The Black Raven

1943 film by Sam Newfield

The Black Raven is a 1943 film about a group of strangers who are brought together in an old, dark house and must contend with two murders and $50,000 in stolen money.

Directed by Sam Newfield. Written by Fred Myton.

Amos Bradford

  • With your imagination, you could see the Statue of Liberty do the conga!
  • It's too bad you weren't born without a tongue, instead of without a brain.


Horace Weatherby: I beg your pardon.
Mike Bardoni: What for?
Horace Weatherby: I just beg your pardon, that's all.
Mike Bardoni: Don't bother me, screwball.

Amos Bradford: He's suffering from rabid delusions aggravated by a moronic mentality.
Andy: Is that bad?

Horace Weatherby: Help! Help! Someone tried to break into my room!
Tim Winfield: A man or a woman?
Horace Weatherby: A man, I suppose. Why would a woman want to break into my room?
Tim Winfield: Yeah, I guess you're right.


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