The Belgariad

novel series by David Eddings

The Belgariad is a fantasy story by David Eddings where a young boy named Garion embarks on a quest to save the world from the evil god Torak and reclaim the throne of Riva. Its sequel is The Malloreon.

Garion edit

  • Why me?
  • Did you want to argue about something in particular or did you just want to start yowling and sort of make it up as we go along?
  • [After being told that you're supposed to jump away after you spear the boar] I didn't really think about it, but wouldn't that seem, well, cowardly?
  • - "I've never seen any fortune-teller who could even tell for sure if it's going to rain tomorrow."

Aunt Pol/Polgara edit

  • Since you don't want to take the medicine, I guess it'll have to come off.
  • Cooking is an art which anyone with patience may learn. Magic is quite something else.
  • He's talking about the day he learned to fly. That's a very important day for a bird.
  • Now, Garion!

Silk edit

  • The money's just a way of keeping score. It's the game that's important
  • I've met a few Dagashi, but never one of their best. This could be interesting.
  • Trust me.
  • Centuries pass when nothing happens, and then in a few short years events of such tremendous importance take place that the world is never the same again.
  • "I've never pretended to be consistent."
  • "Little jobs require little men, and it's the little jobs that keep a kingdom running."
  • "If I might suggest it, however, you should give some thought to the virtue of constructive cowardice. These instincts of yours could shorten your life."

Belgarath edit

  • - [Sarcastically] And in nine years you've learned everything that is both possible and impossible? You are a truly remarkable boy, Garion
  • - Many good and solid men would say so, -- good men who will live out their lives believing only in what they can see and touch. But there's a world beyond what we can see and touch, and that world lives by its own laws. What may be impossible in this very ordinary world is very possible there, and sometimes the boundaries between the two worlds disappear, and then who can say what is possible and impossible?
  • - We don't always have that choice, Garion. Don't be too surprised if that other world someday chooses you to do something that must be done -- some great and noble thing.
  • - "...a story must be told from time to time if it is not to be lost..."
  • - "Some people collect names as they go along through their lives. Sometimes names wear out--just like clothes."
  • - "I've regretted many things in my life. I doubt that one more will make all that much difference."
  • - "Money is a worse God than Torak himself."
  • - "The more one has, the more it comes to possess him."
  • - "I don't object to fulfilling prophecies, as long as it doesn't inconvenience me too much."

Others edit

  • Ce'Nedra: Dignity. Reserve. Imperially demure.
  • Errand: Errand.
  • Leldorin: [About war] At first for pride, and honor. Then for hatred and revenge. Finally, we did it because we didn't know how to stop.
  • Relg: Don't touch me!
  • Taiba: [to Relg about sex] Cruelty is a sin; lack of compassion is a sin. But that other little thing? I hardly think so...
  • Tolnedran merchant: "Reverses come to us all."
  • Durnik: "It's not good to leave things of value behind. They nag at the mind and distract one from the business at hand."

Dialogues edit

Ce'Nedra: [Tugging Garion's sleeve] What's the matter with your friend?
Garion: What do you mean, what's the matter with him?
Ce'Nedra: You mean he's always like that?
Garion: [Hesitant, but looking proudly] Lelldorin — Well, Lelldorin's very enthusiastic about things, and sometimes he speaks or acts without stopping to think.
Ce'Nedra: [Gazing directly] Garion. I know Arends, and he's the most Arendish Arend I've ever met. He's so Arendish that he's almost incapacitated.
Garion: [Defensively] he's not that bad.
Ce'Nedra: Really? And Lady Ariana. She's a lovely girl, a skilled physician — and utterly devoid of anything remotely resembling thought.
Garion: They're in love.
Ce'Nedra: What's that got to do with it?
Garion: Love does things to people. It seems to knock holes in their judgment or something.
Ce'Nedra: [Showing lilt on her voice] What a fascinating observation. Do go on.
Garion: [Moodily, ignoring Ce'nedra's change of tone] As soon as somebody falls in love, all the wits seem to dribble out of the bottom of his head.
Ce'Nedra: [Hiding irritation] What a colorful way to put it.
Garion: It's almost as if it were some kind of disease.
Ce'Nedra: [In a conversational, almost casual tone of voice] Do you know something, Garion? Sometimes you make me positively sick. [walks away]
Garion: [Astonished and confused] ... [Calls after her] What did I say?

Ce'Nedra: I don't believe in sorcery.
Garion: All right. Was there anything in particular that you wanted to talk about, or did you just want to start yowling and make it up as we go along?
Ce'Nedra: Yowling!?
Garion: Screeching maybe?
Ce'Nedra: Screeching!?

Belgarath: Stick to your own rocks, Garion.
Garion: Another rock coming. Shall you take it or shall I?
Belgarath: Don't try to change the subject, Garion. You know, I think you're getting above yourself.
Garion: [Urgently] Grandfather!
[Throws rock with sorcery]
Belgarath: Tacky, Garion, very tacky. You don't have to throw it all the way to Prolgu, you know.

Garion: I wonder where we'll be by winter?
Silk: Don't think about that kind of thing. It will just make you nervous.
Garion: Nervouser. I'm already nervous.
Silk: Is there such a word as nervouser?
Belgarath: There is now. Garion invented it.
Silk: I wish I could invent a word.

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