The Black Crowes

American rock band

The Black Crowes were an American rock band formed in 1989. Although the band has had a high turnover rate throughout their history, the driving force behind the band has always been brothers Chris and Rich Robinson who initially formed the band while going to Walton High School in Marietta, Georgia.

The Black Crowes, live at the Hammerstein Ball Room, March 2005
Chris Robinson
Rich Robinson

Song lyrics


All songs written by Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson, except where noted.

  • Twice as hard
    As it was the first time
    I said goodbye.

    And no one ever wanna' know.
    Love ain't funny,
    A crime in the wink of an eye.

  • Cheat the odds that made you
    Brave to try to gamble at times.
    Well I feel like dirty laundry,
    Sending sickness on down the line.
    Tell you why.

    'Cause I'm jealous, jealous again.
    Thought it time I let you in.
    Yeah, I'm jealous, jealous again.
    Got no time, baby.

  • Feeling second fiddle to a dead man,
    Up to my neck with your disregard.
    Like a beat dog that's walking on the broadway,
    No one wants to hear you when you're down.
    • Sister Luck
  • A hundred years will never ease
    Hearing things I won't believe.
    I saw it with my own two eyes,
    All the pain that I can't hide.
    And this pain starts in my heart,
    And this love tears us apart.
    You won't find me bent down on my knees,
    Ain't bendin' over backwards baby,
    Not to please.
    • Seeing Things
  • She never mentions the word addiction
    In certain company.
    Yes, she'll tell you she's an orphan
    After you meet her family.

    She paints her eyes as black as night now,
    She pulls those shades down tight.
    She gives a smile when the pain comes;
    The pain gonna' make everything alright.

  • Says she talks to angels,
    They call her out by her name.
    Oh yeah, she talks to angels,
    Says they call her out by her name.p>She don't know no lovers,
    None that I've ever seen.
    And to her that means nothing,
    But to me it means, means everything.
    • She Talks to Angels
  • If you feel like a riot, then don't you deny it.
    Put your good foot forward,
    No need for heroics, I just want you to show it.
    Now's the time to shine,
    Your independence is a half-ass deliverance.
    The train left the station.
    The recognition of the same old condition,
    Your symptoms showing through.
  • Well the bells ring out for the crimes of the century,
    By courtesy of your mother.
    The signs reads welcome to the valley of discovery,
    Look at what money can buy.
    Sons & daughters better open your eyes,
    Tell me what you're seeing.
    This submission is a tired tradition;
    It's everyone's sacrifice.
    • Sting Me
  • Baby, baby why can't you sit still?
    Who killed that bird out on you window sill?
    Are you the reason that he broke his back?
    Did I see you laugh about that?
    If I come on like a dream,
    Would you let me show you what I mean?
    If you let me come on inside
    Will you let it glide?

    Can I have some remedy?
    Remedy for me please.
    'Cause if I had some remedy,
    I'd take enough to please me.

  • Oh good heavens, baby where's my medicine?
    I must have left it outside with my etiquette.
    The undertaker's rule of thumb:
    It's hard to talk with a Novocaine tongue.
    • Hotel Illness
  • Ain't as easy as it seems
    To find a mutual dream.
    Can you tell me wrong from right?
    Do you know when to freeze or take flight?
    Can you tell me more or less?
    I got to know - confess.
    • A Conspiracy
  • Sometimes I have a ghetto in my mind;
    Other times sunshine high head fine.
    In between I get cold, old mean,
    Intertwined with country pride open and kind.
    This draws a line,
    Sorry to coin a phrase.
    On either side is wisdom and rage.
    • High Head Blues
  • On a good day, it's not every day,
    We can part the sea.
    And on a bad day, it's not every day,
    Glory beyond our reach.
    • Wiser Time
  • We've been avoiding this for so long.
    Luxury is temporary, then it's gone.
    I thought that we would happen;
    I guess I'm wrong.
    We'll move along.
    I know this will be awkward,
    But not for long.
    'Cause soon you'll have a new boy
    To sing you songs.
    • Good Friday
  • I took all I need,
    I don't need no more.
    Then I'll take what I want,
    Until I want some more.
    • Go Faster
  • Your words buzz around my head ,
    You make me feel warm again.
    You are my lover, my song, my best friend,
    I don't want this to ever end.

    You hold my heart in your hands,
    Our home is like a promised land.
    I just want you, just want you to understand.

    • Only a Fool
  • Do you want to do it all with me?
    Do you want to scream and bleed for me?
    You can have all of me, all of me.
    Your teeth taste just like razor blades.
    Yeah you got my tongue ready.
    You fill me up with your politics
    And leave me so heavy.
    • Lickin
  • I've been down,
    Cascading and blue without a sound.
    Now I've traded my black feathers for a crown.
    So feed me milk & honey.
    Lay me down,
    Lay me down,
    Look around.
    Show me holy places not yet found.
    Let's disappear and we'll hide underground.
    We'll get high and we'll feel safe and sound.
    It comes around.
  • Goodbye daughters of the revolution.
    Open your eyes and see your solution.
    Hallelujah come join the jubilee.
    • Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution
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