The Brain (1988 film)

1988 film directed by Edward Hunt

The Brain is a 1988 film about a doctor who uses an alien to controll the minds of the people who watch his television program.

Directed by Edward Hunt. Written by Barry Pearson.
Mind over Matter.  (taglines)


  • Dr. Anthony Blakely: [watching The Brain eat a nurse] That's food for thought!
  • Jim Majelewski: [after killing Dr. Anthony Blakely] Look at this thing! It wasn't even human! Dr. Blake was trying to take over by controlling your minds through television. He's the one who was responsible for all those murders! I never killed anyone! I'm just a high school student! He tried to use me, just like he tried to use all of you. Everyone, please, look at the TV monitor. Because you know that's the truth! Please, look at the TV monitor! He tried to use me, just like he tried to use all of you! The truth is that it was him, not me! Dr. Blake commited all those murders, not Jim Majelewski!


  • Mind over Matter.


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