The Book of Life (2014 film)

2014 American animated film directed by Jorge Gutiérrez

The Book of Life is a 2014 American musical comedy animated adventure film produced by Reel FX Creative Studios and distributed by 20th Century Fox. Co-written and directed by Jorge Gutierrez.


(General Posada looks at the mess that María set the animals free)
General Posada: That girl is in so much trouble!
Young María: Uh-oh.
General Posada: (yelling) MA-RI-A!!!
Young María: (to General Posada) I'm sorry, Papa. It's just that I-- (María gasps as she looks at Manolo's broken guitar) Manolo's guitar.
Young Manolo: (gasps)
General Posada: María, this rebellious nonsense ends now! You are going to become a proper lady.
Young María: (confused) Why?
General Posada: BECAUSE I SAID SO! I'm sending you to Spain. The sisters at the convent of the perpetual flame of purity will straighten you out.
All: What?!
Young María: But, Papa!
General Posada: No, it is decided. NOW GO HOME!
(María runs away crying)

Carmelo: He's new...
Jorge: He reminds me of me. (laughs) But less handsome.

Manolo: Meet me at the bridge at dawn.
Maria: I can't, Manolo. My father won't...
Manolo: Please, Maria. I beg you.
(Maria agrees, Manolo slides down the streetlamp, Xibalba watches Manolo running for the Proposal Tree.)
Xibalba: If she meets him alone, I will lose the wager. (summons his two-headed snake) Fix this for me, old friend.
(Maria rushes outside San Angel to see candles glowing to the Proposal Tree to follow Manolo)
Maria: Manolo.
Manolo: Wise men say only fools rush in,
But I can't help falling in love with you
But I can't help falling in love with you.
(Maria approaches Manolo's singing in the Proposal Tree.)
Manolo: This is... this is what I wanted to show you.
(Manolo sees Maria looking at the glowing sparkling lights at San Angel.)
Maria: It's so beautiful.
Manolo: What you’re feeling... that’s how I feel every time I’m with you.
(Maria gasps)
Manolo: I can't offer you a ring, I have nothing to give but my love.
Maria: Oh, Manolo.
Manolo: I may not be the town hero, Maria. But I swear with all my heart, I will never ever stop loving you.
Maria: And I will never stop loving the man who plays from the heart.
(Xibalba's two-headed snake approaches Manolo to bite him and Maria gasps)
Maria: Snake! (Pushes Manolo)
Manolo: No!
(Maria screams and gets bitten by Xibalba's two-headed snake)
Manolo: Maria!
(Maria falls down her death and Manolo catches her body)
Manolo: No...
(Manolo mourns Maria's death and started to scream in rage)

Carlos: Manolo. Manolo! Get up!
(Manolo wakes up after Carlos and Anita for not killing it)
Manolo: I'm sorry, Papa...
Carlos: Do not make it worse by apologizing! A Sanchez man never apologizes... NEVER!
Anita: Ever...
Manolo: If being a bullfighter means, it means killing the bull... well, then I'm no bullfighter.
Carlos: No... You are no Sanchez!
(Carlos walks away with Anita with a wheelchair leaving Manolo for not killing the bull)

Xibalba: So then, if my boy marries the girl, I will finally rule the Land of the Dead.
La Muerte: And if my boy marries the girl, you will... (grabs Xibalba's beard) you will stop interfering with the affairs of man!
Xibalba: What?! I can't do that! C'mon, it's the only fun I ever get!
La Muerte: Then the bet is off.
Xibalba: Very well, my dear. By the ancient rules, (Xibalba and La Muerte shake hands) the wager is set.

Mary Beth: And so, Joaquin learned that to be a true hero...
Jane: You have to be selfless.

Xibalba: You never cease to amaze me, mi amor. Such passion.
La Muerte: Anyone can die. These kids, they will have the courage to live.
Xibalba: I'll wager you are right, my love.
(Xibalba and La Muerte kiss)
Candle Maker: Hey, write your own story.

Carlos: People said I was the greatest bullfighter in our family's history, but it is you, my son, who'll be the greatest Sanchez ever! They will write songs about you.
Young Manolo: And I will sing them!
Carlos: Wait, what?
Young Manolo: (laughs nervously) I will sing them?
Carlos: (sighs) Son, music is not work fit for a Sanchez bullfighter.
Young Manolo: But I want to be a musician.
Carlos: No, you must focus. Your training begins at once. Your grampa, Luis, taught me when I was about your age.
Young Manolo: Wait, isn't that when that bull put you in a coma?
Carlos: Ah, memories. My only son fighting angry, thousand-pound beasts. The family tradition continues.
Young Manolo: (sarcastically) Yay!

Joaquin: What did you do Manolo?
Manolo: There was a snake and...
(Manolo holds Maria's dead body to Joaquin)
Joaquin: She's gone... (Posada's men are shock and General Posada rushes to Joaquin) WHY DIDN'T YOU PROTECT HER?!
General Posada: (shocked) Maria! Oh, no... Oh, no!
(General holds Maria Posada's dead body and gets angry at Manolo)
General Posada: (angered) THIS is all your doing! Leave, or so help me! I'll... (thunder claps and gets saddened to Maria) My little girl. What have you done boy? What have you done...
(General Posada sadly walks away with Maria's dead body making Joaquin mad at Manolo's fault)
Manolo: It should had been me.
Joaquin: Yes. It should have.
(Joaquin walks away making Manolo feel despair in the rain)

Manolo: I will never see her again...
(Manolo kneels in sadness until Xibalba disguises as an old man behind)
Old Man (Xibalba): Are you certain?
(thunder strikes revealing Xibalba's shadow over Manolo)
Old Man (Xibalba): Do you want to see Maria again?
Manolo: With all my heart...
Xibalba: (Xibalba reveals himself) Think about what you say, boy.
(Manolo looks at Xibalba in sadness, thunder claps revealing a skeleton form, looking at his guitar reading: "Always play from the heart- ❤ Maria")
Manolo: With all... my... heart...
Xibalba: Done. (snaps his fingers)
(Xibalba's snake staff bites Manolo and dies)
Manolo: Maria...
(Manolo dies after bitten by Xibalba's snake staff)

General Posada: Oh, thank goodness! It's a miracle!
Nuns: Thank you! (Father Domingo and his nuns are singing cheerfully)
Maria: I'm... I'm.... (cut to the Land of the Remembered)
Manolo: ....Alive. (The Sanchez family and the others are shocked at Manolo)
Xibalba: Cheers.
Manolo: One bite...? Your snake! It bit me twice! YOU CHEATED! You will pay for this!
Xibalba: In all my years, no one, in any realm... has ever talked to me like that... and survived. So, I ask you... [Xibalba faces Manolo] are you threatening me, boy?
Manolo: I will expose you to La Muerte! And then you and me can settle things!
Xibalba: You'll never reach her in her new realm... I should know. I rotted there for eons...

Manolo: La Muerte! I need a word for you, my lady!
La Muerte: (gasps and faces Manolo and his crew) Manolo? But how did you get here?
Manolo: I had some help. (shows his crew)
Candle Maker: (giggles) Hey there.
La Muerte: Candle Maker! Carmen! And the head of Luis? (snaps her fingers and puts Luis' body)
Luis: Great! My arthritis is back.
Manolo: I know about the wager. Xibalba cheated!
La Muerte: He did WHAT?!
Manolo: Yeah! With a two-headed snake!
(La Muerte starts to boil with rage)
Candle Maker: You might wanna cover your ears right now.
La Muerte: XIIIIIIII...BAAAAALLLLLLL...BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (engulfs the Land of the Forgotten in light)
Xibalba: (suddenly appears when the brightness faded) Yes, my dear? (suddenly shocked when he sees Manolo and the group) Oh.
La Muerte: You misbegotten son of a leprous donkey! YOU CHEATED!! AGAIN!!!
Xibalba: I did no such thing! (La Muerte grabs Xibalba's two-headed snake and turns it back into a staff) Oh, that. It has a mind of its own...or two.
La Muerte: That is unforgivable!
Xibalba: Oh, please! I never sent that snake to Maria, and I never gave that medal to Joaquin! (realizes what he just said)
La Muerte: (suspicious) What... medal?
Xibalba: The, uhh... one I never gave him. Ever at all. Never. Who is this Joaquin?
La Muerte: (grabs Xibalba) You gave Joaquin the MEDAL OF EVERLASTING LIFE?!
Xibalba: Yes...?
Manolo: "Medal of Everlasting Life"?
La Muerte: Whoever wears the medal cannot die or be injured. (slaps Xibalba)
Carmen: Please, may I? (is lifted, and then slaps Xibalba repeatedly) Thank you. (glares at Xibalba as she descends back down)
Candle Maker: Uh, can I get a slap, too?
Carmen: My son did not deserve this!
Manolo: Come on! I... I have to go back!
La Muerte: Hmm... It's only fair. (Xibalba groans and turns his back) Please, Balby?
Manolo, Carmen, Luis, and Candle Maker: "Balby"?!
Xibalba: No, never.
La Muerte: You better do this!
Xibalba: No.
Manolo: Hey, what about a wager?
La Muerte and Xibalba: A wager?
Manolo: If I win, you give me my life back.
Xibalba: You have nothing I want.
La Muerte: But I do. If you win, Xibalba, you can rule both realms.
Manolo: You name the task, anything you want, and I will beat you. What?! Are you afraid you might lose?!
Candle Maker: Watcha doin', kid?
Manolo: Do we have a deal?
Xibalba: We have a deal. Now, tell me, boy... What keeps you up at night? What eats you on the inside? What, do tell, is your worst fear? Got it.

Butchler: Do you take Manolo to be your husband?
Maria: I do. (Manolo and Maria smile at each other)
Candle Maker By the power vested in us by, The Book of Life...
Butchler: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss-- (Maria kisses Manolo and sweeps him to the side)
Butchler: The groom?! (Candle Maker laughs)
Carmen: She is gonna be a great Sanchez. (Carlos holds back tears)

Maria: Manolo?! (Manolo hands out his hand then sweeps Maria to the side and kisses her with passion)
Chakal: (growles, Manolo puts his finger up while kissing Maria (his dream), Manolo is finally done kissing Maria and stands her back up while she is still in shock, he looks at her satisficed)
Manolo: Hold this for me, amigo. (Manolo tosses his guitar to Joaquin, Joaquin catches)

Mary Beth

  • And the one truth we know, it held true one more time, that love, true love, the really, really good kind of love... never dies.



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