The Blue Dahlia

1946 American crime film by George Marshall

The Blue Dahlia is a 1946 American film noir about an ex-bomber pilot is suspected of murdering his unfaithful wife.

Directed by George Marshall. Written by Raymond Chandler.
Tamed by a brunette - framed by a blonde - blamed by the cops!taglines

Johnny Morrison

  • [to the partygoers] Seems I've lost my manners or would anyone here know the difference?
  • [discovering his wife in close proximity to Eddie Harwood] You've got the wrong lipstick on, Mister.

Joyce Harwood

  • [sitting with Johnny in a convertible in the hills overlooking Los Angeles] It takes a lot of lights to make a city, doesn't it?

Eddie Harwood

  • I know I've got lots of faults, but being in love with you isn't one of them, is it?


  • Helen Morrison: I take all the drinks I like, any time, any place. I go where I want to with anybody I want. I just happen to be that kind of a girl.
  • Leo: Just don't get too complicated, Eddie. When a man gets too complicated, he's unhappy. And when he's unhappy, his luck runs out.


Joyce Harwood: [offering Johnny a lift as it rains heavily] Get in.
[Johnny hesitates]
Joyce Harwood: Well, you could get wetter if you lie down in the gutter.
Johnny Morrison: You oughta have more sense than to take chances with strangers like this.
Joyce Harwood: Funny, but practically all the people I know were strangers when I met them. I'm going to Malibu. Is that any use to you?
Johnny Morrison: What's in Malibu?
Joyce Harwood: Houses, people. I have some friends there.

Johnny Morrison: I'm sorry, but nothing seems funny to me tonight. It all blows up in your face sometimes.
Joyce Harwood: What does?
Johnny Morrison: Whatever you're doing, whereever you're going.

Joyce Harwood: Well, don't you even say 'Good night'?
Johnny Morrison: It's "good-bye", and it's tough to say good-bye.
Joyce Harwood: Why is it? You've never seen me before tonight.
Johnny Morrison: Every guy's seen you before somewhere. The trick is to find you.

Man Recommending a Motel: [walking into the cheap motel] Clean sheets every day they tell me.
Johnny Morrison: How often do they change the fleas?

Corelli: You still want that room?
Johnny Morrison: [sarcastically] If you're sure nobody's dead in it?
Corelli: Right back this way. You live in San Francisco?
Johnny Morrison: Yeah, when I'm there.

Eddie Harwood: Half the cops in L.A. are looking for you.
Johnny Morrison: Only half?

Capt. Hendrickson: How much did you up the ante on her when her husband came home? What did she threaten to do, get you fired? Or was she going to have Harwood's friends give you the treatment? Maybe she was going to blow a hole in you herself, only she wouldn't know how to handle that kind of a gun. All you had to do was grab it out of her hand. I guess even a very cheap blackmailer could do that.
"Dad" Newell: Cheap, huh? Sure, a cigar and a drink and a couple of dirty bucks. That's all it costs to buy me. That's what she thought. Found out a little different, didn't she? Maybe I could get tired of being pushed around by cops and hotel managers and ritzy dames in bungalows. Maybe I could cause a little something just for once. And if I do end up in the slab... [gunfire]

Johnny Morrison: Last night when I made myself walk out on you, remember? I said every guy had seen you before. Somewhere.
Joyce Harwood: I remember.
Johnny Morrison: But the trick was to find you.
Joyce Harwood: I remember that, too. Do you think I'd ever forget it?


  • Tamed by a brunette - framed by a blonde - blamed by the cops!
  • Double dame trouble! Double-barrelled action!


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