Don't talk like that.

[time traveling Evan at age 7 threatens George Miller with a lighted stick of dynamite]
Mr. George Miller: Evan! Put that out, or you'll blow off both your hands!
Evan at 7: Been there, done that.

Evan: [whispers into Kayleigh's ear] I hate you and if you ever come near me again, I'll kill you and your whole damn family.
Kayleigh: [runs, crying to mom]
Evan: [inaudible to Kayleigh] Good bye...
[Evan flashes back to his dorm room, where Lenny helps him after his brain recreates the memories]
Evan: Where's Kayleigh?
Lenny: Who's Kayleigh?
Evan: [confused] Who's Kayleigh? Who's Kayleigh...?
Lenny: You want me to take you to the doctor?
Evan: No, I think everything's gonna be all right this time.


  • Change one thing, change everything.
  • Such minor changes, such huge consequences.
  • The end is only the beginning. From The Director Of The Rock And The Patriot


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