The Big Fix (1978 film)

1978 film by Jeremy Kagan

The Big Fix is a 1978 film about an ex-'60s radical now working as a private eye who is hired by an old flame to investigate a political smear campaign. The case becomes more dangerous as it unfolds.

Directed by Jeremy Kagan. Written by Roger L. Simon, based on his novel.

Moses Wine

  • Bakunin? Bakunin was a terrorist monster. You are not an authority on Bakunin just because you used to date every terrorist in Soviet Russia, that does not make you an authority.

Howard Eppis

  • Do you know why being a revolutionary doesn't work in this country? Being a revolutionary in America is like being a spoil sport at an orgy. All these goodies being passed around and you feel like a shit when you say no.
  • Hey, man! I can write copy faster than any alcoholic on this floor!


Moses Wine: The last I saw you, we were in the back of a Chrysler hearse.
Lila Shea: Cadillac hearse.
Moses Wine: Cadillac hearse, across from People's Park.
Lila Shea: ...making love.
Moses Wine: Why didn't I ever see you again?
Lila Shea: Oh, at that time, I thought monogamy was a male conspiracy.
Moses Wine: Ohhhh, what about now?
Lila Shea: Now, I am sure it is!


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