The Brain (1962 film)

1962 film by Freddie Francis

The Brain is a 1962 film about a millionaire businessman whose brain is kept alive after a fatal accident, and communicates clues to a doctor on the trail of the killer.

Directed by Freddie Francis. Written by Robert Banks Stewart, based on the novel Donovan's Brain by Curt Siodmak.
The pounding of the afterbrain signals vengeance and death!!  (taglines)


Dr. Peter Corrie: Look Frank it's still active!
Dr. Frank Shears: He's dead.
Dr. Peter Corrie: Frank that brain's still alive! You've got to help me.
Dr. Frank Shears: Help you? Have you gone raving...
Ella: An ambulance will be here in twenty minutes.
Dr. Peter Corrie: We haven't got much time.
Dr. Frank Shears: For God's sake Peter leave him in peace.
Ella: Frank is right Peter you can't touch him know.
Dr. Peter Corrie: I can't, but he can! Don't you realize the chance we have?
Dr. Frank Shears: Look, I gave up surgery and you know why. I was glad to join your research, it was something I always wanted, I don't mind animal experiments, but not this.
Dr. Peter Corrie: We're wasting time. Ella! Do it Frank!
Dr. Frank: I've sworn never to operate on a human being
Peter Corrie: But this one is dead!
Dr. Frank Shears: You know what you're trying to do is agianst the law don't you, and when they catch up with you, you'll be finished!
Dr. Peter Corrie: Forget it! Science has to shortcut and tell the world later, you've got just over fifteen minutes Frank...


  • The pounding of the afterbrain signals vengeance and death!!


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