The Blood on Satan's Claw

1971 film by Piers Haggard

The Blood on Satan's Claw is a 1971 film about the children of a 17th century English village being slowly converted into a coven of devil worshipers.

Directed by Piers Haggard. Written by Robert Wynne-Simmons and Piers Haggard.
A living nightmare of black magic... and unspeakable evil!  (taglines)

The Judge

  • I give you His Catholic Majesty King James III, may God bless him and keep him in exile.
  • You must have patience, even while people die. Only thus can the whole evil be destroyed. You must let it grow.
  • Leave me to judge who is innocent.
  • I am ready to return, but understand, I shall use undreamed-of measures to conquer the evil.
  • Doctor, I am leaving soon. As a favor, might I request the loan of this book? It might merit further study.
  • Judge yourself fortunate... she would never have made a good wife for you.

Reverend Fallowfield

  • There is growing amongst you all an insolent ungodliness, which I will not tolerate!


  • The Doctor: A fiend has been seen hereabouts, hobbling on one leg.
  • Margaret: Hail, behemoth, spirit of the dark, take thou my blood, my flesh, my skin and walk. Holy behemoth, father of my life, speak now, come now, rise now from the forest, from the furrows, from the fields and live.
  • Margaret: They took it from me.


The Doctor: My lord, when I heard of Ralph Gower's discovery, I was reminded of this old volume. Mock, sir, if you will. These sages had access to much wisdom.
The Judge: Doctor, witchcraft is dead and discredited. Are you bent on reviving forgotten horrors?

The Doctor: How do we know, sir, what is dead? You come from the city. You cannot know the ways of the country. See... this picture. Did Ralph not describe such a countenance?
The Judge: Perhaps some such thing.

The Judge: Ralph here claims he discovered a deformed anatomy in those furrows. Knew you any such?
Reverend Fallowfield: Not since Meg Parsons died. But strange folk have been seen to pass this way from time to time.

Ralph Gower: There be the master with a lady.
The Judge: Uh-huh.
Ralph Gower: I would have Cathy for my lady one day.
Cathy Vespers: [to Peter] Be that true? You've run away? Did you climb down a ladder in the moonlight?
Peter Edmonton: Ha, ha! Just so, Cathy. And her father chased after us with a stick.
Cathy Vespers: I do wish Ralph would run away with me sometime.


  • A living nightmare of black magic... and unspeakable evil!
  • A CHILL-FILLED Festival of HORROR!


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