The Big Easy (film)

1987 film by Jim McBride

The Big Easy is a 1987 film set in New Orleans in which a lieutenant in Homicide finds that he has two problems, a series of gang killings and a beautiful attorney from the D.A.'s police corruption task force investigating his office. He begins a relationship with her as the killings continue only to have charges filed against him for accepting bribes as he stumbles on a police corruption sting.

Directed by Jim McBride. Written by Daniel Petrie, Jr..
A cop and a lawyer caught in an explosive truth of police corruption. (taglines)

Remy McSwain

  • Just relax, darlin'. This is the Big Easy. Folks have a certain way o' doin' things down here.
  • If I can't have you, can I have my gator?

Lamar Parmentel

  • New Orleans is a marvelous environment for coincidence.


Anne Osborne: You're a cop for God's sake, you're supposed to uphold the law, but instead you bend it and twist it and sell it. I saw you take that bribe and, and resist arrest and tamper with evidence and perjure yourself under oath.
Remy McSwain: Don't forget I ran a red light too, huh.
Anne Osborne: You still think it's funny, don't you? Why don't you just face it, Remy? You're not one of the good guys anymore.

Remy McSwain: Oh, man, now they're killing retards.
Det. McCabe: Then why ain't you dead?

Anne Osborne: That's OK. I never did have much luck with sex anyway.
Remy McSwain: Your luck's about to change, cher.

Sgt. Guerra: Sorry boys, but you know I have to pat everyone down.
Ed Dodge: [as DeSoto begins placing various weapons on the table] Andre here scared of the dark!
Det. Andre DeSoto: Dark, Hell! It's a jungle out there... [after emptying his pockets of three pistols, two knives, brass knuckles, a black-jack, and a baton] If that don't work, I piss on 'em.

Anne Osborne: [at the scene of a triple murder] Why don't you believe that the killers were cops?
Remy McSwain: Because if they were cops, they would've stayed right here. And when we arrived, we would've found plants, guns, knives, all kinds of evidence that they resisted arrest. That's somethin' every cop in the world knows how to do.
Anne Osborne: That sure doesn't surprise me.
Remy McSwain: Oh yeah? Well, you probably know how to bribe a jury too, don't you? [smiles wickedly] Even though you probably never have, huh?


  • A cop and a lady lawyer caught in an explosive truth of police corruption
  • Between them lies the fate of the state of New Orleans.
  • Police action at its best.


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